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Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: a new Mario Party game, glitter for your hair, and a creepy horse mask!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of products called “Movers and Shakers,” which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful things found on the list this week:

1. "Stix" to add some temporary glitter and color to your hair.

Promising review: "Colors go on easily and are vibrant on my brown hair. Love that they wash out in one shampoo." —Connie

Price: $10.99

2. A new version of Mario Party for 3DS.

Product description: "A new approach to Mario Party: quicker play and simultaneous turns! Team up with Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong and more in the most perfectly portable Mario Party game to date. Play with up to four players simultaneously, exploring different worlds as you freely move your Toad across maps and recruit Mushroom Kingdom allies."

Price: $39.99 (now available for preorder)

3. Faux-suede booties with a stacked heel that come in four different colors.

Promising review: "This sturdy shoe is made out of excellent material, with a nice heel that's not too bulky nor too daunting to walk in." —Kitschy

Price: $19.91+

4. A camper for Barbie dolls that puts all human-sized campers to shame.

Promising review: "We bought this camper for my daughter's 4th birthday. She absolutely went crazy when she opened her present. This thing is really cool. The top pulls up to reveal a room, the front can come off, the back opens up and there's even a pool with a slide!! She plays with this all the time and really loves it." —Stacey Y

Price: $63.19

5. Pretty plush slippers to pad around the house in.

Promising review: "These are adorable, incredibly soft, and comfy ballet slippers. Of course I didn't expect arch support, yet the sole padding is oh so soft and bouncy!" —NativeBronxBabe

Price: $15.99

6. Face *crayons* that are so much easier to use than face *paint*.

Promising review: "They are very creamy and go on very smooth: I didn't need water like you do with some paints." —G. Cifelli

Price: $8.99

7. A new cookbook by Anthony Bourdain (his first in over 10 years).

Released today.

Price: $22.50

8. An easy-to-clean water bottle with a wide mouth and straw lid that you can use for hot or cold drinks.

Promising review: "The search is over! I have finally found the PERFECT water bottle! Three different tops. The feel of the mouthpiece is nice. Yes, ice really does stay frozen for many many hours. I like the feel of the matte finish and it does not 'sweat' at all. You will not be disappointed with this purchase." — jcdbcr

Price: $29.95

9. Striped cotton tees that come in six different colors.

Promising review: "I bought this for my Where's Waldo costume and it was perfect. Very nice quality. The material is the perfect thickness. It is a very nice shirt that I could wear again for everyday if I choose." —Danielle P. Cessario

Price: $16.99

10. A kit for building a cool light-up monster truck out of blocks.

Promising review: "My grandson is five and he was absolutely fascinated by putting this together." —Elizabeth St. Michel

Price: $15.79

11. Leggings by Under Armour that are designed to keep you cool and dry as you exercise.

Promising review: "Awesome leggings. Super comfy and they don't ride down." —Amazon Customer

Price: $20.24

12. Crunchy coconut chips you'll end up eating a whole bag of.

Promising review: "They have the best taste and are soooo crunchy!!!" —Mooshkabug

Price: $27.25 (for a pack of 12)

13. The new She & Him album for anyone who would just as soon skip Halloween and go straight to Christmas.

Now available for preorder.

Price: $14.98 (for this ~Amazon exclusive~ deluxe edition)

14. Instant tea that actually tastes good hot or cold.

Promising review: "I love that I can make iced tea so fast. These are great to take when traveling. They are so easy to use: just tear open and add to a glass of water. I then add ice and some sweetener. The taste is just like I brewed it from a tea bag. It has a mellow, non-bitter flavor that even tastes good without sugar. This is my new on-the-go drink." —Tara Pittman

Price: $7.99

15. A ball with easy-to-grab bumps that babies will want to toss around for hours.

Promising review: "My 7-month-old can't get enough of this toy! She loves to shake it, bite it, grab it, and even just stare at it. The little knobs on the ball are perfect for little hands to grip. It's soft, so I don't have to worry about her bumping her head on it." —Sissy B

Price: $9.99

16. Teeny tiny turtles who want to live on your earlobes.

Promising review: "I bought these for myself as I am happily embracing my slow pace when it comes to running, my new favorite pastime. They are very cute and just the right size for my second hole." —J.L.K.

Price: $10.99

17. Sturdy straws with an opening made for sipping on thicker drinks (like smoothies or milkshakes).

Promising review: "These are the perfect size for a fruit smoothie." —Amazon Customer

Price: $5.99

18. Collapsible measuring cups and spoons that are cheap AF.

Promising review: "Hallelujah! These have helped me maximize space in my baking cabinet. Love them! Slim and perfectly functional!" —Carrie Kiesgen

Price: $4

19. A five-pack of thick socks to keep your feet warm this winter.

Promising review: "I ordered these socks to refresh my supply of warm socks for the colder months ahead. I was impressed with the two color look, but honestly the picture in the Amazon post does not do these socks justice. These socks are super soft and snuggle your feet so comfortably. " —L. Huckaby

Price: $14.99

20. And a horse mask to creep out each and every person you encounter while wearing it.

Promising review: "This mask imbues the wearer with super-human abilities... the power to make everyone around you feel awkward and uncomfortable being first among them. After wearing the mask for several days, my identity was consumed and replaced. There is only the horse now. Best purchase I ever made." —R.L.R.

Price: $22.38

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