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Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: dinosaur necklaces, Goblin King figurines, and an alarm clock that changes colors!

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Amazon has a list of products called “Movers and Shakers,” which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful things found on the list this week:

1. A Jareth the Goblin King figurine that'll make you want to dance a magic dance (and/or chilly down).

Now available for preorder.

Price: $10.99

2. Highly pigmented markers with dual tips (a fine point on one end, a broad tip on the other).

Promising review: "The quality is definitely professional and the colors are bright and smooth." —M. Jimenez

Price: $21.99

3. An inexpensive piece of jewelry that'll turn your neck into a scene from Jurassic Park.

Promising review: "This is one of my favorite pieces of statement jewelry ever. I originally bought it as a joke, but now I end up wearing it regularly to work." —Rachel

Price: $10.98

4. Magnetic locks to keep children (or guests or even dogs) from getting into cupboards around your house.

Promising review: "Magnetic locks are by far the best locking system to keep kids out of unwanted cabinets/drawers. These are super easy to install if you follow the guide provided." —Amazon Customer

Price: $22.09

5. A digital alarm clock that can play music from your phone and (even better!) change colors.

Promising review: "I've never been in love with a digital alarm clock before. This thing is soooo freaking cool. The amount of features that are packed into this device make it well worth the cost. The color changing mode is soothing. I definitely dig the programable radio station feature. It also has wireless Bluetooth streaming, so the music you have on your phone can be used as the alarm and stream through the alarm clock itself so that you can wake up to that melody." —Digital_Element

Price: $49.95

6. A pack of vegetable and fruit cutters that'll make your lunch look approximately 200% cuter.

Promising review: "These fruit/veggie cutters are a huge problem: my kids love them and eat a lot more when I use them! My problem is that I now need to find more time to cut their food with these adorable little cutters, I can't keep up! LOL." —HungryBearz

Price: $7.95

7. A pair of high-quality Hunter boots that'll keep your socks dry no matter how many puddles you jump in.

Promising review: "The boots are gorgeous—classic wellies with enough gloss to wear anywhere in bad weather." —Heather C. Watson

Price: $68.59+

8. And a pair of slingback stacked heels with a peep toe.

Promising review: "Well-made and fit perfectly. The heel is a natural height and comfortable. I teach and I am on my feet 8-10 hours a day. My feet and back do not hurt after wearing these. The style and color are great to wear with wide-leg slacks or skinny jeans. They go dressy or casual." —Beth Keene

Price: $18.41

9. A super-precise, super-speedy meat thermometer that'll help you become a grill master.

Promising review: "This is a great thermometer. The hold button helps a lot, because you don't have to leave the thermometer in the meat to read the temp." —Dustin

Price: $19.97

10. A gumball machine that comes with gumballs that look like emoji faces.

Promising review: "This is the cutest gumball machine ever!" —Angela D

Price: $17.95

11. A powerful hook that attaches by suction and — renters rejoice — won't leave any markings on your walls.

Promising review: "So I bought this hook to use in my shower stall, which is floor to ceiling ceramic tile (not the smooth glazed type, the larger decorative type) with nowhere useful to hang anything. I hang large size wet bath towels from it, and it has held up perfectly so far. Stuck securely to the tile the first time and hasn't budged since. " —Julie

Price: $12.95

12. A swing (with five different motions) that your baby will love as much as you love your comfiest couch. If not more.

Promising review: "This thing changed my life with a cranky 9-week-old. He falls asleep in it almost instantly, it is worth every single penny." —CFinPDX

Price: $199.99

13. The soundtrack to a new Disney Junior series that you may regret purchasing (after your children make you listen to it for the 10,000th time).

Promising review: "There are only 7 songs on this album, sure, but they're great songs. My preschooler loves them and my wife and I find ourselves singing along to them. " —Bill Gauthier

Price: $5.99

14. A Wi-Fi–enabled smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that'll alert your phone whenever there's a problem.

Promising review: "I placed my Nest Protect in the middle of the home; less than 10 yards away is a wood-burning fireplace. 10 yards away the other direction is my oven. One yard away is a candle my wife likes to burn. So far, the Nest Protect has not given me a single false alarm. One time I had all 3 operating at the same time; sometimes the oven would set off a basic smoke detector if I was cooking with broil. I was afraid it might not be sensitive enough and that my house would need to be engulfed before alarming, but I tested it with a candle and a piece of paper in a pot about 3 yards away and it alerted, so I'm comfortable." —A. Jones

Price: $99

15. A refreshing bottle of micellar cleansing water to remove your makeup with each day.

Promising review: "I was using my own mixture to remove makeup, but it didn't work as well as I hoped and I had to scrub, which I did not like. The fact that this product removes makeup and cleanses my skin with the promise of no scrubbing is what sold me. So I decided to try it. Once I did, I was in love! It does exactly what it says! All I had to do was wipe the product over my eye and the makeup was effortlessly removed in one swipe." —Erin

Price: $6.96

16. A pet gate with a tiny door to let your cat slip through to rooms your dog's not allowed in.

Sorry, pup.

Promising review: "We recently adopted an 18-month-old, 21-pound, tall, skinny cockapoo. In a house with 4 cats and a small elderly dog, Sadie was a major disruption. To alleviate the anxiety level in the house, I bought 4 of these and installed them around the house so that the cats could move around freely without a puppy chasing them. This has worked wonders in only a couple of weeks. We now have a peaceful household and the cats and puppy are gradually getting accustomed to one another." —Mary McCanta

Price: $36.99

17. A vibrant set of pots, pans, and utensils that'll add a little color to your kitchen.

Promising review: "I cook a lot and my pots and pans usually end up looking horrible after only a month or two because of constant use. I have had these for a while now and have not noticed any change in them. The color has not even faded and I can't say that about my Rachael Ray set (which faded within a month)." —Jessica Rowe

Price: $37.99

18. A press that'll allow you to make delicious stuffed burger patties.

Promising review: "We had attempted to make stuffed burgers ourselves in the past with the resulting stuffing melting or just falling out. This little press eliminates that, even with shredded cheese. The depression is just the right size to add your desired stuffing and the gadget presses the burger meat in such a way that the stuffing stays in and your burgers can still get cooked perfectly!" —Michael J.

Price: $14.95

19. A tub filled with 100 clips that'll make sewing so much easier.

And even though their *true* use is for crafting, you could also use them to close up bags of chips and such.

Promising review: "I hate using pins, I always prick my fingers or leave holes in my projects. I find with the clips, I can line things up much better and have no fear of sewing over them." —Melissa

Price: $14.97

20. And two movies (Point Break and The Parent Trap) that are pretty good choices when it comes to end-of-summer viewing.

The season of surfing and summer camp is drawing to a close. Good riddance?

Price: $5 and $9.99

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