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Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: shot glasses that look like itty-bitty mason jars, droid thermoses, and a ring fit for a princess.

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Amazon has a list of products called “Movers and Shakers,” which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful things found on the list this week:

1. A set of shot glasses that look like itty-bitty mason jars.

If you're not much of a drinker, you could also use them for spices or to bring condiments in your lunch box.

Promising review: "I bought these to bring to my brother's wedding for tequila shots. They were a big hit! They are adorable, and with the wedding's western theme, they fit right in. We filled them half way for a shot (they're too big for a single shot), and there was no risk of spillage when passing them around. After the wedding when I was cleaning up, I accidentally dropped one on the cement floor of the patio, and it survived totally unscathed. No crack, no mark of any kind. I'm impressed!" —luckymama

Price: $8.99

2. A sterling silver ring that'll turn your finger into a princess.

Not you, just your finger. Sorry.

Promising review: "Perfect size and sparkles even more than in the picture." —Kathy Yowell

Price: $36.99

3. A thermos (for food or liquid) that looks like your favorite droid.

Promising review: "We have a bunch of Funtainers and they are perfect for kids' school lunches. They don't leak in the lunch box and they keep drinks cold." —Care M

Price: $12

4. A spacious case to store all your adorable office supplies in.

Promising review: "I really didn't know how much I needed this until I loaded it up. It's very nicely made and accommodated my complete set of 48 gel pens—every last one of them—and probably could have held a few more." —Sandra Henry-Stocker

Price: $10.99

5. Silly little "hide 'n' squeak" eggs that'll make toddlers laugh.

Promising review: "My kids love these little eggs. They pretend to break them apart and make scrambled eggs, they love the squeak sound, and the cute little faces on each shell are very appealing and pleasant. All the while, the 2 year old is learning her colors and shapes when putting the eggs away." —Jennifer Pyrch

Price: $9.05

6. An oven seam protector for people who tend to be a little bit messy when they cook.

Promising review: "These were just what I needed to keep food particles from between the cracks. They blend in well and aren't really noticeable. They arrive folded in thirds, though: it takes a while before they flatten out all the way." —MWgurl

Price: $14.97

7. Scrumptious gluten-free snack bites to munch on in between classes or meetings.

Promising review: "These have become my go-to afternoon snack and have replaced KIND Bars as my snack of choice. They are delicious, crunchy, and only contain real, simple ingredients. Impossible to eat less than a whole bag at once!" —Kelly Finn

Price: $19.99

8. A rubber skateboarding accessory that'll help you perfect your ollie or kickflip.

Promising review: "As a kid, learning how to do skateboard tricks and not fall was a skill all on its own. The only way to keep the wheels from rolling was to place them in a crack on the sidewalk or to practice on the grass somewhere. Now with something like this, you can spend all day getting better and better and never worry about falling. Now as a parent, I feel a lot better getting a set of these for my kids and not having to make any trips to the" —Victor

Price: $24

9. A game that'll let you know which of your friends or family members you're most ~in sync~ with.

Promising review: "I've played Double Ditto with many different age groups, all with laugh-out-results. The game is equally successful played with just my family (my spouse and our two teens), a party gathering of a dozen adults, or a family-reunion group aged 10 to 80. The game becomes appropriate for whatever age group is playing. As a tired parent, I like easy games with few requirements and fast rounds—and that's Double Ditto. Also, the game can be played at a table or just as easily played while lounging in the living room." —Krista Sunderland

Price: $19.95

10. A hamper. A basic, not-super-exciting hamper...but hey, everyone needs one.

...and people seem to like this one.

Promising review: "For some odd reason, my cat LOVES digging through my dirty laundry and run around with my dirty socks o.O So I ended up ordering a this lidded hamper in order to keep her from tearing up my socks! The hamper came folded flat but was very easy to set up. Handle-holes on the front and back of the hamper makes it easy to relocate, and the interior is lined with water-proof lining for easy cleaning in the future." —JL

Price: $25.74

11. A polka dot luggage set that'll make you want to hit the road ASAP.

Promising review: "This luggage is perfect for the infrequent flyer for sure. It fit in the overhead rack perfectly and the smaller bag fit under the seat in front of you with room to spare. Held enough clothing for a 5 day casual trip and was easy moving through a crowded airport. Great value for the money." —jWhite

Price: $38

12. A pair of cooking gloves that can really stand the heat.

Promising review: "Bought them to save my hands and arms from the car show charity where I cook out on a very large grill all day long. Always have gotten burnt and lost all hairs on my hands and up my arms a ways in the past. These did exactly what I hoped they would. Couldn't have asked for more!" —Bear

Price: $19.99

13. Forming cream that'll help you get the 'do you've been dreaming of.

Promising review: "I have stayed loyal to this hair product for years. The Forming Cream is the only hair gel I've tried that gives my hair body and ease of styling without weighing it down or making it look/feel greasy." —Edward Dietrich

Price: $10.20

14. An insulated lunch bag that's as pretty as it is cheap.

This model has totally fallen under its spell.

Promising review
: "When I go out to lunch, I always take half of my meal home. This is great to put my leftovers in with an ice pack. Now I don't have to worry about getting home right away & they won't spoil." —Dev VS

Price: $7.99

15. A set of sandwich cutters for preparing the cutest lunches ever.

Promising review: "They cut the sandwich very well, and have been a hit for lunches." —R. Hanson

Price: $6.29

16. An organizer that may (possibly) help keep your car from being a total mess.

Promising review: "I am still amazed at the quality of this backseat car organizer for under $13.00. This organizer holds an incredible amount of stuff without straining the mesh pockets (and there are plenty of them)." —Tula Kavadias

Price: $12.97

17. Bunches and bunches of stickers to affix to everything you own. EVERYTHING YOU OWN.

Promising review: "You need this cuteness in your life!" —Mel

Price: $1.52

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