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29 Advent Calendars To Help Celebrate The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

How will you count down the holly jolly days?

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2. For Dogs


"Bow wow ruff bark" = the sound of your dog thanking you. Buy a similar calendar here.

3. For Art Admirers


There's a ton of artists and illustrators posting a festive illustration a day until Christmas. The ornaments above are Ann Shen, but you should also follow Rob Biddulph, Christine Pym and Joana Avillez and search for these hashtags on Instagram: "#illo_advent" and "#illustratedadvent".

4. For Readers


Wrap up a holiday themed book (or any book you want, really) to read each night. Save an extra special one for Christmas eve.

6. For Santa's Helpers


Help Mr. Claus grow his beard by adding a cotton ball each day. Print out the template here.

7. For Breakfast Inspiration


The Symmetry Breakfast is posting a delicious (and symmetrical) breakfast option every day of advent. The scrumptious looking offering above includes Æbleskiver: "a traditional Christmas pancake from Denmark"). Yum!

10. For Beer Drinkers


Advent gifts aren't only for kids - wrap up a new brew to sample every day. Glug glug glug.

11. For Tea Drinkers


For those who would prefer a different sort of brew.

14. For People Without A Fireplace To Burn Their Own Yule Logs In


Yule Log 2.014 to the rescue! Head on over to this website and time will stand still as you peruse "a collection of short films created by illustrators, animators, directors, and creative coders." Yule logs for the digital age. The one above is by Erin Kilkenny.

17. For Minimalists


Keep it simple. Learn how to make your own here.

19. Vintage Design Appreciators


Pilgrim Lee designed these faux-vintage matchbook covers for you to download. You fold her template into little matchbox-style containers and fill each box with a teeny tiny gift or a slip with a festive suggestion ("December 3rd: let's decorate the tree!"). Buy the template here.

20. For Bakers


Like to bake with your children (or just for yourself)? Here's the calendar for you. Learn how to put one together here.

21. For Fans Of The Very Hungry Caterpillar


An Eric Carle calendar! Every day you open a window and discover a new decoration for Santa's tree and "by the time December 25th arrives, you'll have a very dreamy Christmas scene!" Buy here.

22. For People Looking For Some New (Old) Holiday Specials To Watch

View this video on YouTube


Mikey W. is doing an "Old Christmas Specials Are Old Advent Calendar" on his blog. His choices so far include specials from G.I. Joe, He-Man & She-Ra, The Wonder Years and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Supplement your typical holiday movie and TV viewing fare with his eclectic selections.

24. For Color Lovers


Kitiya Palaskas put together a DIY for the most vibrant advent calendar you've ever seen. Find out how to make one of your own at the Frankie Magazine blog.

25. For Typography Appreciators


Danielle Evans is posting a number made from a variety of Christmas-related materials every day on her Instagram account: Food Typography.

26. For Anyone Who Wants To Have A Crystal Christmas


Download the template to make these gems here.

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