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    24 Things Your Cat Will Love

    Move over cardboard boxes, cats are ready for an entertainment upgrade.

    1. An adjustable scratching post so you can switch up the way your cat interacts with their toys, keeping them engaged while also saving space in your place!

    2. A sardine can cat bed sure to satisfy persni-kitty cats who only want the most clever pet products in their home.

    Hairless cat walking out of rectangular cat bed designed to look like opened can of sardines

    3. An outdoor cat house, because your kitto deserves a pet-friendly home inside AND out. This is a safe way for your cat to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air without escaping from the safety of their humble home.

    4. A DIY cat door so your cat can roam around your home without meowing at you whenever a door is closed. The added brush can groom them every time they walk through it — a calming activity they can do when guests are over and they have no interest in ~brushing up~ on their people skills.

    Fuzzy black cat in center of arched door entry, with rough bristles scratching its back

    5. A pack of six giant catnip joints sure to give you a serotonin boost while you watch your cat get high as a kite.

    6. A window bed that'll give your favorite bird watcher the perfect perch.

    7. A cat grass planter which just might convince your overeager plant eater that the poisonous house plants in your living room are no longer worth chewing on and vomiting up.

    8. A catnip wall mount — a mess-free option for families who can't stand vacuuming up loose catnip any longer.

    reviewer's cat licking the catnip balls attached to the wall

    9. A round cat scratcher that's sure to have your pet feeling ~peachy~ every time they need to clean their claws.

    cat beside peached shaped rope scratcher

    10. A appetite stimulation bowl with a two-part system, all you've gotta do is hide some drool-worthy treats in the bottom of the bowl and the smell is gonna encourage your kitto to eat their food right on up!

    11. Or an elevated porcelain bowl that's sure to look ~berry~ cute in your kitchen.

    cherry food bowls on abstract tables

    12. A chic filtered drinking fountain so your feline friend can have a drinkable water feature that's ~clearly~ a sight to see.

    Cat standing beside see-through drinking filter bowl

    13. A pack of six catnip sushi pieces for helping you get back in your cat's good graces after mistakenly purchasing some ~fishy~ fast food-themed catnip toys in the past. What were you thinking?!

    14. An upright scratcher you can mount right on your wall to save floorspace (and your furniture).

    Cat stretching while scratching long oval-shaped natural fiber and wood scratcher

    15. A heated cat house that'll keep your adventurous cat warm and cozy even when they insist on meandering through the yard in the middle of winter.

    16. A diffuser for cats so you can make sure that at least one room in the house smells attractive to their sensitive schnoz. Cats hate the smell of juuuust about everything, but reviewers say this soothing sent has brought out the best in their furry friends!

    17. Or the calming spray — an extra strong dose that'll keep your cat calm in even the most stressful of situations. Oh? You thought your cat wouldn't mind if you watched your friend's bull terrior over the weekend? You thought WRONG.

    my cat laying beside a bottle of the product

    18. A window-installed pet door so your cat can easily get in and out of the house, even if you have a rental. No more destroying doors to make tinier doors!

    19. A cheerful cat tree for maximalists who insist on having furniture and decor as cute as their cat.

    multi-colored cat three with base and three levels

    20. A wall-mounted cat capsule — go ahead and sell your TV, because once this is in your home your liquified kitto is the only thing you'll be looking at.

    21. A mounted brush sure to satisfy your pets' ceaseless demands for some afternoon scritches.

    22. A set of mountain cat shelves your mini mountaineer is gonna adore climbing on day and night.

    23. A pack of matatabi chew sticks for owners who have wasted too much money on catnip their cats just aren't interested in. Matatabi is a catnip alternative that might be the most tantalizing treat for your kitto. The spiffy stick shape is also great for cleaning their chompers!

    cat chewing on the stick

    24. And an interactive flier that'll actually be beloved by your finicky feline. Turns out, a cat dance is even better than the fox trot.

    Get ready to watch your cat happy dance!