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    26 Things You Can Get For Over 50% Off At Wayfair Right Now

    Take advantage of the wild deals Wayfair has right now on canopy beds, coffee tables, patio furniture, and more. Paying full price is for quitters.

    It’s BuzzFeed Deals week, aka a full week dedicated to telling you about all the best sales, discounts, and promotions that the internet has to offer! We’re making it easy to find the most exciting bargains in fashion, beauty, home, and more from your favorite stores.

    Here are some of our favorite Wayfair finds – all over 50% off:

    1. A canopy bed that's gonna make your bedroom look straight out of a magazine, currently with a discount you definitely won't wanna sleep on.

    A black metal piping bed frame with a straight headboard and baseboard and connected canopy piping above

    2. A striped cotton throw you can toss over a bed, sofa, or overflowing laundry basket to add an aesthetically pleasing touch.

    An ivory and navy striped throw blanket with a soft interior

    3. A table lamp that'll complement your eclectic decor with an equal parts classic and contemporary touch.

    A porcelain table lamp with an ivory glaze on top and a textured olive worn and weathered pattern on the bottom that shifts up to the center of the lamp. The shade is a classic shape in ivory.

    4. A set of soft, lightweight sheets with over 33,000 five-star reviews on Wayfair, for folks who take getting a comfortable night's sleep seriously.

    A set of purple folded sheets

    5. An abstract area rug sure to give an artistic edge to any bare-bones rental. Cover that dang beige carpet right on up!

    A multicolored rug with stripes, shapes, swirls, and other patterns that look painted and collaged on

    6. A floating entertainment center that'll make your beloved TV the snobby centerpiece you've always known it deserves to be.

    A massive cream wall board with floating shelves in a natural wood on the bottom, with the lip of the shelf available to store products directly below a mounted tv. It has a natural wood shelf on the top with inset lights.

    7. A decorative bottle to delight anyone with a taste for abstract home decor.

    An iridescent gray decorative object in the shape of an old milk bottle with a glass orb on top of the tapered opening

    8. A Novogratz audio rack you can place in your bedroom or living room and keep your record collection close.

    A mid century modern table that has two open shelves with wire dividers to hold records upright. The dividers match the curved wire legs and the two shelves above them have drawers that close.

    9. A throw pillow with gorgeous gold filigree detail you'll certainly love lookin' at, you fancy pants, you.

    A square throw pillow in dark blue velvet with gold botanical filigree on the front

    10. A hanging light cluster for sprucing up any space with a delightfully bright addition.

    Three shoebox sized lights in white hanging from thin black and white cords at differing heights

    11. A walnut bar stool that boasts a 360 degree swivel and some mighty fine looks – a standard stool could never compete.

    Wooden bar counter swivel stool

    12. A spunky tassel rug to an indoor-cat inspired lifestyle and have no plans to leave the living room.

    An area rug with a Turkish rug pattern in magenta, yellow, ivory, and blues with tassels on either end

    13. A cushioned patio chair so comfortable it'll make sunbathing in the backyard feel like a day at the beach.

    14. A five-piece non-stick cooking spoon set with acacia wood accents – practical and lovely utensils are sure to be what's cookin' in your kitchen!

    Five-piece silicone utensil set in gray and wood

    15. A mini bar that's ~clearly~ gonna make traditional bar carts wish they'd tried a little bit harder. This one's so gorgeous it's gonna be worth drinking to.

    A two-shelf mini bar made with clear acrylic on clear wheels

    16. A color block llama on canvas – an OG Novogratz piece that'll truly alpac-a-punch in any room you place it.

    A square canvas with an abstract profile of a llama's face

    17. An ergonomic swivel chair – a comfortable necessity if you're gonna make your work from home situation actually work.

    The faux-leather high-back chair in black

    18. A gold end table for giving your space an art deco detail so gorgeous it'd make the Chrysler building look...quaint.

    A cylinder-shaped gold end table with metal circles all around the base holding up the top, with books and flowers on top

    19. A wooden storage bench with a weather-resistant finish, so you can keep this in your mudroom or have it out on the patio – either way, the extra storage this seating has can totally organize any space!

    The bench in teak brown

    20. An eight inch memory foam mattress with medium firmness that's sure to give you the sound sleep you've been craving if your current mattress has had you tossing and turning far too long.

    A thick and soft mattress on top of a bed frame

    21. A convertible crib that'll grow with your kiddo from infancy to toddlerhood.

    A white crib with two storage drawers beneath it, accented with gold knobs

    22. An elegant upholstered bed frame – it's gonna give you a soft place to land after a hard day.

    The bed frame in stone gray, featuring a nailhead trim

    23. A quirky Novogratz entryway bench with asymmetrical legs in a bright orange color for showing off your fun, decorative style from the moment guests walk inside.

    The bench in orange with a natural wood seat

    24. An extra tall accent mirror so you can check your cute self OUT before stepping out the door.

    The mirror with a dark brown frame

    25. A 24-inch velvet floor pillow that'll give you some darling extra seating even if your studio apartment hardly fits a loveseat.

    26. And finally, a ridiculous and brilliant foosball coffee table so you can show that your home decor *is* all fun and games.

    A brown coffee table with a glass top and a foosball game underneath it. The table has an open shelf at the bottom for storage.

    My paycheck every time I'm "just looking" on Wayfair's site:

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