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    43 Things Under $10 That'll Kill You With Cuteness

    A rainbow bath bomb, scuba diving tea steeper, propeller hat for pets, and 41 other products that seem far too wholesome to be a thing in 2019.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A rainbow ring bath bomb we know you're gonna love (is love is love)!

    2. A scuba diver tea infuser that'll happily explore the seven teas and make you a delicious drink every time you dunk it.

    3. A personalized mini gift to give the person you always have a ~ball~ with.

    4. A soap dish sure to be worth shelling out plenty of cash on β€” fortunately, you won't have to!

    5. A fridge sticker that'll delight anyone with a ~taste~ for adorable appliances.

    6. A pack of pizza bandages for when you accidentally slice your finger while trying to cook and decide pizza can solve both problems.

    7. A pack of six tiny macaron containers that'll make your drawer full of jewelry look like the patisserie of your dreams.

    8. A pair of training chopsticks so cute you just might refuse to use regular ol' chopsticks ever again.

    9. A tote bag for that person you love a whole latte.

    10. Or an enamel pin to celebrate a friendship worth drinking to.

    11. A propeller hat that'll get your darling pup so many friends at the dog park she'll be Instagram famous within the hour.

    12. A cactus cup charm and stopper set sure to protect your drink from any ~prick~ who would dare take a sip from an unmarked cup at a party.

    13. A pair of sunglasses that'll give you (and everyone who sees you in them) actual heart eyes.

    14. A teeny tiny Worry Doll so you can have a sweet little piece of comfort when your worries feel big.

    15. A cheery cosmetic bag that's gonna be anything but a lemon.

    16. An emoji cookie kit for anyone who knows the sweetest things in life are a batch of cute-as-can-be cookies and... texting, TBQH.

    17. A mini basketball you can bounce around at home to make watching the big game even more fun.

    18. An enamel pin for anyone who loves puns and teeny tiny antelopes. That'd be, lemme see... oh yes, everybody.

    19. A balloon animal patch so delightful you just might pop when you put it on!

    20. A pack of 30 paper clips you're gonna want to flamin-go get quick β€” these are gonna fly off the shelf in no time!

    21. A color changing mug that'll bring a smile to your face as fast as your first cup of coffee in the morning.

    22. A magnet you can put up on your fridge to remind your S.O. that life with them is a real treat.

    23. A lotus cotton swab holder, because bathroom styles (ear)wax and wane, but if you plant this cutie on your counter your bathroom will look lovely forever.

    24. A set of three rings you're gonna want to get your ~paws~ on pronto!

    25. A Peter Rabbit print for any Beatrix Potter fans who would love to see a little rab-bit of Mr. McGregor's garden every day.

    26. A mini fragrance bottle sure to delight anyone who loves skulls and sprinkles equally β€” nothing wrong with being as dark as you are, darling!

    27. A table top bird figure that'll be a beakon of spring when the chilly weather starts feeling like it's been around forever.

    28. A hammerhead shark temporary tattoo that's gonna have you looking tough as nails... at least for a moment.

    29. A pair of hair clips so darn tootin' cute you'll want to ~scoop~ them up and wear them every single day.

    30. A sticker that'll properly celebrate the time you spend binge-watching Hulu with your ~spuds~.

    31. A delicate charm necklace sure to be a shining star among your accessories.

    32. A decorative pup pillow case β€” with this on your pillow you'll always be snug as a pug in a rug.

    33. A pack of four solar system hair pins that'll truly look out-of-this-world adorable no matter your 'do.

    34. A pack of sticky notes so charming you're never gonna desert them for traditional sticky notes ever again.

    35. A surprisingly delightful learning urinal β€” this thing is so cute you might pee yourself every time you see it.

    36. A dachshund sticker dog lovers are gonna bend over backwards for.

    37. Or a dachshund ice cube mold for when the only thing that'll melt your icy heart is a doggone adorable drink.

    38. A hanging cat planter for making your plants look furiously fun.

    39. A pair of pineapple earrings your friends are gonna want to whip off your ears and throw on themselves the minute they see them.

    40. A cross-body bag that'll make your heart dino-soar whenever you use it.

    41. A penguin patch sure to put a smile on your face every time you see it, even on those rare occasions when you yourself slip up.

    42. An ice cream temporary tattoo that'll look so sweet on your skin, you'd be chill with it staying forever.

    43. And finally, a desktop dog park for when you have to sit and stay at the office but won't let that stop you from dreaming of days at the dog park.

    When your bank account says, "Yes! You can get all the cute things!"

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