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    41 Splurge-Worthy Pieces Of Home Decor To Bring Your Inspiration Board To Life

    It's time to make your Pinterest board your reality.

    1. A pair of botanical bookends – you aren't gonna beleaf what a difference these make on your bookshelf! Throw your favorite novels between these and give them the spotlight they deserve.

    wooden bookends with laser cut leaves stacked together

    2. A colorful or neutral adult mobile for anyone who thinks it's totally unfair that babies get all the fun when it comes to hanging art pieces.

    3. A mantel clock sure to add a simple somethin' somethin' to your space, whether you give it a shelf all to itself or squish it between your growing tchotchke collection.

    two arched clocks with no numbers. they stand on their own as statuettes.

    4. A Sunday Citizen throw blanket and lumbar pillow — both with tassels to add an extra flare to your elegant bedding. Go ahead and splurge on this wildly soft stuff, you're gonna love having a bed that looks and feels luxurious.

    Bed with throw blanket and several decorative pillows in different shapes and styles

    5. A fancy faux olive tree that'll add some life to your entryway without the need to check on it every day. One less plant you have to worry about keeping alive? Olive this thing!

    medium sized olive tree with several leafy branches

    6. An unstuffed leather ottoman you can use as secret storage in your studio. Fill this with your winter sweaters or extra blankets and enjoy some extra seating all summer long! Who knew saving closet space could look this good?

    Square faux leather pouf

    7. A dark floral shower curtain with such a stunning print you just might wish you could have it botanicall over your home.

    black shower curtain covered in dark marigolds and other flowers in orange, deep red, and cream colors

    8. A mushroom or peach throw blanket — place these across your sofa or bedspread when you wanna ~produce~ a lively splash of color across simple surfaces.

    9. A glass carafe to replace the plastic water bottle you've been filling up and keeping by your bedside table.

    Carafe and matching tumbler filled with water

    10. A preserved bouquet with tonal ferns, natural beach grass, and bunny tails in a white vase for adding texture and depth into an intentionally minimalist space.

    the neutral bouquet in its vase on a display shelf

    11. A Kelly Clarkson Home tiered chandelier so heckin' lovely you'll be singing "My Life Would Suck Without You" every time you pass it on your way down the hall.

    Round crystal chandelier with six nesting levels of teardrop crystals

    12. An arched floor mirror – it's gonna add a modern elegance to your room, no matter how eclectic your decor may be. Every time you look at this piece you're gonna ~reflect~ on all your good decor life choices. I promise.

    full length mirror with arch at top. it is leaning against a wall and has a green outer frame.

    13. A framed tiger or cheetah print for folks who think a home without colorful decor would be catastrophic.

    14. A gorgeous glass lamp I simply believe none of us should have to live without. Gift this to yourself or a loved one — it's sure to light up ALL our lives.

    15. A framed and preserved moss wall — trend-setting art that'll be a stunning centerpiece in your home. Industrial minimalism, grandmillenial, cottagecore...whatever your taste, this piece is meant to be in your place.

    cottage living room with large moss art piece on a wall beside a window

    16. An Icelandic wool nesting pad to protect your furniture from your pet's paws while looking like a piece of human-grade decor.

    17. A display-worthy set of Alice in Wonderland plates created in a Mary Blair style in honor of the 70th anniversary of the film, a fun choice for folks who would gladly choose cutie Dinah over classic China.

    beautiful floral plates with scenes from alice in wonderland on them

    18. A luscious landscape or funky fish wallpaper, so you can add a spunky, whimsical touch to any room.

    19. A carved woven stool made from eucalyptus wood and woven palm leaf for adding an organic piece of furniture to your place that's equal parts airy and sturdy.

    Natural wood, carved stools with fiber woven up top

    20. A handcrafted vase that'll quickly become your favorite ~peace~ of decor.

    peace shaped vase in gold with flowers inside

    21. A set of interlocking teak tiles I'm pretty certain were made specifically to turn rentals into bragworthy homes. Take your DIY energy out on your back patio or shower floor and turn them into something spectacular with this simple set!

    22. A custom sign for relaxed souls who are alright with all kinds of decor. Matthew McConaughey has GOT to have this in his place. Right?

    woodcut sign in retro text that says alright alright alright

    23. A ghoulishly glam Pumpkin Party Girl, a hand-painted heirloom decoration that'll be adored by folks who want to start building up a lifetime collection of gorgeous Halloween decor.

    Stylized papier-mâché figurine with bulbous pumpkin pants, striped tights, black shoes, ruffled blouse and collar, spooky pumpkin face hat, and party invitation

    24. Or a complete Halloween kit that's gonna have you covered in the holiday department without any effort on your part. That's the kind of decorating trick that is a real, ahem, treat.

    fireplace with several faux jack-o-lanterns, spider webs, bats, pumpkins, spell books, and candles on display

    25. A stone-washed linen duvet you can place atop your bed when you realize it's high time you live a life of luxury.

    26. A Growlight frame shelf that'll keep your plants healthy, happy, and off your countertops if there's no longer space on your windowsills for your growing plant family.

    square light shelf with two potted plants and a small watering can on it

    27. A Sherpa storage bench — a spiffy room accent that's sure to add a soft touch to your space while ALSO giving you some much-needed hidden storage. Bless.

    plush bench ottoman with black legs at an angle. it has a removable top and is placed at the foot of a bed.

    28. A small or large rattan wall shelf that's gonna make any place look lovely, even if you just use it to keep dog treats out of your hungry husky's reach.

    29. A modern cat tree for feline families that know their snooty cats are aware that their current cat condo is outdated and dull. If you get one this beautiful they MAY even use it. Imagine that.

    three cats playing in a cat condo. there are two rattan baskets, a fuzzy hiding space, natural log stands covered in scratch-able material, and two hanging pom pom toys

    30. And a mod cat bed that'll make Whiskers look even cuter while he sleeps. Didn't think that was possible? Neither did I. This thing proved us wrong! And I'm not mad.

    Cat climbing out of round bed on thin metal platform

    31. A shell-shaped play mat you can keep in your nursery or bring out when you're in the mood to watch some TV while your kiddo works on tummy time. This thing is so cute it's well worth ~shelling~ out the extra money on!

    sea shell shaped mat on wooden floor. it's beside matching pillows and dried flowers.

    32. And an ice cream clock to add something extra sweet to your child's nursery lick-edy split!

    33. A dinosaur throw blanket – it's gonna be a darling addition to your decor and an instant hit with the Jurassic Park enthusiast in your home. You thought there was no chance you'd be able to make a dinosaur themed room look trendy but, as we all know, life finds a way.

    woven tasseled blanket with several different types of dinosaurs on the front

    34. A bestselling handwoven rattan art piece with wrought-iron frames for upgrading your walls with some grown-up art. It's 2021. Finally time to take down that Edward Cullen poster that's above the can go in your bedroom instead.

    several woven baskets in different shapes with black woven frames, all set toegether on a wall

    35. A walnut bath caddy so you can be sure you have all the essentials by your side during a relaxing bath *and* know it looks as luxurious as it feels.

    An Etsy shop owner's wood caddy

    36. A tufted wool leopard rug to add a fashion-savvy touch to your dining room your dinner guests will ~spot~ in an instant.

    multi colored area rug with leopard hide print over traditional Turkish pattern

    37. An acrylic plant hanger that'll give your precious plants the daylight they deserve and let YOU show off your impressive cactus collection at the same time.

    38. A round Sherpa ottoman so darn good lookin', once you get it you can officially put your feet up and relax — you've got your chic aesthetic in the bag.

    ottoman with brown wood legs

    39. An Everlasting Candle made with a handblown glass vase and champagne "candle sticks." This gorgeous piece is gonna give you a clean-burning option while still letting you enjoy the cozy fall and winter ambiance you crave.

    glass orb with small opening at the top. there is clear oil in the bottom and three gold sticks with flames at the top.

    40. An antiqued paper tapestry featuring a gorgeous vase and bouquet. All your buds are sure to be jealous.