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    27 Products That'll Do Jobs You Didn't Know Needed To Be Done

    A foot hammock, whisk wiper, lavender pillow, and 25 other products that'll solve all sorts of odd jobs.

    1. A foot hammock to help you ~hang in~ there, even when a flight (or train ride or bus ride) feels like it's taking forever.

    2. Or an inflatable wedge pillow that'll help you sleep soundly even when you're stuck in the middle seat.

    3. A multi-use whisk wiper you can rest on the counter without making a mess and you can count on it to be clean with one flick of the wrist.

    4. A lavender scented memory foam pillow — it's gonna help you relax fast and breath easy all night long.

    5. A door knob organizer that'll be the ~key~ to remembering everything you need when you walk out the door.

    6. A seriously cool pie crust mold to help you make stunning pies Mary Berry would applaud.

    7. And an adjustable crust shield sure to protect your pretty pie crusts from burning. Because TBH "easy as pie" is a big fat lie.

    8. A pair of laser scissors for anyone who refuses to ~cut it out~ with their collection of cool crafting tools.

    9. An anti-fog spray to clear up goggles, windshields, and glasses. Because dealing with foggy vision is the ~spits.~

    10. A butter cutter that'll give you a ~dairy~ good slice of butter every single time.

    11. A flush sensor so you can flush the toilet without getting any germs on your paws.

    12. A three-piece spoon set with built-in spoon rests that'll keep your counters clean so don't have any spoon-related spills to clean up after dinner.

    13. A brilliant flip top to help get every last drop of your BBQ sauce. Get ready for that condimoment of joy when you realize how much sauce this saves.

    14. An in-office cookbook so you can cook up something delicious from the comfort of your own break-out room.

    15. A pack of pant extenders so you can keep wearing your jeans well into pregnancy.

    16. A lovely weather predictor that'll crystalize according to the weather and be a gorgeous piece of home decor, even (or especially) on a cloudy day.

    17. A pack of teeth whitening wipes for quickly wiping away wine and coffee stains, which is sure to put a smile on your face.

    18. A cast cover that'll give you a ~break~ when you end up in a leg cast — so your toes don't have to be pedicure-perfect (or visible at all) while you're out and about.

    19. A 10-piece cake pan set for creating personalized cakes so lovely you'll deserve to ~letter~ in baking.

    20. A pack of makeup shields so your eyeshadow can be smudge-free and fantastic.

    21. A set of felted hangers that'll help give you so much more closet space you can completely justify getting a new outfit... every paycheck.

    22. A box of Soylent, because you know you've gotta eat, but you didn't know you could get everything you need in a drink.

    23. A pack of stiletto bottoms so that breaking a heel doesn't put a halt on the rest of your day.

    24. A dish squeegee to help you clean your dishes in record time.

    25. A motion activated light so you can turn on the lights simply by walking into a room. Believe me, you'll be so happy you made the ~switch.~

    26. A non-stick oven liner for protecting your oven from drips and spills and for keeping you from getting heated over hard-to-clean messes.

    27. And finally, books on hygge and healthy habitats, because sometimes all it takes to help bring balance to your life is to stop what you're doing, sit down, and read a good book.

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