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    45 Products That Are So Extra But, Like, Who Cares

    Products this extra are *extra* special.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A firework chandelier — a modern statement piece that'll enhance your front hallway, showing all your guests you REALLY know how to make an entrance.

    dining room with the chandelier glowing a cool light above the table

    2. A tarot candle trio for mystical souls who know keeping an eye on the past, present, and future is a ~bright~ idea.

    3. A strawberry sweater-vest sure to look ~berry~ appealing when paired with all your other loud-patterned pieces.

    model wearing sweater vest over collared shirt

    4. A glam-as-can-be leopard sculpture can give your room the revamp it needs — all on its own! Honestly? It'd be cat-astrophic to skip out on this piece.

    5. A caffeinated butt mask that'll be a delightful addition to the (rear) end of your skincare routine — excessive as a butt mask may seem.

    Model on their back, lifting their legs up to show the mask is on

    6. A tri-leg chair with a bold pattern that's gonna show what a party animal you really are...even if you spend most of your free time sitting around reading novels in your party animal chair.

    7. A serpent area rug for folks who are looking to add some edginess to their decor. Snakes oughta do it!

    rug with a large snake design

    8. A Chicken Daddies calendar that'll be a hit with farm-lovin' folks who aren't too ~chicken~ to show off some laugh-out-loud funny decor.

    9. A Lego bouquet — a surprisingly lovely piece that's sure to look good botanic-all over your home. Best get at least three.

    lego flowers in a vase

    10. A pair of lightsaber chopsticks any lifelong Star Wars fan would Jedi for, no matter how grown up they may seem.

    11. A pair of horizontal reading glasses so you can get home at the end of an exhausting day and read or watch TV without even exerting the effort it takes to sit up.

    Person reading while laying flat by using the reading glasses

    12. A roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper that's gonna take you to a tropical paradise — without even leaving your home. Honestly, you won't beleaf how much this wild wallpaper improves a room!

    13. A baby announcement box for people who want to give out egg-celent baby announcements or shower invitations that are as *extra* as they are. My kinda people!

    palm-sized box with a mini speckled egg and nest inside. it has a note that says a little birdy came to say we have a baby on the way.

    14. A brick house dress, because home is where the heart is and your heart is certainly gonna be with this heavenly "homey" dress.

    15. A pack of 15 Shakespearean insult adhesive bandages for people who aren't afraid to add insult to injury. Oh? You studied theater in college? I couldn't tell.

    Reviewer holding up packaging

    16. A salt shooter you can give someone who would love nothing more than to hunt the world's most dangerous game, the pesky housefly. That...or use it to season their food in the most exciting way possible.

    17. A unicorn head squirrel feeder that may look a little (a)corny in your yard, but you're gonna love it anyway.

    unicorn head squirrel feeder with a squirrel tucked inside of it

    18. A crystal butterfly bracelet I bet you can already picture on your wrist. It's ~crystal~ clear, you've gotta get one before they fly off the shelves!

    19. Fish flops — wear these on a date to the beach and your S.O. is gonna know they got a real catch when they got you.

    slip on sandals that look like fish

    20. A batwing maxi you can wear whenever you get the sudden urge to hypnotize everyone around you. Could be fun.

    21. An orange juice vase is gonna be the juiciest piece of decor you've ever owned.

    orange juice carton vase with a small amount of flowers placed on a table

    22. A pack of rainbow fire packets that are striking enough you can actually convince your kids to look at something other than their phones when you accidentally go camping at a site with cell service.

    23. A custom dog nose necklace — as everybody who has a dog ~nose~ how sweet their little snouts are! Keep this precious piece around your neck so you can have a bit of your best bud with you 24/7.

    silver necklace on a chain with a 3D dog nose and the dog's name on the other side

    24. A titanium utility ring with files, saws, screws, pliers, and more. Give this to your S.O. and you — much like this piece — are gonna be wrapped around their little (ring) finger.

    25. A Dolly Parton Advent calendar sure to have you singing, "And IIIIII will always love...Dolly Parton Christmas decor."

    advent calendar with dolly on the front

    26. An octopus mug — get ready to be overly attached to an inanimate object, because one sip from this ceramic sea creature and you're gonna want it by your side on tentac-all of your adventures.

    27. A jerky bouquet so you can apologize to your sweetheart in a funny and fun way after you realize the silly ~beef~ you two had was probably your fault. Or, more specifically, *hangry* you's fault.

    Several strips of jerky individually wrapped in cone package

    28. A garden snake and cobra tea light holder, each handmade out of cement — you can go ahead and slither this into your shopping cart. I won't tell.

    29. A leaf shine formula for plant parents who give their little leaves *extra* attention. Look at that shine!

    reviewer's plant with one leaf much shinier than another

    30. A bestselling squirrel picnic table sure to be the *most* practical purchase you could make for your yard...if ridiculously adorable wildlife photos are what you want in life.

    Farmhouse picnic table mounted to a tree trunk with a metal bucket on the table top

    31. An adjustable stick figure floor lamp you can add to your furniture family when you leave your roommates and realize it's still kinda nice to have another body around (as long as that body isn't eating your leftover Stromboli).

    32. A pair of mod boots to show off your colorful personality even when chilly weather has you pulling out all your black and gray outfits.

    cushy boots with a large orange sole and red top. the sides zip up.

    33. A Build Your Own Cheese Box that's gonna give you a chance to snack on delicious, fancy cheese to your heart's content. An overzealous love of cheese is my main personality trait.

    34. And a Death Star cheeseboard for fans who don't mind how cheesy their love of Star Wars (and sharp cheddar) really is.

    two-piece round wooden cheeseboard with print of the death star on one and an indented storage with four cheese cutting tools on the other

    35. A beer can chicken roaster to help you put the pedal to the metal while cooking up your famous backyard BBQ.

    Roasted chicken being grilled with a beer and chicken stand that looks like a motorcycle

    36. A tile floor mat you can customize — it's a kit! Snap the loose tiles into the beehive base and create any greeting or image you want. This just might be the greatest decor for puzzle lovers I've ever seen.

    37. A rainbow utensil set to add some color to your meals, even if your love of Midwestern casseroles means you cook food that is rather...beige.