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    29 Products From Amazon That'll Make Grooming Your Pet So Much Easier

    Because properly grooming your pets is paws-itively essential to their happiness and well-being.

    1. A wrinkle paste to clean up tear stains and underneath wrinkles, keeping your K-9 clean in (basically) every nook and cranny.

    A reviewer's bulldog sitting beside the tube of wrinkle paste

    2. A pair of mini clippers you can use to spruce up the spots around your critter's paws, eyes, ears, face, and rear end...making sure your pet isn't behind on the latest haircut trends.

    3. And a pair of larger, low-volume clippers that'll keep your pet feeling comfortable and help you stand being around your shedding sweetheart in the summertime.

    4. A pet hair dryer you can use if you hate the smell of wet dog so much you'd rather have just not washed your pup in the first place. This dries your pet's fur, makes it shiny and slick, *and* can relax stressed out pets with its warmth, even when you aren't washing up.

    An action shot of the dryer plugged in and being brushed over a golden retriever

    5. An Aquapaw Slow Treater that'll keep your fluffer in the bath long enough to finally get her fluffy! Just throw some peanut butter or other pasty treat in the grooves and let her lick away while you scrub her up!

    A dog licking peanut butter off of the treat feeder while being bathed

    6. An instant shampoo for moments when your little critter is smelling...less than fresh.

    7. A tube of chicken-flavored toothpaste that'll taste so good to your hungry pup that they'll actually sit still while you clean those teeth. Now you'll no longer be too ~chicken~ to shove a brush in Buddy's mouth.

    8. A mod lounge scratcher for feline friends who prefer keeping their claws clean and filed all by themselves.

    A reviewer's cat lounging on the cat scratcher and yawning

    9. A hydrating body spray that's gonna add a long-lasting lovely scent to your pet's coat without drying out their natural oils.

    10. A paw plunger that'll keep your four-legged friend's feet clean as a whistle (you know, that whistle you do to convince them to "Get out of the mud this instant!").

    A reviewer's before and after photo of their poodle's very dirty paw with the fur completely clean after using the brush mug. There is still some minimal residue in the footpads.

    11. A flea and tick repellent, because finding any creepy crawlies on your best friend while brushing is sure to ~bug~ you both.

    A hound dog sitting beside the repellant bottle, with graphics showing that it is fast acting, safe, kills and repels bugs, and replaces harmful drops, pills, and collars

    12. And a flea comb that's gonna comb out any insects that dare touch their derriere.

    13. An undercoat deshedding tool for deep-cleaning your short haired, shedding loved ones.

    14. A box of chlorhexidine wipes that can be used as antiseptic cleaning and relief of irritated or inflamed areas on pets who suffer from allergies or acne (TBH, same).

    15. A pack of grooming wipes so you can wipe away messes in an instant and get your dog smelling as fresh as the daisies she was just destroying in the back yard.

    16. A dog raincoat that'll keep you from having to give Fido a full-on bath after he's already walked out in the rain and seems officially fed up with water for the day.

    A product shot of a dog wearing the raincoat with the hood over their head

    17. A grooming rake for pets whose summer shedding season is a far bigger job than raking leaves in the fall.

    A reviewer's German shepherd sitting in front of this handheld raking brush and a massive lump of fur

    18. An oatmeal conditioner to make your pup feel so fresh and clean they're gonna think this stuff is the (Burt's) bee's knees.

    A reviewer holding up the bottle of conditioner with their dog in the background

    19. A self-grooming cat toy you can attach to any corner of your home to give your cat a spiffy space to self-soothe *and* clean themselves off.

    20. A slicker brush that removes surface mats and detangles so even long, wirey coats can be clean and look luscious.

    21. A nail grinder that'll trim your dog's nails so well you won't want to ~file~ this away for later, you'll want your paws on it right now!

    A reviewer trimming their dog's nails with the nail grinder

    22. Or nail clippers for rambunctious pets who don't have a ~lick~ of patience and need a faster solution.

    23. A nose and paw balm, because your dog nose a little lotion will help their dried-out areas after a day of play.

    24. Or a de-shedding glove that'll make your friends say, "I've gotta ~hand~ it to you, your pet's fur looks fantastic."

    25. A bag of dental dog treats to help your pup ~brush up~ on their oral hygiene.

    Greenies Dental Treats

    26. A handheld shower attachment so you can finally wash Skippy without getting a shower yourself.

    A dachshund being washed with the handheld attachment. The water stream is long and thing, so you can brush the water over their body easily and gently.

    27. A pack of shower gloves that'll be massively ~handy~ when scrubbing a pet who prefers snuggles to showers.

    28. A soft grip cat comb that'll brush away bugs, dirt, shedding hair, and other types of tiny gunk that gets on your adventurous kitto.

    29. And finally, a small pet grooming kit so that grooming your littlest pets doesn't have to be a big job.

    When your pet is finally clean enough to love on again:

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