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    37 Oversized Pieces Of Clothing To Help You Live Your Comfiest Life

    More is more.

    1. A crinkly cotton two piece set sure to prove that two (made with enough fabric for three) is better than one.

    2. An embroidered dress that'll make you think, "Why the ~frock~ have I not been wearing flowing clothes every day of my life?!"

    3. A ruffle midi number with plenty of room for your trademark dance moves and plenty of pockets for snacks when that dancing leaves you famished.

    4. A tie dye sweatshirt – order a size up to create a carefree, California vibe that's simply to tie ~die~ for.

    5. A maximalist boho pick with a loose fit that'll let you breathe – a rather necessary design, considering how fast that gloriously gaudy print will take your breath away.

    6. A swing hem sweater vest – an oversized layering staple that's sure to be worth in-vest-ing in.

    7. A patchwork pick for secretly laid back folks who want the comfort of sweatpants while still being able to sport a pair of statement-making pants.

    8. A billowy number in a cotton and linen blend that's gonna be a darling way to show you aren't ~kitten~ around when it comes to your comfort.

    9. A maximalist blouse with a cheery mix of patterns that'll look simply lovely when you and your boo go out to eat on Valentine's Day. PLUS, this silhouette is so much more comfortable than a form-fitting V-day dress. Go ahead, get a second cannoli.

    10. An asymmetrical sweatshirt so darn cozy you just might wonder why any other clothes exist at all.

    11. A pair of leopard prints pants that'll be a big, bold, and beautiful statement piece whenever you wear them.

    12. A casual button up for days when you want to look put together with an interesting, slouchy aesthetic.

    13. A bat-wing maxi with a flowy design that won't touch your skin (i.e. can save you in the summertime). Screw you, sweat stains!

    14. A pair of wide leg sweatpants – they're gonna look surprisingly sophisticated when paired with the right pieces...who says you can't wear sweatpants at the office?

    15. A watercolor number for all you fashion-savvy fiends who aren't afraid to put the "u" in "mumu."

    16. A plaid top that'll be the key piece in your wardrobe if you want some versatile, and comfortable, outfits.

    17. A 100% cotton dream of a dress in a bold tangerine color and a relaxed fit – this striking piece is sure to stop traffic.

    18. A baggy midi with pockets, ruffles, and everything else we gaudy goths are gonna adore on the daily.

    19. A perky rainbow BuzzFeed sweatshirt you can don on rainy days when all you want is to feel cuddled up and cozy while waiting on a rainbow.

    20. A pair of wool blend trousers are sure to be your go-to pants when you need to look professional at your morning meeting but also need space on your waistband to annihilate a victory burrito by lunch.

    21. A ruffle hem top that'll look preciously preppy and peppy without feeling too tight.

    22. A square stunner for bold folks who know how to work all their right angles.

    23. A raw seam sweater – it's gonna have you lookin' unapologetically edgy when in reality you're wearing it because it reminds you of the beloved childhood blanket you hate leaving at home during the day.

    24. A pair of wide leg pants in a silky satin you're sure to stun in at the next, you know, gala you attend. How is anyone supposed to eat their chicken dinner in a tight dresses and shape-wear?! Tell me!

    25. A v-neck blouse that'll look simple, chic, and have you feelin' sunny no matter what season you wear it in.

    26. A polka dot maxi skirt you can wear when a skirt is calling your name, but your legs are wishing you would wear nothing at all.

    27. A knitted pullover with a unique trim, bright color, and genuinely useful pockets – a piece this perfect should not *also* be so dang cozy but, alas, we've found perfection. And you're gonna look great it in.

    28. An abstract button down I have an ~inkling~ you'll love.

    29. A pair of camo pants with a boyfriend fit that's sure to look suave and sensational – while also rocking that army vibe, of corps.

    30. A versatile batwing pullover that'll look great off-the-shoulder, tied up, loose, or tucked in. You. Tell. Me.

    31. A drawstring denim pant with a botanical pattern you don't always see on a pair of jeans. The best part about these beauties? Once you have these in your life you won't beleaf how comfortable they are!

    32. A color block shirt dress – it's gonna save you from sweating it this summer *and* have you lookin' cute as a button while you're at it.

    33. A loose tie dye tee for showing off your turtle-loving, beach-dreaming, casual and cool self.

    34. A laid back set sure to look statement-making during the day and feel just as good when you fall asleep in it on a Friday night.

    35. A high neck sweater dress with some real room for twirlin' – grab this number and you can show off how cute a big cut can be.

    36. A fuzzy tunic that's sure to make you all warm and fuzzy inside and out.

    37. And finally, a classic pair of Nike sweatpants because oversized clothing is a blessing to our bods and we should all respect where these comfy clothes originated. Plus there's no better way to spend a Saturday than in these beauts.

    You, in your perfectly oversized outfits:

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