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    33 Wardrobe Staples That Are Both Practical *And* Attractive

    Don't put a pin in getting these wardrobe staples.

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    1. A date night dress that's gonna look ~spot on~ no matter where the night takes you.

    2. A pair of performance leggings (with pockets) so you can run with best of them. Get these quick, before you run out of time!

    3. A casual white shirt that'll give you a range of looks from grunge to glamour without ever having to change your top.

    4. A 100% pure cashmere sweater that'll add a soft side to even the hardest of days.

    5. A denim jacket you can throw on top of any outfit, literally any outfit, to add a nifty layer to your look.

    6. A crepe funnel neck tunic for sophisticated souls who love a luxurious, simple piece.

    7. A pair of sharp sunglasses that'll honestly always be an ~acute~ angle with your outfit.

    8. A floral print dress, because *planting* at least one floral piece in your closet is gonna come in handy more often than you might think.

    9. A pair of pumps – a lovely pair of dress shoes that'll literally lift you up.

    10. A timeless pair of straight leg jeans you're gonna be able to wear until fashion falls off the face of the earth.

    11. A pleated skirt sure to add a spring to your step no matter the weather.

    12. And a petticoat that'll keep that springy dress, well, springy!

    13. A pair of booties for making your feet look (and feel) fantastic.

    14. A faux leather moto jacket sure to have you looking equal parts edgy and elegant.

    15. A boatneck T-shirt that'll have you saying, "Ahoy, Matey!" Or maybe just, um, "I really like this striped shirt."

    16. A pashmina sure to be a comfortable transition piece as the seasons change, but mostly worth it to throw the word "pashmina" into casual conversation.

    17. A LBD that'll be you go-to after you Marie Kondo the rest of your closet.

    18. A knit sweater for chilly mornings in the winter and chilly afternoons in the summer (thanks to the office's AC).

    19. A pair of dress pants sure to look posh and professional (even if you have to dig through the dirty laundry to find a blouse to go with them).

    20. A pencil skirt – it's gonna be the piece to pick when you've ~penciled in~ brunch with your buds between board meetings. Look at you, you spunky, professional, rom-com lead!

    21. A wrap dress for anyone who is tied at the hip (literally) to classy-yet-casual outfits.

    22. A pair of earrings so you don't have to jump through hoops to find the perfect everyday accessory.

    23. A sunny pair of flats to add a touch of color to your outfit and have you feeling light on your feet.

    24. A waist bag so you can ~buckle up~ and get your show on the road.

    25. A wrap dress that'll put a ~wrap~ on wasting time picking outfits for date nights.

    26. A pair of Chucks are sure to be your go-to shoes whenever walking is concerned (which, my friends, is often).

    27. A quilted coat you can toss on to stay cozy no matter what the seasons (or AC) throw your way.

    28. A pair of clogs for fashion-forward folks who ~wood~ love a statement shoe that's actually comfortable for, you know, walking.

    29. A button-up shirt that'll have you looking cute as a button no matter what you wear it with.

    30. A beanie warm enough to wear when you're worried the weather will freeze your ears off and light enough to wear indoors when your hair hasn't seen the sight of shampoo in far too long.

    31. A pair of black ankle boots that'll be the basic you basically wear every day of your life.

    32. A blazer you can throw on top of any outfit to make it a lil' fancier.

    33. And finally, an edible flowers graphic tee that'll be such a feast for the eyes your friends will be positively green with envy.

    When your outfit makes you feel like a million bucks:

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