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    35 Meaningful Gifts To Get Your Significant Other

    Because you've probably given them flowers three times too many.

    1. A couples' card game — the conversations that stem from this game, and the quality time you both take to play it, are sure to create some truly tender moments in your relationship.

    2. A DIY adventure book you can use to record the memories of your greatest adventures with the Ellie to your Carl. This cheery gift is guaranteed to lift any wanderlust Pixar fan right on UP.

    3. A customized planter box for letting your green-thumbed sweetheart know you are happy to be the co-parent to all of their little plant babies.

    Wooden planter with the name Henderson on the front

    4. A personalized star chart that can be customized to any memorable night in your relationship. A piece this stunning, sentimental, and sweet is sure to leave both you and your S.O. starry-eyed.

    Person holding up wooden board with circular star chart in center. The board is labeled with two names and a wedding date.

    5. A personalized morse code necklace that'll let you show off your love with a message only they (and our beloved boomers) will know.

    6. A wild fig and cassis candle set in a *gorg* reusable copper cup that'll be worth keeping forever and ever. What's that delicious aroma? Why, it's the scent of up-cycled gifting success!

    Engraved copper cup with soy wax candle

    7. A pair of T-shirts for the lighthearted stud (well, spud) in your life who would gladly stand by your side through thick and thin, even in shirts this silly.

    One shirt that says "She's My Sweet Potato" and another shirt that says "I Yam"

    8. An adorably sappy picture frame you're gonna love seeing on your bookshelf once it's filled with a picture perfect photo of you two cuties.

    Dark wood frame with the words "Lucky to be in Love with my Best Friend" beside a photo

    9. A pack of four Popin Cookin candy kits so you can finally be the one to make dinner for your boo. It may not fill them up, but it's certainly sweet!

    10. A pair of obsidian necklaces that come together to make a geometric heart, for lovers who feel even more complete when they're together.

    Two necklaces with geometric half hearts in dark stone. They have rope cord bands.

    11. A three-year couples journal with quick Q&As so you can keep up with the memories you make together and stop having to ~question~ the way your S.O. remembers your last family reunion going down.

    12. A nine-piece cookie cutter set — it'll take exactly one batch of romantically themed treats for these useful little tools to totally and completely steal your favorite chef's heart.

    Lunch cut out into heart shapes with cookie cutter kit

    13. A keepsake statue kit that's gonna make your sweetheart say, "I've gotta ~hand~ it to you, this gift is pretty special."

    14. A true crime tee to let your spouse know you love them despite the suspicious number of murder podcasts they listen to. Now *you* can be the husband who did it! And by "it" we mean "got the perfect gift" not, you know...murder.

    Shirt the Grim Reaper standing behind a couple with the words "The Husband Did It!"

    15. A custom plush doll – your sweetheart will think you're a ~doll~ for finding a gift this creative and cute.

    16. A canvas makeup bag as a daily reminder for your darling of exactly how you see them, even way before they put their makeup on. Regina George has nothing on them!

    Zipper canvas makeup bag that says "you're like really pretty"

    17. A silly quiz book so you and your lover can figure out just how similarly you think...let's just hope they don't get you the same gift.

    18. A personalized magnet for anyone who would rather not ~face~ a day without seeing their sweetheart.

    Illustrated magnets of two peoples' faces

    19. A box of assorted gourmet cookies that'll certainly make this holiday choco-lit.

    Oreo cookies covered in different chocolate drips and toppings

    20. A printed pallet that's gonna be a great way to show your S.O. that you ~wood~ not be half as happy without them in your life.

    Wood piece of couple smiling beside each other with their names and wedding date written on the bottom

    21. A bucket list booklet so you two can work toward goals, both big and small, together.

    22. A Disney couples sweatshirt for the loved one who add some *magic* to your life.

    White sweatshirt with several candy hearts in the shape of a heart, each with the name of a different Disney couple

    23. A pair's pair of mittens that'll be equal parts silly and sweet, just like the two of you.

    24. A sweet sweater coffee mug so you can make sure they are constantly drinking in your love and affection.

    Mug with sweater pattern that says "I love you"

    25. A box of The Office poetry magnets for Michael Scott fans who love the thought of covering their fridge in his most infamous quotes...words you both might remember better than your vows at this point.

    26. A neon light your love is gonna, well, love.

    Neon light that says "love" in cursive

    27. A truth or dare game that'll help you share secrets and experiences that'll totally bring you two closer together...if you dare.

    28. A motivational pin that'll help remind your loved one of the confidence you have in them.

    Heart shaped pin with gold words that say "You Can"

    29. A customized pet portrait for showing your S.O. you're aware of who *their* true love is, and that you don't mind being a third wheel.

    30. A romantic minimalist print they're gonna adore, we pinky promise.

    One line drawing of two hands locking pinky fingers

    31. A jerky heart box for letting your loved one know (in the tastiest way possible) how happy you are that you were able to ~meat~ in this lifetime.

    32. A personalized bracelet in your own handwriting that'll let them know you appreciate how well they ~read~ you.

    Bracelet with handwritten words that say "Love Always" in cursive

    33. A 3D popup Star Wars card for the THIRST TRAP of a nerd in your life who you would Je-die for. Yo-duh, you've gotta get this.

    34. A love language card game is gonna be a memorable way to spend an indoor Valentine's date night. These clever cards are gonna remind every couple, no matter how long you've been together, that learning about your loved one is still full of fun and games.

    Love Language packaging

    35. And finally, a geode necklace for letting your loved one know how much life with them ~rocks~.

    Open geode with gold chain

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