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44 Gifts That'll Probably Be Automatic Hits That You Still Have Time To Get

Finding gifts by this point of the year is so stressful...just go ahead and grab one of these surefire hits (that'll get there by Christmas).

1. A preserved floral bundle, because adding a cheery bit of color to their life is the best thing about buying flowers. Finding cool florals that won't wilt? Now, that'll be even better.

palm leaf bouquet with an assortment of pampas grass stems

2. A box of five hot chocolate bombs sure to be, well, a bomb surprise in the toe of their stocking.

3. A set of linen napkins that are naturally stain-resistant, so if you know a spill-prone someone...this gorgeous set was made with them in mind! Soup season has got nothin' on these.

4. A marble patterned essential oil diffuser to help your restless friend create a calm atmosphere that really ~rocks~ before they fall asleep.

Marble design round diffuser

5. A lamb or teddy heirloom doll so darn darling it just might become your baby's first best friend.

6. A guided questions journal sure to get them into the groove of daily journaling. This system is short, guided, and great if they've struggled with writing down their memories in the past.

Two Minute Mornings journal

7. An almond orange body scrub from Zum, the mother of spunky soaps, that's gonna lift their spirits with its lovely scent and smooth out their rough edges with its soothing texture.

Jar of Zum scrub inside a soap basket in my bathroom

8. A salt shooter you can give someone who would love nothing more than to hunt the world's most dangerous game, the pesky housefly. That...or use it to season their food in the most exciting way possible.

9. A jerky bouquet for fun-loving folks who will enjoy telling the story about the time they got a *meat bouquet* for the rest of their lives.

Several strips of jerky individually wrapped in cone package

10. A pair of aerating wineglasses that'll really and truly improve the taste of the cheap wine you and your BFF gulp down on all your The Bachelorette viewing nights.

11. A leather duffle bag with a seemingly endless supply of handles, straps, zippers, and pockets. With this gift, figuring out how to carry all their luggage won't have to be an added weight on their shoulders.

Large rectangular carryon with clip-on shoulder strap and several pockets held together with buckles

12. A mix and match game that one baby you know can use to learn the names of animals, and as they grow they can create their own wacky critters!

13. A Stagg pour-over kettle to give your decidedly snobby friend a gift they can't help but applaud.

White modern kettle with long thin spout

14. A pack of pocket scrunchies with space inside to hold spare keys, lipstick, cash, etc. If your boo has suffered through a lifetime of outfits with few (or useless) pockets...this accessory is gonna upgrade the storage in their wardrobe.

15. A soup dumpling kit that'll make your foodie friends ~bao~ down to you — you gift-giving pro!

Soup dumplings in wooden basket with tools and dough out around them

16. Dogs on Instagram, a piece of ACTUAL ART they can leave out on their coffee table and peruse whenever they need an instant shot of serotonin.

17. A meditation necklace that teaches healthy breathing exercises (it hits an instantly calming tone once breathed through correctly). This spiffy accessory is sure to be their own Pavlov's dog of soothing sensations. One whistle and calm will be coming their way!

Model holding whistle-like necklace on a chain

18. A surprisingly aesthetic natural wood essential oil diffuser with a car vent clip that'll let them use all their favorite essential oils in the car, saving them from suffering through the scent of faux plastic pine air fresheners.

19. An orange juice vase — it's gonna be the juiciest piece of decor they've ever owned.

orange juice carton vase with a small amount of flowers placed on a table

20. A bubble pop sensory toy — a calming anxiety toy geared toward adults and children alike. Reviewers say the sound is super satisfying. Go ahead and *pop* this into their stocking, stat!

21. A pair of memory foam slippers that'll totally upgrade your grandmother's comfort-chic wardrobe.

Slide-on slippers with fuzzy interior and thick sole suitable for outdoor use

22. A love language card game — it's gonna be a fun way to get everyday conversations growing from "How was your day?" while teaching you and your S.O. how best to show your love for each other. If life with your loved one makes things better, this fun game just might make things the best.

23. An Embark dog DNA test that'll find their fluffer's family connected to over 250 dog breeds (including wolf, coyote, and village dog ancestry!).

Dog chewing on test packaging

24. A caffeinated butt mask that's sure to be a useful addition to the (rear) end of their skincare routine.

Model on their back, lifting their legs up to show the mask is on

25. Weird Parenting Wins, a funny and heartwarmingly honest book filled with some surprising parenting hacks. Whether trying to get their kids to tell the truth, wanting to figure out how to end tantrums before they start, or discovering "The Art of Getting Your Kid to Act Like a Person," there's sure to be a silly solution in here for the parents in your life!

Weird Parenting Wins


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26. A homemade gin kit so they can drink to the new year in a DIY way. Then they can cross off "become mixologist" from their New Year's resolution list while they're at it.

27. A ceramic nonstick cookware set to give your younger sibling if, after visiting their first apartment, you realize they fully plan on living off of cereal...judging by the lack of *any* kitchen tools in the place.

pot set in yellow

28. A deck of black foil playing cards for folks who would love a deck of cards as dark as their sense of humor.

reviewer holding the deck of cards

29. A box of miracle fruit tablets — candies that'll turn their taste buds upside down. This is a fun family activity that'll never go ~sour~ (although technically the effects wear off after around 30 minutes).

30. A pair of teeny-tiny macramé potted plants for anyone who wants to ~plant~ something precious in their car and add a little life to their commute.

31. A deck of Dream Decoder cards so they can try to figure out what their dreams mean. Why do I keep dreaming about my teeth falling out? Tell me!

Illustrated deck of cards with dream info on backs

32. A Sriracha keychain that'll spice up their life...literally.

A filled Sriracha bottle keychain beside a meal at a restaurant

33. A goldfish umbrella — a funny accessory that'll add some whimsy to a rainy day, even if walking around with it looks a little fishy.

myself holding the clear umbrella with a goldfish print

34. A bag of brown sugar candied bacon sure to be the savory-meets-sweet treat they were too naughty to ask Santa for. Luckily, they have you.

35. An arched floor mirror — it's gonna add a modern elegance to any room. Every time they look at this piece they're gonna ~reflect~ on how glad they are to have you in their life. I promise.

full length mirror with arch at top. it is leaning against a wall and has a green outer frame.

36. A paint by numbers canvas that'll let their artistic side shine.

painting of woman walking beside a tiger with botanical details

37. A tissue box cover — a sentimental gift for anyone who gets teary-eyed when thinking about home.

House shaped tissue box with tissues coming out of chimney

38. A bag of organic Death Wish coffee to give anyone who truly believes in the phrase "death before decaf."

Bag of coffee beans with skull logo

39. A tobacco and patchouli candle in an amber apothecary jar that's waaay too pretty to be this price — snag this steal of a deal and give your best friend's bookshelves something to brag about.

Candles in amber glass with round tops

40. A tortilla blanket for foodies who would like nothing more than being wrapped up in the cheesiest gift of all.

Two people sitting on circular tortilla blanket

41. A wall mounted rainy pot that'll help your summer-loving sweetheart see that even dreary weather has a darling side.

Teeny succulent mounted planter with cloud water holder on top

42. A pom-pom throw so you can give them a soft gift that shows you appreciate them dealing with all your rough edges.

Three fleece blankets with pom pom edges

43. A pair of cross-band indoor/outdoor fleece slippers that'll have the whole family feeling all warm and fuzzy.