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    38 Pairs Of Earrings That'll Make You Wonder Why Other Jewelry Exists

    From simple studs to statement pieces, these earrings are ~hear~ for you.

    1. A pair of banana earrings that'll ~produce~ a whole lot of compliments the next time you go out. Honestly, these'll be loved a ~bunch~ by everyone who sees them.

    2. A pendant pearl pair with vintage-style drop coins — you're gonna have to wear these with caution because they look too regal to be legal.

    3. A pair of dainty threader chains you can thread through multiple piercings for a look that's ~sew~ effortlessly cool.

    4. A poppy pair of confetti perfection for party animals who know your accessories should be as colorful as your language.

    5. A pair of silver climbers that'll take your uniquely chic style to new heights.

    6. A wood drop earring for anyone who ~wood~ love trying out a big, bold pair of earrings for once.

    7. A cutie pair of shark studs that'll make your friends' ~jaws~ drop with delight when they see them.

    8. Or a shell bobble set for people who prefer calmer seas in their accessories.

    9. A pair of minimalist triangle earrings that'll add ~acute~ little angle to your everyday attire.

    10. A floral pair for anyone who races to find new fashion statements and doesn't mind putting the ~petal~ to the medal to make it happen.

    11. A set of two acrylic drop earrings you're gonna be hooked to the minute you throw them on, literally.

    12. A pair of heavy hugger hoops so you can look like a rhine-stone cold fox on your next date night.

    13. A pepper pair for when your outfit needs a little spicing up.

    14. A threader set — if you're the kind of person who always manages to lose the backs of earrings, these are gonna have your back (by not having one at all).

    15. A fringe drop pair that'll be the ~beads~ knees with any summer wardrobe.

    16. A pair of geometric earrings sure to look fab from every angle.

    17. A pair of simple studs for no-nonsense people who know it's the tiny, simple details that make an outfit.

    18. Some seashell studs that'll prove to be mermaid for you the minute you try them on.

    19. A pair of horoscope cuff earrings sure to have you starry-eyed every time you see how lovely they look.

    20. A handwoven hoop pair so you can add some wicker to your witchy vibes.

    21. A pair of cheeseburger studs that'll have you looking like the whole meal when you ~meat~ up with your next Tinder date.

    22. A big pair of gold snake earrings that are really gonna tip the scales when it comes to your iconic fashion statements.

    23. A geometric tortoise shell pair you'll want to grab before they're all hexa-gone!

    24. A delicate chain hoop set — you're sure to find out these were the missing ~link~ to your wardrobe the minute you try them on.

    25. An abstract pearl earring for feminists who want an accessory they know will be the whole ~clit~ and caboodle all on its own.

    26. A pair of cherry earrings – they're gonna give you a style with a little extra flavor.

    27. A pair of gold hoops you can count on looking perfect with every outfit you own, every day of the week.

    28. A pair of lightweight beaded hoops that'll have you looking like a heavy hitter without giving your earlobes a workout.

    29. A pair of crescent moons the star child in your life is gonna love.

    30. A conch set so lovely they'll make you say, "Shell yeah!" every time you put them on.

    31. A zig-zagging ear climber pair people are gonna ~stair~ at with admiration whenever you wear them.

    32. A loud speckled set for people who want to look appropriately extravagant when they go out to paint the town.

    33. A pair of dark heart drop earrings so you can embrace the gaudy goth goddess you know you are.

    34. Or a pair of wooden heart earrings you'll be all heart eyes (and ears) over.

    35. A geometric face set for fashion-savvy folks who seem to constantly find incredible accessories in the blink of an eye.

    36. An asymmetrical pair you are astro-not gonna want to miss out on.

    37. A pair of slender dangle earrings that'll add a sophisticated sparkle to your most special moments.

    38. And, finally, a pair of daisy drop earrings you can wear on days when you need some real flower power.

    When people say your love for accessorizes is too extreme but you can't hear them because your earrings are too loud:

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