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    34 Delicate Pieces Of Jewelry That Won't Drain Your Bank Account

    Let your look say "I'm rich" without actually spending all your hard-earned cash.

    Tired of your everyday jewelry but don't have the dollars to ~splurge~ on new baubles? What if I said you could have both new jewels AND still be able to feed yourself?

    1. Three pairs of stainless steel hoops, to get your hanging earring collection off to a good start.

    2. A circle pendant you can layer with other jewelry or wear by itself for a minimalist look.

    3. A bralette body chain for taking any going out look you've got to the ~next level~.

    4. A stunning pair of hoops that'll act like a cuff and hug right onto your ear — no extra unwanted space!

    5. A simple necklace with five baguettes made of rose gold and simulated morganite to fool everyone into thinking you're wealthy.

    6. A leafy ear crawler that can be worn a bunch of different ways, making it one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry you'll own.

    7. A simple elephant pendant, perfect for you if you're always obsessing over those gentle giants.

    8. A rhinestone choker, because every '90s kid deserves an upgrade to their fave accessory.

    9. A gold-plated triangle necklace that'll impress even the pickiest of fashionistas.

    10. A set of nine lotus-inspired earrings for the look of a cuff but the feel of a simple stud.

    11. A coin bracelet that looks so decadent no one will ever believe it costs less than $6.

    12. A Y-necklace to play up any V-neck or dress you already have in your closet.

    13. A delicate initial necklace, in case you prefer simple jewelry you can wear every day.

    14. A set of six earring pairs, presented on a seed-paper backing you can then plant to grow your own flowers.

    15. A lotus necklace that symbolizes new beginnings for a fresh start each morning when you clasp it.

    16. Stackable eternity bands that'll make you want to jump around and perform the "Single Ladies" dance like Beyoncé.

    17. An initial necklace for the couple who are still in their lovey-dovey, PDA-filled honeymoon stage.

    18. A symbolic olive branch ring that'll bring good vibes to your wardrobe or make for an excellent "please forgive me" gift.

    19. A personalized necklace of a baby's heartbeat in case you've been dying to bring the soon-to-be parent in your life to tears.

    20. A simple opal choker that'll help provide sustainable water in Africa (yes, really!).

    21. Midi rings, because why should the middle of your fingers be left out of all the accessorizing fun?

    22. A pack of six studded earring pairs you can mix 'n' match, ideal if you have multiple piercings.

    23. A ~healing crystal~ necklace so gorgeous and classic you could wear it every day to channel good vibes.

    24. A lunar necklace that is a must-have if you're one of those people that shouts, "Look at the moon!" no matter what phase it's in.

    25. A mountain ring to represent your love of adventure and to take your jewelry collection to ~new heights~.

    26. Or a set of mountain studs, so you can really pay tribute to the wanderlust you've been feeling.

    27. Matching necklaces for you and your BFF to share (because how PRECIOUS is that?).

    28. A Cinderella-inspired bangle that'll motivate you to keep on keepin' on (while looking fancy at the same time).

    29. Subtle rainbow earrings, ideal for matching literally every outfit you own.

    30. A raw amethyst ring that may look like you dropped a wad of cash on it, but actually costs less than $30.

    31. Handmade stacking bracelets made of glass beads, so unique you'll actually want to brag about them to anyone who will listen.

    32. Minimal threader earrings to flawlessly accent your Ariana Grande–style ponytail.

    33. A nameplate necklace so, just like on Cheers, everybody will know your name.

    34. And a package of assorted high-polish rings featuring faux gems, rhinestones, and filigree bands to scream "IT'S EXPENSIVE TO BE ME."

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