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    23 Accessories You'll Really And Truly Wear All The Time

    The best time to wear these all the time.

    1. A possibly perfect crossbody bag with over 1,000 positive reviews that's so affordable I'm straight-up screaming.

    2. A minimal waist belt to make snapping Insta-worthy OOTD pics a cinch.

    3. Stripy cat socks that'll bring a smile to your face every dang day — no kitten.

    4. An amazingly affordable set of sleek hair clips to instantly make any hairdo about a zillion times cuter.

    5. Movie star-worthy, mirrored cat eye sunnies at a "still waiting for my big break" price.

    6. A dainty unicorn necklace to make every day legendary.

    7. A cozy blanket scarf you can rock a bunch of different ways, from around your neck to over your shoulders as a shawl. However you wear it, it's sure to have people checking out your great style.

    8. Geometric front-back earrings ready to whip your wardrobe into shape.

    9. A precious adjustable fox bangle you absolutely need, so you should slyly find a way to tail all your friends it's on your wishlist.

    10. A beautiful heart locket with space inside to store a small photo or object. Honestly, this is the kind of thing I could see you passing on to your grandchildren.

    11. Or a layered heart pendant you'll adore so much, you'll wanna serenade it with a love song. Might I suggest Taylor Swift's "Delicate"?

    12. Delicate faux-diamond drops in gold- or platinum-plated sterling silver that'll shine just as bright as real diamonds.

    13. Harry Potter ear jackets you can rock with or without the fringe back, so they work equally well for laid-back days or occasions when you feel like declaring "I am that Snitch."

    14. A classic beanie beloved by over 1,500 reviewers to keep you ahead of the game when it comes to staying warm and cute.

    15. Delicate ear crawlers you'll never want to leaf home without.

    16. A wholesome enamel pin to give you some encouragement even if Kris Jenner isn't there to do it for you.

    17. Beaded statement stunners that'll turn any basic outfit into one that commands, "bow down, bitches."

    18. An adjustable Kendra Scott birthstone bracelet you can rock every day for a pop of color and a personal touch.

    19. A studded metallic mini satchel to give your everyday look a little extra edge.

    20. A duo of mod barrettes you'll be glad to have around on less-than-great hair days.

    21. An embroidered dad cap sure to have everything coming up roses.

    22. A personal ring that at first glance looks like artsy squiggles, but is actually a meaningful word or phrase wrapped around your finger.

    23. And a trendy yet practical leopard belt bag you can wear with pretty much anything, because leopard print is basically just an extra-fabulous neutral.

    When someone asks how often you plan to rock these accessories and slay:

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