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    27 Dresses To Wear To A Wedding That'll Make You Want To Start Matchmaking

    You don't have to be in the wedding party to dress perfectly for the party.

    1. A vintage-inspired lavender dress sure to be your love at first sight.

    2. A LBD with a whole lotta lace, that'll get you a whole lotta compliments from the groom's cute second cousin.

    3. An off the shoulder cocktail dress so stunning you're gonna want to give it a toast right along with your toast to the happy couple.

    4. A wrap dress for an outfit as colorful and fun as the decorations you plan to put all over the newlyweds' car.

    5. A slip dress with a button-up side you can adjust, so you don't ~slip up~ on the dance floor.

    6. A glowing midi dress — you won't want to ~pocket~ this one while waiting for a wedding to come up (better just get it now to be safe).

    7. A belted dress so you can tie the knot while your friends, um, also tie the knot.

    8. A turquoise shift that'll keep you looking cool and comfortable all night long, no matter how many photos your anti-social self may end up in.

    9. A swing dress with an adjustable tie, because you know you're gonna forget to bring their wedding gift but at least this way you'll be wrapped up in a bow.

    10. A floral midi to wear while you celebrate this special day with your ~buds.~

    11. A lace cocktail dress that'll look as detailed and decadent as the wedding cake.

    12. A ruffled maxi so you can look chic and still wear a dress you know is just your ~stripe.~

    13. A flexible dress that'll help you stay so comfortable you'll be able to ~stretch~ out your time on the dance floor as long as you want.

    14. A short sleeve velvet dress, because weddings make you a softy inside and out.

    15. A yellow calf-length dress as bright and sunny as the beach wedding you wear it to.

    16. A cap sleeve dress for busting out a beautiful look without having to get too fancy.

    17. A sand beet colored sateen skater dress, because you are massively happy for your newly-wed friends but you're still enjoying dancing to your own ~beet.~

    18. A floral lace dress sure to be the perfect dress to wear while you celebrate watching your friends' love ~blossom~.

    19. A casual V-neck midi you can easily dress up for a wedding. In fact, you won't beleaf how easy it is!

    20. A stunning tulle frock you can wear confidently as you hear some ~sage~ advice from well-meaning strangers throughout the night.

    21. A woven dress that'll move easily as you ~weave~ your way through the lines to the crepe buffet.

    22. An embroidered mesh dress you will ~sheerly~ want to wear to every wedding you attended.

    23. A popular linen piece that'll put a ~wrap~ on your search for the perfect reception dress.

    24. A swing dress that is gonna look so good in your closet, you're gonna feel bad even taking it out.

    25. A spaghetti strap lace dress sure to make you look like maid of honor material.

    26. A polka dot dress that is gonna look spot-on at any wedding.

    27. And finally, a puff-sleeve number that'll look gray-t at their wedding. Or your own. It's that pretty.

    When the happy couple sees you and your outfit at the reception.

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