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    31 Dining Products That'll Make Eating In Look Even Better Than A Restaurant

    Whether you're looking for placemats and dishes or full dining room of furniture, we've found the sets for you.

    1. A full table setting for one finished off with a matte glaze, for upping your dinner game tenfold. Each set comes with a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, and mug – all handcrafted in a free-form style.

    2. Block printed napkins that'll look so lovely on your table your guests just might choose to use their sleeve rather than dirty up these gorgeous linens!

    Pink napkins with stamped tropical patterns

    3. Tall ceramic mugs sure to give your kitchen counter an upscale coffee shop vibe. If you plan on giving those roasted beans the worship they deserve, these mugs are an actual need.

    4. Handwoven seagrass placemats that'll add a thoughtful touch to any basic table setting. Even if you're eating off of paper plates, these placemats can make your meal something special!

    Round woven, naturally colored placemat with dishes on top

    5. Linen napkins – they're naturally stain-resistant, so if you're gonna really make your napkins work to earn their keep – this gorgeous set has your name on it! Soup season has got nothin' on these.

    6. Embossed glass tumblers that'll certainly make you say, "Sip sip, hooray!" every time you open up your cupboard to grab a glass. It'll be a genuine reflex after seeing something as darling as these.

    Four glasses in different colors, each printed with embossed moulding design and rivets for an easy grip

    7. Ceramic pasta bowls with the *perfect* width and height for saucy pasta dishes. If you've realized that serving spaghetti in cereal bowls doesn't pack the same punch as pasta from a restaurant, it's because those snooty noods prefer a bowl all for themselves.

    8. A breakfast nook bundle complete with an upright cushioned corner bench, table, and backless bench – this is sure to turn any kitchen into a cozy breakfast nook, making your place the *very* best brunch spot in town.

    corner bench with matching table and standard bench on other side

    9. Melamine wood-pattern plates that are gonna be practically indestructible. If you ~wood~ like some good lookin' plates but know your children would likely destroy them...these are totally the answer.

    10. Anthropologie's classic latte bowls – they've been a store staple for years, and for a reason! Grab this set and use them for every meal you mix up in your home. These are capable of handling ages of daily use without breaking a sweat!

    Several riveted bowls stacked on top of each other

    11. Faux leather placemats to make your table eye-catching and cute, while also preventing messy eaters from spilling, sigh, all over the table.

    12. Matte black silverware that'll let you keep your goth aesthetic going strong, because it's all in the little details. Utensils? Those are little details. Good job being committed to your lewk.

    several utensils in matte black on top of a linen napkin

    13. A table runner set made with two separate layers of fabric (one solid and one lace) and a battery-operated twinkle light string. This'll add a charming ambiance to your holiday dinners or backyard BBQs – there's no doubt about that!

    14. A two-person counter – it's gonna be a chic statement piece in your studio apartment. Use your minimal space to the best of your abilities and turn your cluttered kitchen into a spot worth actually eating in. Date nights in just got so nicer.

    Golden and cushioned chairs and counter set with three open shelves for storage

    15. Vibrant porcelain bowls with mismatched patterns that'll, naturally, make every meal more colorful. Looking at you, oatmeal.

    16. Lunar phase tapas plates to add a mystical touch to your tapas nights. Serving small samplings on plates that are actually the right size makes a big difference.

    four small ceramic dishes painted to look like different phases of the moon

    17. Woven dining chairs for adding a warm, textured touch to any common dining room table. These trend-setting chairs are well worth the investment!

    18. Slate placemats – they're gonna be a unique setting choice your dinner guests will undoubtedly be impressed by. Invite me over please, I wanna see these in action!

    Gray rough slate placemats on a wooden table

    19. A floral stoneware set so lovely you just might feel like you're in the heart of a Jane Austin novel every time you eat from them. Cup of tea, anyone?

    20. A 12-piece dish set sure to have your kids starry-eyed when you and your boo get dinner on the table.

    Several matching plates and bowls covered in gold stars

    21. A flatware set that'll be the golden ticket to a lovely garden party (ooor to simply add some glam to your takeout).

    22. Marbled dishes you are sure to, well, ~marble~ at every time you get ready to eat. They really do look entrancing, don't they??

    Marbled plates and a small bowl with food inside

    23. A 16-piece engraved stoneware set for cottagecore souls who know there's always a use for white plates, particularly ones this fancy and fun!

    24. One-of-a-kind placemats to add a spunky touch to your table with their delightful patchwork patterns!

    Four patchwork fabric placemats

    25. Pastel plate settings you can add to your kitchen to give it a lively springtime vibe.

    26. An irregular shaped set for serving your dino nuggets on something extra special.

    irregularly shaped bowls and plates with speckled pattern

    27. A four-person dining set with a modern design specifically made to take up as little space in your place as possible. The clever nesting system looks great with the benches pulled in, and has enough space to comfortably seat four when the chairs are pulled out. Brilliant.

    28. Copper charger plates that'll make your meals look shining, shimmering, and splendid.

    Embossed plates with snacks on top

    29. Abstract teal dinnerware so surprisingly stunning you're probably gonna eat as fast as you can just to catch another glimpse of them uncovered.

    30. Tortoiseshell flatware – a heckin' cute choice for folks who have a hobby of making their home the most trend-setting on the block.

    a knife, fork, and spoon with mating pattern

    31. And Planet Plates that'll, obviously, make everything you eat taste Out! Of! This! World!

    Let's eat!