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    31 Crafting Products People Actually Swear By

    A beeswax wrap kit, dollar bill origami book, wrapping paper station, and other craft and DIY products reviewers love.

    1. A complete DIY beeswax wrap kit — a practical and eco-friendly activity with a finished product you can use every dang day. Reviewers agree, this kit is simply the bee's knees!

    A product shot of printed packaging wrapped in twine with three fabric scraps and three cubes of wax

    2. Mini Money Origami, a brilliant book that'll teach you such satisfying party tricks you'll know this was worth every penny.

    3. A Cricut Maker (the actual holy grail of crafting tools) that's sure to cut, write, and score far faster than you ever could on your own. Plus, this works on materials like leather, balsa wood, and even sparkly iron-ons.

    A Cricut Maker on a table covered in vinyl fabric, leather, burlap, twine, and paper goods

    4. A DIY clay planter kit filled with everything you need to make your very own hanging succulents. ~Plant~ this thing above a window and you're gonna have a brag-worthy piece of decor you made with your own two hands.

    5. Or a DIY candle kit for craft-savvy folks who are in the mood to make something that smells like...success.

    A shot of the packaging beside a container of shredded candle wax, a bottle of oil, an empty jar, wicking tools, and a small cardboard box

    6. A casting resin — a rad filler you can use to secure finished puzzles, pour into silicone molds to make geometric decor, smooth out rough woodwork...the possibilities are endless! Endless, I say!

    7. An embroidery kit that's gonna be great if you love tattoos but hate needles so much you don't even have a sewing kit in your home.

    A piece of embroidery inside of a hoop with a sewn image of a person's back, covered in floral tattoos

    8. A bottle cutter sure to help you create imaginative pieces of decor worth drinking to!

    9. A pack of 31 leather sewing tools that'll make creating gorgeous leather bags and decor ~sew~ easy and efficient!

    A shot of several tools, threads, and files included in the kit

    10. A calligraphy guidebook that's sure to be the ~write~ way to entertain yourself when you're in the mood to learn a new skill.

    11. A kombucha starter kit with pH test strips, starter, sugar, looseleaf tea, and a lovely glass jar perfect for showing off your beautiful brew.

    A large jar of kombucha with a fabric lid

    12. A stamp sealing wax set you can get if sending out some faaancy handwritten letters sounds like your new favorite quarantine vibe.

    13. An 18-piece set of mandala dotting tools that'll hit the ~spot~ if you've been itching to get your craft on.

    Several multi-colored painted rocks

    14. A rolling craft cart with enough room to store your reams of wrapping paper, twine, brushes, stencils, knitting needles, fabrics, and whatever else you need to make your Etsy-worthy creations.

    A lifestyle shot of the rolling cart filled with wrapping paper, paper bags, boxes, twine, and paint brushes

    15. A complete embroidery kit that'll save the day when your mother calls to *grill* you on how you need a hobby.

    16. A rainbow explosion cake kit that comes packaged in a daaaarling paint can. This is gonna be the perfect gift for crafty bakers in your life.

    17. A bonsai starter kit to dazzle all you green thumbs out there. Even if you're brand-new to planting, you won't beleaf how easy this starter kit is!

    A flat lay image of the soil, nipping tools, twin, plants, and other products that come with the kit

    18. A women entrepreneurs coloring book you can color in when you need a break from work but still want to focus on your business.

    19. A hot knife foam cutter is gonna delight anyone with a ~burning~ passion for hand making large-scale projects and holiday decor.

    A person carving giant snowflakes out of foam with the heat tool

    20. A pack of paint pens sure to add some color to your life...basically every single spot in your life.

    21. A Dala horse carving kit – it's gonna be a ~cut~ above any other craft. We're not horsing around, this kit is awesome!

    22. A DIY string art pick to get hooked on from the minute you start!

    A person using pegs and string to create a pineapple image within a wooden frame

    23. A custom paint-by-numbers piece — some people may think it's ~sketchy~ to wanna paint yourself. But you, and your well-nourished ego, know better than that!

    24. A craft subscription designed for adults who don't have the attention span to stick with just *one* hobby. More! Is! More!

    A flat lay of one possible package, with pieces of wood and paint

    25. A personalized whiskey making kit you'll wanna show alcoh-all of your friends.

    26. A soy candle making kit sure to help keep the ~spark~ alive when you and your boo start running out of date night ideas.

    A finished candle surrounded by shaved wax and small oil-filled bottles

    27. A soap mold and cutter that'll make creating your own soap so easy you'll wash your hands of your old soapy system!

    28. A mango hot sauce mix to prove that crafting is the ~hot~ new thing to do.

    A flat lay of everything included in the hot sauce kit

    29. A skein of chunky yarn for anyone who is curious about this arm knitting trend. Spoiler alert: it's very, very fun.

    30. A digital floral embroidery pattern that'll tell it like it is.

    A flora embroidery that says "UGH"

    31. And finally, Toilet Paper Origami, a necessary purchase for anyone who has stock-piled TP over the last couple months and now wants to give those valuable rolls the respect they deserve.

    Toilet Paper Origami, on a Roll

    Me after painting some Popsicle sticks:

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