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    Chewy's Blue Box Sale Is Here And *Everybody's* Tails Are Wagging

    Sit, stay, and save — on everything from pet food to glow-in-the-dark collars.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hello pets and people!! I wanted to make sure you're in the know, because Chewy's Blue Box Sale is happening RIGHT NOW and it only lasts until the 14th. The next two days are totally the time to stock up on all the best pet products!


    We're talking up to 50% off dog and cat food, 30% off beds and crates, up to 25% off items for your small pets and farm fam, and MORE! So much more!

    Here are some of our favorite finds:

    1. A chic space pod you can either have on the floor of your critter's cage or hang up for some high-tier entertainment.

    A hamster hiding in the pod, which has a hammock-like structure inside

    Promising review: "This was my second and third time buying these space pods! I LOVE them! I have two female rats myself and right now I am babysitting eight rats for my friend for a few months. So I have 10 rats and three cages total! So since my two girls already have one, I bought one for the girls and one for the boys cages!! And they absolutely LOVE IT!! They will snuggle all at once or just one at a time! Super cute! I recommend hanging them and not having them on the floor. One-hundred percent recommend!" —Fancybaby

    Price: $13.99 (originally $18.52, available in two sizes)

    2. A snazzy mat that'll make your dog's crate a cozy place they'll actually want to sleep in.

    Dog on knitted mat

    Promising review: "These crate pads are better than I expected, thicker, softer, perfect fit in the crate. And the dogs love them! Can't ask for better and the price was more than reasonable since they were cheaper than what I could make them for." —Marcia

    Price: $18.99 (originally $25.99; available in two colors and seven sizes)

    3. A multi-tier drinking fountain – it's gonna help keep your cat hydrated, because cats' instincts tell them that moving water is cleaner than still water. This thing looks great, is whisper-quiet, and even dishwasher-safe!

    A calico cat drinking from a two-tiered fountain that is plugged into a wall

    P.S. This is also a great choice for small dogs!

    Promising reviews: "My Jake loves his new water dish! The constant flow keeps the water fresh and clean. I filled it and, just to test it, emptied it two days later. There was no scum and the water was clean. I am now confident I can just replenish the water lost. Jake drinks more water than before, which is good for him. I would recommend this to any pet owner." —RescueMom

    "Our little dog, who is 15 years old, was starting to have trouble seeing and drinking from her normal water bowl, so we ordered this to see if it would help! It is perfect! Not only is it higher than a bowl on the floor, which helps her neck pain but the water also moves and she loves drinking from the top part. This is great for an aging pet!" —Happypetparent

    Price: $29.95 (originally $64.99)

    4. An odor-eliminating candle, with a 70-hour burn time, that uses enzymes to clean away pet odors within the home (instead of just covering them up). Grab this candle and your home is sure to success.

    Creamy Vanilla Pet Odor candle

    Vanilla not your favorite scent? Check out all the aromas Pet Odor Exterminator has to offer!

    Promising review: "I have yet to find a scent in these candles that I don't like. This one is super fresh. I have mice in my office and you wouldn't know they're there. Usually I don't even have to burn it, I just leave the lid off and my room smells great." —mouseowner

    Price: $7.95 (originally $9.95)

    5. A lovely play space cage that'll make playtime in your home far easier and might make you wonder if your furry friends have a prettier home than you do.

    A large black gerbil cage with two levels and a ramp that runs down into an open caged area

    Promising review: "The play pen is detachable but it comes with rings that attach to the cage itself, so I leave it set up and open for them to go into 24/7. I love the hay feeder as I can remove it to refill if I need to or just leave it in and put in fresh hay from the top with the opening. The front door is accessible to the playpen and the roof also lifts up on either side for easy access to the entire cage (which is especially useful when I am trying to get the piggies out). The cage itself has a lot of room for both my girls to run around and do laps, even with all of the stuff that I put inside for them to hide or play in. I definitely recommend this for piggie owners, especially because piggies should have a partner and should not really be living by themselves because of their social nature." —PiggieMama

    Price: $174.33 (originally $189.99)

    6. A darn good lookin' bed ramp to help your pets (whether too young to jump up, too old to jump down, or too short for either situation) get up and down with ease.

    A short-legged dog on top of a carpeted, wood ramp that is placed beside a tall bed

    You can also get a collapsable ramp if your dog needs help getting in and out of the car.

    Promising review: "This is a great ramp! It's sturdy and the carpet helps my dog get up and down without any problems. It took me approximately 10 minutes to put together. I am very happy with this ramp." —Katie

    Price: $124.95 (originally $169.99; available in two colors)

    7. A 5-gallon blade light aquarium with a clean aesthetic (thanks to a hidden filtration system) and white and blue light settings, so you can switch things up from day to night while still keeping an eye on your frisky fish.


    Promising review: "This is sleek, quite modern, and is almost completely designed with glass!! The aquatic compartment itself is all-glass, as well as the top. It's big enough to house a heater (either in the tank itself or the filter compartment). Speaking of the filter compartment, it's very large and can easily house your cartridges, sponges, ceramic, and other bio-media with no issues! Unfortunately, a lot of fish like to swim horizontally, not vertically, so it definitely isn't suited for all. Only fish that are okay with swimming up and down, like guppies or ones that are really small, will do well. This is an absolutely gorgeous tank!! " —TheRatDragon

    Price: $53.99 (originally $104.99)

    8. A window perch pod – just suction this onto your window to give your cat the grade-A view they deserve.

    A cat inside the perch, suction cupped to a window. The perch has a plastic bubble window on the back.

    Promising review: "I have a 12 pound cat and a 20 pound cat and this holds both of them very well. The quality is better than I expected. Although it did take me shoving them in it a handful of times, by the end of the day I caught them taking turns laying in it. This is a space saver and very unique." —Lindsay

    Price: $59.99 (originally $89.99)

    9. A rechargeable light necklace you can toss on your dog to give you some peace of mind while walking around at night. This thing is especially useful if you play fetch with your dog when it's dark, or if they love running around your large yard at night. There's a reason this thing has ~glowing~ reviews!

    Chewy, Khaos

    Promising review: "Everyone should have one of these! It's great quality! I love how it alternates colors and how you can make it stick to one color. My dog loves his necklace. This is a fabulous purchase. Get one right now!" —Khaos

    Price: $15.99 (originally $19.99)

    10. A Litter Genie – it's gonna lock up unwanted odors in your home *and* help prevent the plastic bag waste that comes from traditional litter box cleaning.

    Litter Genie

    Promising review: "I love this. You scoop and drop everything to the bottom and then empty it every few days or weekly, depending on how many cats you have. I was skeptical about claims of odor control but there really is no odor. It’s fantastic!" —Cindycarla

    Price: $17.99 (originally $22.99; available in two colors)

    11. An elevated dog bed for keeping your K9 comfy if they tend to sleep hot and need a little airflow underneath them as they nap. Honestly, same.

    An elevated dog bed with a sturdy fabric stretched over the piped frame

    Promising review: "This is the best deal for a dog bed. It's affordable, easy to put together, easy to keep clean, easy to move around, and (most importantly) it’s surprisingly comfortable. We have much more expensive and comfortable seeming dog beds around the house, but Olive likes this the best. I finally bought a second one. This $30 cot is better than her $300 dog mattress for some reason." —Jessica

    Price: $28.45 (originally $39.95; available in six colors and three sizes)

    12. A mid-century modern daybed worth treating your pooch to if they tend to prefer your loveseat to a cushion on the floor.


    Promising review: "My dog loves this! She can’t stay out of it! I think I love the bed just as much as she does!" —SJohnson

    Price: $140.04 (originally $239.99)

    13. A no-melt year round wild bird food so you can enjoy some feathered friends in your yard when you'd rather not have critters in your home.

    Peanut Delight birdseed

    This has beef kidney fat, corn meal, and roasted peanuts.

    Promising review: "I always thought that suet was suet. Nope. This is really the bomb of suets — no melting, not greasy and yucky to handle, and it attracts SO MANY more birds! I had a busy bird feeding station before, but now it is even busier!" —Brenda

    Price: $1.99 (originally $3.75)

    14. A cat cave for shy kittos who would benefit from having safe and cozy spaces throughout their home.

    Cat inside rounded bed

    Promising review: "My kitten loves this. It comes with a really fluffy pillow for the bottom that washes up nicely. She took to the bed immediately and sleeps in it, climbs on it, and plays and rolls around in it. Best money I've ever spent." —paynet

    Price: $17.45 (originally $39)

    15. An adjustable bird perch made of rope that can twist and bend into fun shapes so your bird won't ever be bored.

    Parrot perching on rope

    Promising review: "This is my bird's second perch like this. The first lasted for several years! I have several kinds of perch in my bird's cage, but this one is her favorite because she can go the width of her cage on it, and because it seems to be comfortable for her feet. I will always have one of these perches for her. Highly recommend!" —Michelle

    Price: $11.70 (originally $14.99; available in three sizes)

    16. A plush log toy even the most shy and ~squirrely~ pupper is gonna adore.

    A dog sitting next to a plush toy log with holes where toy squirrels peek out of

    Promising review: "My dogs love this thing. I've bought it twice because the dogs keep taking it outside and it disappears. I'm not sure if they are burying the tree part or if the local wildlife get it, but the squirrels are a big hit and all six dogs love them. I keep having to buy the extra squirrel pack. They last quite a while too. Unless my husband runs over them with the lawn mower. Even then, they find and play with the torn up parts." —KittyKatt

    Price: $9.52 (originally $12.99; available in four sizes)

    17. A calming cat spray with a pheromone mix said to help reduce your cat's anxiety, hopefully helping prevent urine marking and excessive scratching. Spray this anywhere and help create calming environment for your cat.

    Infographic showing the spray bottle and detailing that it reduces spraying and scratching

    Promising review: "We have two very young cats who are recently post-feral. One is still extremely skittish, and was scratching at the curtains, couch, and other fibers and furniture. His anxiety is extreme, and this spray has allowed him to find his own comfort spots around our home without needing to mark it up by scratching. He has entirely stopped chewing on loose threads and attacking the couch! I would recommend this to anyone with a cat that needs a little extra to feel safe." —CatCove

    Price: $16.99 (originally $19.99; available in two sizes)

    18. A slow feeder bowl that's gonna help out pups who treat speed eating like an Olympic sport – and suffer from digestion issues because of it.

    Madi/Chewy, Chihuahuamom/Chewy

    Promising review: "For the past few years, I have gotten to know my dog as one that eats quite quickly. Shaking her bowl and the sound of it being filled up makes her really excited, and she kind of attacks the food when I give it to her. Not in a bad way, of course, just trying to eat as fast as possible. However, I’ve noticed that in doing so, she always got very gassy, bloated, had hiccups, and burped A LOT. So, I thought it was time to try one of these bowls out! At first, she was skeptical but after some training and positive reinforcement, she has no problem eating out of this bowl! I have definitely seen a change in her eating habits by eating slower and taking her time. She has less bloat and doesn’t burp in my face as much after a meal haha! I love this bowl; highly recommend :)" —Nina

    Price: $10.18 (originally $19.99; available in two sizes)

    19. A hanging mirror for giving your persnickety parakeet home decor worthy of his bougie attitude.

    Small bird in cage standing beside tiny mirror
    Michmom3 / Chewy

    Promising review: "I was amazed to see how much my bird loves this mirror – he is always looking at himself, laughing, playing, and singing to himself. By far his favorite toy." —Hideaway

    Price: $4.49 (originally $5.96)

    20. A hidden litter box to keep your living room from looking like the cat's bathroom (even when, technically, it is).


    Promising review: "Seriously, I could not be more pleased with this product. I live in an apartment with no convenient or hidden place to put a litter box. I had been keeping Lolly’s litter box in my living room because there really is no other place for it. It was SUCH an eyesore. Lolly tends to back her butt up all the way to the back of the box, occasionally causing urine leaks outside the box. Since this enclosure is made from plastic-like recycled materials, I can just wipe the inside down with some urine cleaner and call it a day and still not worry about the enclosure suffering any damage. I have also set up Lolly’s food and water on top, and she seems to be happy having somewhere to perch and eat. It’s so nice to have what looks like a nice little end table where a cat toilet used to be!" —Lexi

    Price: $117.58 (originally $127.99)

    21. A pirate ship hammock made with a soft and snuggly material for your rough and tough pirate/ferret.

    Ferret sitting inside plush pirate ship hanging from cage

    Promising review: "Ferris loves his hammock, especially the opening in the top that allows him to raise up and peek out when he wants to be nosey. Five stars." —Pleased

    Price: $24.96 (originally $34.99; available in three styles)

    22. A car seat carrier for dogs who think running to the grocery store means running around the car the entire way there.


    Promising review: "I was really impressed with how easy this car seat/carrier was to assemble. You literally just zip it up and snap the seatbelt into the harness, so she stays safely inside the car seat while we are in motion! I was really looking forward to getting a car seat because she gets really excited in the car, and it really isn't safe for her to ride with us if there isn't somebody holding her. I am so happy that we are going to be able to drive all over with our girl now and not have to leave her home! I love that it has a removable and washable pad on the inside as well as a spot in the top and in the front that you can unzip so that your dog can look out. She can look around and be comfortable. She seems to just love it, and I know we do!" —Jessica

    Price: $25.40 (originally $40.44)

    23. And finally, a dog life vest to make sure your next family boat trip goes ~swimmingly~.

    Sonny / Chewy, Pumba / Chewy

    Promising review: "My Demon went tubing with me this past weekend and it was her first time near water. She was very apprehensive but stuck with it. When she tried to catch a bird mid-air she also jumped in to the water. She freaked for a split second but when she realized she stayed above water, she loved it. It helped her gain a little confidence by not going under and experiencing water for the first time." —MadMax

    Price: $22.18 (originally $39.99)

    Want to see even more great finds? Check out everything in Chewy's Blue Box Sale to make sure you get your pet exactly what they've been dreaming of!

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