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    25 Calming Products For When Your Brain Needs A Break

    Take a break from all that "holiday cheer."

    1. A magnetic zen garden that'll help you become the (magnetic) force of nature you know you are when you're able to "garden" through the daily grind.

    2. A massaging shower head with 30 different settings so you can wash away the stress of the day, literally.

    3. A box of essential oil incense — they're gonna be, well, essential when you need to breathe in some relief.

    4. A stress relieving book that'll help you stay centered when you find yourself reading into things too much.

    5. An eye massager — it may help ease migraines and act as a source of stress relief for anyone whose tension is not just a weight on their shoulders.

    6. A color changing Himalayan salt lamp — with a personality as salty (and sweet) as an actual cat — that's gonna help make a calming space to have your own cat nap.

    7. A Disney coloring book that'll calm you down so quick it'll seem like magic.

    8. Or an adult coloring book sure to be so cussing fun to color in when you need some "me" time.

    9. A soothing lavender pillow so that falling asleep fast and having a restful night's sleep is no longer just a dream.

    10. A levitating bonsai you can watch rotate when you meditate and want to feel light as air.

    11. A scalp massager (which is great also for getting a deep shampoo) for anyone who knows that the best way to calm a loud mind is with a soft massage.

    12. Or a deep-kneading foot massager that'll give you a moment of zen when your dogs have been barking all day.

    13. A weighted blanket for adults and children who have a hard time calming down at bedtime and need to feel extra tucked-in at night.

    14. A pack of aromatic shower tablets so you can enjoy the benefits of a bath bomb even if you don't have a bathtub.

    15. A picture book on deep breathing to help calm little kiddos who have a hard time managing their stress on occasion.

    16. A bamboo mini water fountain you can set up in your yard or even in your living room to immerse yourself in the calming sounds of a spa.

    17. A head scratcher that'll feel so good you'll forget all about whatever was worrying you. Unnecessary stress? Scratch that!

    18. A mini magnet toy you can manipulate and mold all day to keep your hands busy and your mind clear.

    19. A calming body oil everybody is gonna be jealous of.

    20. A pack of stress relieving tea that'll warm you up so you can chill out.

    21. An essential oil diffuser for anyone who needs to occasionally ~diffuse~ a bad situation by reminding themselves to take a deep breath.

    22. An aromatherapy hot/cold wrap that'll ~shoulder~ the burden of easing your stress whenever you need it.

    23. A two-piece singing bowl set so you can wash yourself in a calming sound bath.

    24. A comfy pillow that'll remind you a nap is the often the perfect medicine.

    25. And finally, a pimple-popping pad for anyone who needs a strangely soothing (and, sure, totally nasty) activity before they burst.

    How you're gonna feel after using any of these products.

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