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    26 Beauty Products Under $10 Your Face'll Feel Really Good About

    These will ~makeup~ for all the times you've spent way too much money on beauty products in the past.

    1. An inky black waterproof liquid liner that goes on smooth and stays on all day. We have an ~inkling~ you're gonna love this one.

    2. A MegaGlow highlighting powder that's equal parts buttery and buildable, so you can shine on with as much product as you want.

    3. A lash pop for anyone who knows only a ~sucker~ spends a ton of money on false lashes.

    4. A washable volumizing mascara that's gonna make a colossal difference on your lashes.

    5. A waterproof eyebrow definer at a great price, because you have to draw the line somewhere when it comes to how much you spend on looking so sharp.

    6. An eyeshadow palette to give anyone who loves color and unicorns. Seriously, you should probably (rainbow) dash on over and get this in your cart before they're all gone.

    7. A pack of three non-stick lipsticks that'll stay on all day, even after you eat and drink. We'll drink to that!

    8. A pack of twelve lip liners for anyone who gets a little ~lippy~ about people not having a new lip color for at least every month of the year.

    9. A liquid eye foil so you can swipe on some perfect sparkly shadow in seconds.

    10. A pore-free foundation that's lightweight, oil-free, and comes in tons of colors to provide perfect coverage, even over deep pores.

    11. A liquid lipstick with matte, metallic, and satin finishes, for anyone who can't stop talking about their lipstick collection.

    12. A limited edition metallic lipstick so you can be bold and go for the gold.

    13. A feathery soft waterproof mascara that'll have your lashes soaring.

    14. A marble lipstick with a satiny finish your friends are gonna ~marble~ at whenever you wear it.

    15. A 2-in-1 foundation concealer so you can save twice as much money while having your face look as angelic as your full bank account.

    16. A moisturizing lip jelly with castor seed oil that'll have your lips looking so sweet and smooth everyone who sees them is sure to be, well, jelly.

    17. A shimmering shadow palette ~eye~ can't believe you haven't placed in your cart yet.

    18. A gold liquid eyeliner that'll redefine the meaning "Go for the gold."

    19. Or a moisturizing lipstick made with omega 3, vitamin E, and argan oil, to get a more dramatic look that won't dry you out.

    20. A metallic eyeshadow that'll make your eyes as bright as a child's on Christmas morning, every morning.

    21. A glitter stick you can use on your face and body to add a little pixie dust to your already glowing faith and trust.

    22. A gel liner that'll be a sleek and satisfying improvement from your previous liner. Honestly, this is something you're gonna be gelling with in no time.

    23. A matte finish setting spray that'll keep your face from looking dewy while making sure your matte makeup stays on all day.

    24. A smoothing setting powder so you can quickly get your makeup prepped to last through the rat race that is your work day. Ready, ~set,~ go!

    25. A velvet lip stain for soft and subtle touches to your soft and supple lips.

    26. And finally, a lipgloss key ring with unique and complimentary colors that are sure to ~unlock~ a whole new look, even when you're on the go.

    You, feeling far less crabby while you bath in all the money you just saved.

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