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    29 Basic Kitchen Tools You'll Want To Have On Hand

    Grease guards are a thing – you don't have to be afraid of bacon anymore.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A quality wood cutting board made with naturally antibacterial camphor wood – these'll be easy on your knives, making them last a whole lot longer. Plus, they'll look lovely on display in your place.,

    I started using Fab Slab cutting boards when I invested in my first really nice knife block set. I wanted a cutting board that would protect the integrity of my knives, and was hoping to find some that also looked nice (my millennial heart loves some good charcuterie) on display. These were the perfect pick! Be sure to check out their site to see their full collection of cutting boards.

    Get the large cutting board for $59.99 and the paddle board for $29.99, both from Amazon.

    2. A dishwasher-safe Kona French press to help you make your own coffee – no disposable cafe cups or at-home filters needed. Mother Natural appreciates it. She told me.

    Glass French Press with handle and plastic covered protective case

    Promising review: "I bought this because I wanted to be able to quickly make a small pot of coffee without the hassle of using my big drip coffee maker. I've since given away my drip coffee maker because why would I ever use that when I can use a french press? Coffee just tastes better when you make it this way. It's the perfect size for making two large cups of coffee. It stores perfectly on my counter top and takes up a fraction of the space my big coffee maker took up. It's very easy to clean – you pretty much just rinse with water and you're done." —April Coulter

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    3. A collapsible colander because you just might go wild if you keep trying to strain your pasta with the saucepan lid. many noodles lost on spaghetti night.


    Promising review: "This is a great collapsible strainer. It's exactly what I expected and perfect for easy storage!" —Melissa S.

    Get it from Target for $16.99.

    4. A splatter screen cover that's gonna save you from your sizzling bacon.

    Pan with uncooked bacon and mesh guard on top

    Promising review: "I was surprised by the quality! This is excellent! I love how stackable it is – it takes up so little space! This is a quality purchase." –Allison Hancock

    Get it from BuzzFeed's Goodful collection on Amazon for $19.99.

    5. An herb stripper so you can easily separate each herb from its stem, cutting your prep-time in half.

    Person stripping herbs with leaf-sized tool. The tool has different sized holes for different herbs.

    Promising Review: "I have been growing herbs for culinary and medicinal use for years and just learned about tools like this last year. I used it for the first time this past weekend on fresh oregano. It stripped AND CHOPPED it like a champ. Feeling emboldened, I then used it to strip the stems from two bunches of kale with NO problems! It was amazing! Best purchase in a long time. It saved my aching fingers and back for sure!" —Rainstorm9

    Get it from Amazon for $12.49.

    6. A pair of silicone tip tongs sure to make dishing out salad servings and turning food on a hottie pan far easier.

    Metal tongs with silicone tip

    Promising review: "I LOVE these!!! The silicone tips are better for all my pans. The neatest thing is the 'pull out' tab to keep them closed when stored in a drawer...everyone knows what a nightmare it is to have 'open' tongs when trying to get them out of utensil drawer." —Anonymous

    Get them from Walmart for $7.97.

    7. A pack of six Scotch-Brite sponges you can safely (i.e. scratch-free) scrub away caked-on food stains with and *then* throw the sponge right in the dishwasher! No gross sponges on the counter at YOUR house. Not a one!, Amazon

    Promising review: "My husband is an Arab-Moroccan and he absolutely LOVES to cook these wonderful dishes that unfortunately leave tough grime and stains. I used to get agitated by this until I came across Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges. Not only do they get the job done as advertised, but they absorb moisture so that you are able to keep scrubbing those hard-to-get chunks of food without putting in too much elbow grease. Cleaning isn't necessarily my favorite thing to do especially after a hard day's work, but with these scrub sponges, it sure does make it a lot easier!" —Terry Oulboub

    Get it from Amazon for $5.13.

    8. A Souper Cubes container for easily storing, freezing, and reheating meals in minutes – making you the ~coolest~ meal prepper around.

    Silicone storage tray with four rectangular pockets and a frozen cube of soup on a counter

    Promising review: "I was pretty appalled at the price for a two pack (nearly $40 as of this writing) but there didn't seem to be any equivalent products, so I went ahead and took the plunge...and I am so glad I did. These things are AWESOME! I froze leftover Indian lentils in 1.25-cup increments, and the cubes popped right out. I love how sturdy the silicone is (especially compared to the silicone muffin pans I've been using to freeze leftovers). I also love how sturdy the lid is – you could stack several units on top of each other quite easily. So, yep. I'm saying it. The $40 is money well spent in this case." —CorriePDX

    Get it from Amazon for $19.95.

    9. A four-piece matte black ceramic knife set sure to satisfy anyone who is ready to take the plunge and finally own more than one knife. BTW, reviewers find these a real ~cut~ above the rest.

    Person cutting vegetables with black knife

    Promising review: "These knives are wonderful, they are extremely lightweight and easy to handle." —Joanna

    Get them from Amazon for $132+ (available with or without knife block).

    10. An adjustable rolling pin that hits the exact width you need your baked goods rolled out at. This thing works so well it'd be worth spending some serious ~dough~ on. Fortunately, the thrifty price is just as sweet as the things you're gonna make with it.


    Promising Review: "Can I just say where have you been all my life? I ordered this specifically so I could use to make sugar cookies. It made my cookies go so much faster for a change! I used to get out a ruler trying to figure out if I had the right thickness or if the dough was rolled even enough (which I never did get right in the past). This roller allowed to me quickly and easily roll the whole batch of sugar cookies without getting frustrated! Super easy to use and clean up was also a snap. Would recommend this to any baker out there!" —LAD

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in two colors).

    11. A mandolin slicer with a precision grip handle and safety cap that'll help you chop 'til you drop, with no worries of a single cut or nick.

    Hand hold mandolin slicer with grip tool holding small vegetable

    Promising review: "This works perfectly. It's a very good price compared to similar products and the gripper seems to grip anything." —Martha

    Get it from Target for $11.99.

    12. An Always Pan designed with a slippery nonstick surface, a vented top, a steaming basket, and a wooden spoon that hooks onto the handle for folks who want a pan that truly does it all.

    Pan with lid off and cooked meal inside
    Our Place

    I own this pan and I'm pretty sure I'll never need to own another ever again. The spoon rest is genius, cleaning is a cinch, and it cooks all my ambitious Pinterest attempts perfectly. I'm not the only one who loves it here! Read my BuzzFeed coworker's full review to learn even more about this lovely kitchen staple (#1).

    Promising review: "Absolutely amazing! It is so versatile and easy to clean. It's not overwhelmingly big but it handles one pot meals like a champ. I am blown away." —Aileen R.

    Get it from Our Place for $145 (available in five colors).

    13. An enameled Dutch oven to give first-time chefs who have officially watched (and rewatched) Salt, Fat, Acid Heat enough times to finally use their kitchen properly.

    Black enamel dutch oven over open flame

    Promising review: "I have been experimenting with beef and pork roast meals with this. I LOVE it. There are no scorch marks on the bottom after cooking. The cast iron spreads the heat out so effectively that your entire contents are at nearly the same temperature with no hot spots. Indeed, this device is very heavy. That is what makes it work so well. I have used it on my gas stove in the oven and on a top burner, both methods have worked very well." —quiet bells

    Get it from Amazon for $69.90 (available in eight colors).

    14. An immersion blender, because soup season is upon us and washing a blender should be a thing of the past!

    Handheld blender beside tomato paste

    This blender includes a whisk and milk frothing attachment.

    Promising review: "In looking for a new hand blender I felt fortunate to find this. At 500 watts this one is more powerful than most, the steel feels substantial, and the attachments are very easy to change. I am impressed with how fast it is and cleanup is super easy. This one is perfect for my needs, no frills, just a very sleek tool for a serious cook!" —farm folk

    Get it from Amazon for $34.97.

    15. A microplane because zesting your lemons with a box grater isn't gonna cut it.

    Sur La Table

    Promising review: "This is my go-to zester. It tackles all the jobs I need. The blades are sharp and it handles citrus and ginger with ease." —Terry S.

    Get it from Sur la Table for $14.95 (available in seven colors).

    16. A cast-iron skillet you can transfer directly from the stove top to inside your oven. Once you've used this, you won't remember how cooking happened without it.

    Cast iron skillet filled with greens

    Promising review: "I love this skillet! I've used it on gas and electric stoves as well as over fire outdoors. I've owned it for eight months now and it still looks as new as it did eight months ago. Make sure to research how to clean your cast-iron cookware and always heat them up to evaporate any surface moisture after cleaning before oiling. I've made many different foods in this, Utica Greens, bacon, eggs, steak, pizza...etc. and all have come out perfect. I would say I would buy this again, but I see this skillet lasting forever!" —Tinkerman

    Get it from Amazon for $41.41.

    17. A flexible silicone spatula that'll easily scrape away the edges of your pans and bowls. You know, when you haven't already licked them clean.

    A skinny silicone spatula with a white body and black handle.
    Amazon / Via Amazon

    Promising review: "I don't know how many different spatulas I bought to scrap the blades in the lid and container of my blender, but they would still leave a lot of food behind. My husband has to have his food pureed, and there is so much food in the blades and bottom of the container after pureeing and spooning out food that I couldn't get out. I finally found this one on Amazon. It has a flexible end, it's easy to use, has long handle, and it gets 99% of everything out of the container. I can work it around the blades and get most of the food out of the blades as well. I use it every day and I ordered another one, I love it that much. It is a great kitchen tool!" —Jacqui I. Edwards

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    18. A rice cooker is going to take the guesswork out of making the perfect bowl of rice. It's time to finally make the crispy rice sushi bites TikTok keeps talking about!

    Small rice maker with top, cup, and spoon

    Promising review: "I love this product. I've made so many different rices in it. The only thing I suggest is when making rice that might end up sitting in the pot for a while, put some olive oil on the bottom as the rice tends to stick if it's sitting on the 'warm' setting for too long, or add some extra water. The rice cooker is wonderful though. It's a real time-saver." —Michelle

    Get it from Amazon for $18.95+ (available in three styles).

    19. A salad spinner that'll clean and dry lettuce in seconds. No fuss, no muss.

    Salad spinner beside plate of greens
    Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "I'd never heard of these before my wife asked me to get one. Now? This makes salad prep so much easier. Even 'pre-washed' salad mixes are suggested to at least rinse before use. This makes that easy. Take it from a guy who believes salad is his food's food, but now has to eat it. This makes it simple. I can even store the salad in this in the fridge for a while. Hmm, internal strainer might even work for macaroni....alright, now I am hungry. Cya! And get one of these if you don't have one." —Steven LoBue

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    20. An eight-piece mixing bowl and measuring cup set with a nesting design to make storage simple and cooking a breeze.


    Promising review: "These are great! I keep them in the camper for using on vacation. The fact that everything nests together means it doesn’t take up much room at all. Easy to clean too! I will likely be buying more as gifts for my fellow campers." —Justin Kovaleski

    Get it from Amazon for $24.95.

    21. A pack of colorful reusable baking cups for home chefs who want waste-free treats that still look good enough to gobble up.

    Person peeling back cupcake cover showing flexibility and reusability

    This 12-pack of food-grade silicone cups are safe to use in the freezer, microwave, and oven. They can handle temperatures of up to 500 degrees and come in pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

    Promising review: "These little thingies are perfect! I made some muffins with them and they came out incredibly easily with no residue on the cups at all. I didn't have to use grease or anything. The colors are bright and fun, and they you plenty of each color. These are slightly smaller than a regular cupcake pan/liner, which is actually perfect for my purposes. As others have mentioned, the cups are a bit on the flimsy side, so make sure they're on a baking sheet before you fill them because they can be difficult to transport once full." —kapplejack

    Get them from Amazon for $7.99.

    22. A rotary peeler with the choice of three different blade types, to perfectly peel all your favorite fruits and vegetables – helping you ~produce~ some seriously impressive prep work.

    Peeler beside carros, a tomato, and a potato

    Promising Review: "I bought this to give my mother-in-law for Christmas. She is an avid baker and cook. She loved how simple it was to use and get creative in the kitchen." —Alta

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    23. A too-cute four slice toaster you're gonna love if your experiences toasting bread in the oven has been less than successful.

    Stainless steel toaster with white details

    Promising review: "I love it! It toasts everything perfectly. You can set the first two slots for one degree of toasting and the second two slots for a lighter or darker toast. It also toasts bagels or English muffins on one side only. And it has a defrost setting that defrosts your item and then toasts it exactly as you want it." —Lana

    Get it on sale from Wayfair for $69.95 (originally $132.91; available in three colors).

    24. A three-in-one Ninja kitchen set that'll blend and process just about every treat you can think of (looking at you, cookie dough).


    This kitchen system comes with a 1,500-watt base, an eight-cup food processor bowl, a 72-ounce pitcher, and two 16-ounce to-go cups with lids.

    Promising review: "This is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets! I haven’t really used the smoothie cups too much, but the food processor bowl and blender are a three to four times a week thing. With the blender, fill it up with ice, turn it on high and in seconds it has made snow, makes awesome daiquiris. The food processor bowl is really neat. It’s for a set of reduction gears in the base to slow down the blades. Homemade salsa in seconds, and it works very well for mixing cookie dough, pizza/bread dough, and ice even used it to mix beef/pork/veal for meatballs." —William Allen Horton

    Get it from Amazon for $149.99

    25. An odor control trash can to keep your kitchen smelling so clean you might forget you have trash in the first place.

    Person standing beside stainless steel trashcan

    Promising review: "This is the perfect trash receptacle for a modern kitchen. I like that it is not electric, so you never have to worry about changing a battery or having the lifting mechanism wear out. It's easy to use if you have wet hands because you can step on the foot pedal and it lifts easily. It's a classy addition to any kitchen and keeps smells contained. I highly recommend this trash container!" —bearyhot

    Get it from Amazon for $88.88+ (available in ten styles).

    26. A bestselling pair of kitchen shears for anyone who realized they've been doing their prep work all wrong after watching Always Be My Maybe.

    Dark colored kitchen shears
    Garret Wade

    Promising review: "These are simple and solid. They are heavy duty and they cut through just about anything. They will last a long time." —d.kerkhoff

    Get them from Garret Wade for $33.40.

    27. A dishwasher safe garlic peeler – simply toss your garlic in, press down, and roll to get perfectly peeled garlic in seconds. This is gentle enough to keep your freshly peeled garlic cloves intact while the grip from the material will keep the peelings inside as your cloves pop out, making meal prep mercilessly simple.


    This includes a ventilated case for storage.

    Promising review: "OK, this is DEFINITELY not a gimmick! Follow the instructions and this will save you time and sanity in the kitchen! Roll it with minimal pressure and it works like a champ. It also rinses very easily and dries quick. The case has holes on either end to ensure it dries completely in between uses when you toss it in a drawer. I will never hand/knife smash garlic and fight with those pesky skins sticking to everything ever again." —ThatKasper

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    28. A pack of five airtight silicone lids in different sizes so you can securely store leftovers without waisting a bunch of plastic wrap *or* wasting a bunch of time trying to find a perfectly sized container and lid.


    Promising review: "These are super cute. I love the colors and they work great. The array of sizes they came in is also very handy. In fact, these are so much cuter than the other options available online that my friends decided to get the same set. If you took the time to google other silicone lids your eyes will burn. For my purposes these are perfect. Highly recommend." —DemiChang

    Get them from Food52 for $40.

    29. And a digital food thermometer to get an instant temperature read, keeping you from being intimidated when cooking a turkey this year. Thanksgiving is almost here...and for some reason you said you'd cook.

    Thermometer in cooked chicken

    Promising review: "This digital meat thermometer is the best I've ever had. I own others but they are either too bulky to fit in the drawer, or too hard to read. This one is small, lightweight, it's easy to pull out the probe, and very easy to read the temperature. I purchased several as stocking stuffers for Christmas – just three months away! I highly recommend getting several with the holidays coming up. They make a gift that will be appreciated for it's size and ease of use, but, most importantly, it will be a gift that gets used instead of put away in the closet." —Kat29

    Get it from Amazon for $10.10.

    IRL footage of my stomach after reading this post:

    Warner Bros.

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