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    34 Products That May Help Give Anxious People A Sigh Of Relief

    A meditation necklace could be exactly what you need to smooth and soothe your frazzled nerves.

    1. A meditation necklace great for breathing exercises. The Lovetuner hits an instantly calming tone once you breathe correctly through it. This spiffy accessory is sure to be your own Pavlov's Dog of soothing sensations. One whistle and calm will be coming your way!

    Model holding whistle-like necklace on a chain

    2. A hand-crafted ceramic essential oil diffuser so you can rid your space of unsettling smells and choose a scent that soothes you. Being able to control your environment (even if it's just one room) can ease you into a greater sense of peace.

    Oval diffuser with pointed top

    3. Or a hand-poured candle for folks who find a small, fluttering flame in a dark room equally relaxing. Plus reviewers rave about this sensational scent.

    Soy candle in glass jar with lid and decorative label

    4. A white noise machine that'll tune out distracting, sudden sounds — giving you a chance to enjoy a full sleep cycle without waking up from random bumps in the night.

    Small round device next to bed

    5. A deck of empowerment cards – they're gonna be worth keeping close. Read these and enjoy an uplifting boost of positivity during extra stressful parts of your day.

    Four square cards with line drawn minimalist illustrations and affirmation phrases

    6. And a deck of affirmation cards with ridiculous illustrations that'll help set your foggy mind back on track with a guaranteed laugh.

    Cards with kooky drawings like a rabbit riding a unicorn and a typewriter shouting

    7. A bubble pop sensory toy which, unlike the packaging variety, can be popped and re-popped to your heart's content! Reviewers say the sound is super satisfying. Want the honest truth? This is already in my Amazon cart.

    8. An essential oil roller — place this in your pocket for a quick aromatherapy restart when things get stressful while you're out and about.

    Small roller bottle with "Peace Elixir" written on the label

    9. A kinetic sand box specifically made to be enjoyed by adults who could use some stress-relieving sensory play.

    a wooden platter with marbled material in the middle filled with sand

    10. Or a magnetic version that'll help you become a (magnetic) force of nature when you're able to garden through the daily grind.

    Magnetic balls made inside the garden box

    11. A lava rock anxiety bracelet so you can wear an accessory that really ~rocks~ (just place an essential oil of your choice on the lava beads and they'll soak up the soothing scent).

    Bracelet with round stones. It stretches on and the lava rocks can be filled with the oil provided

    12. A real life adult swaddle that's gonna help squeeze the insomnia out of ya! This oddball product is gonna have you sleeping so soundly, your baby's gonna be jealous.

    13. A mini Theragun for a deep-muscle treatment that is said to increase blood flow to support the body's recovery process, for anyone who can literally feel stress living in their shoulders.

    Person using the product on their shoulder

    14. A foaming lavender bath with pure epsom salt to soothe and relax your body after a long day of overthinking.

    15. And tea candles that'll be far less harsh than your bathroom lights, turning your bathroom into a spa that's six steps away.

    Several tiny candles aflame beside a wooden spoon and beeswax

    16. A faux fur weighted blanket, because being tucked in at night was the best way to end the day as a kid. Use this and you can get that same cozy feeling, no parents needed!

    Person wrapped up in blanket

    17. A helpful reversible octopus plush to let your partner know when you'd like them close or when you would prefer some alone time, even when your anxiety makes it hard to express what you need.

    18. A sage bundle that's equal parts beautiful and soothing, for folks who feel a greater sense of well being with botanical energy in their life.

    Hand beside several floral sage sticks

    19. A blind spot mirror that'll provide a clear view behind you, helping you feel more at ease behind the wheel (no matter how much anxiety parallel parking has caused in the past).

    Side mirror of car with circular mirror sticker helping see view behind the car

    20. A fun activity book with pages full of journaling prompts, pictures to color, and clever coping methods. It's also totally funny, which is something my own anxious brain needs more of.

    Cover of book

    21. Or a voodoo notepad for times when working through your feelings requires a little more (harmless) malice.

    Notepad with doll and open space for drawing

    22. A massaging shower head with 30 different settings so you can wash away the stress of the day, literally.

    Double shower head with mist setting on the top

    23. A box of essential oil incense — they're gonna be, well, essential when you need to breathe in some relief.

    Several incense sticks beside packaging

    24. A heated pillow massager for anyone who does ~knot~ handle traffic well and needs something that's sure to distract them from those mercilessly clogged intersections.

    Neck massager attached to driver's seat in a car

    25. A Disney coloring book that'll calm you down so quick it'll seem like magic.

    26. A head scratcher sure to feel so good you just might forget all about whatever was worrying you. Unnecessary stress? Scratch that!

    Couple scratching each other's heads with the wires

    27. A picture book on deep breathing can help calm little kiddos who have a hard time managing their stress on occasion.

    28. An iced tea set for giving yourself a calming ritual you can turn to when you need to restart. Easing anxiety and keeping yourself hydrated at the same time? You're mastering wellness, my friend!

    Two glass pitchers beside boxes of tea. One pitcher is filled with ice and the one stacked above it is filled with steeping tea.

    29. Unwinding Anxiety, a great read you can gather tons of practical coping methods from.

    Book cover

    30. A sandalwood candle that'll help you breathe easy if city life is bogging you down and you wish you could be out in nature 24/7.

    Person holding amber glass candle in their hands

    31. A sterling silver spinner ring — a surprisingly chic piece of jewelry great for anyone who needs something to fidget with during the day.

    Silver band ring with floral details and three thin spinner rings with bright bee details

    32. A bitter but harmless clear polish is gonna stop your number one anxious habit from ~biting~ you in the butt.

    Before and after shot displaying nail growth

    33. An anxiety journal with useful exercises and prompts you can turn back to time and time again (that's the spiffy thing about journals, isn't it?).

    Cover of journal

    34. And finally, Dogs on Instagram, a piece of ACTUAL ART you should set out on your coffee table and peruse whenever you need an instant shot of serotonin.

    When I think about life without these products (and my therapist):

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