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16 Gifts To DIY With Stuff You Already Have Laying Around

This stuff is probably collecting dust in your closet. Transform it. Give it away. Feel like a badass.

1. Felted Sweater Mittens

2. Chip Bag Apron

3. Leather Wallet Turned Leather Catchall Tray

4. Strawberry Rose Bouquet

5. Folded Book Art

6. Lampshade Vases

7. Craft Caddy

8. Cork Trivet

9. Dry Erase Marker Bouquet

10. Coffee Ground Candle

11. T-Shirt Market Bag

12. Egg Carton Ring Holder

13. Jack Daniel's Soap Dispenser

14. Sugar Salt Bodyscrub

15. Clothespin Trivet

16. Ceramic Mug Bells