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17 Easy Ways To Make Your Tiny Space Feel Christmas AF

Because the best things come in small packages.

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1. A seven-inch tree that will make you sing "O tiny-baum, o tiny-baum!"

$19.93, Etsy.

2. Crackling candles that mimic the sound of a yule log and the scent of a Christmas tree.

3. A wee pine tree light that makes a big impression.

4. A string of reindeer lights to show Santa the way, even without a chimney.

$29.99, Amazon.

5. A log lamp for any apartment that is not coded for a fireplace.

6. A set of iridescent stars to deck the halls you are not allowed to damage.

Gotta get that security deposit back.

$18, Urban Outfitters.

7. A pre-lit 1/4 size tree perfectly sized for a little corner.

8. A log pillow that may induce ~visions of sugar plums~.

9. A gold foil tapestry to maximize space for presents.

Stay golden.

$49, ModCloth.

10. A can or six of instant indoor snow.

Just add water! $5.99, Amazon.

11. An ugly sweater pin kit that will make any old sweater 500% more festive.

Because your closet really doesn't have room for another sweater.

$12, Amazon.

12. A tree in a tube to send to a long distance loved one.

Especially if you usually pick out a tree together.

$20, Urban Outfitters.

13. Extendable mistletoe to carry the party on the go.

$7.75, Amazon.

14. Holiday bunting that looks as cute in a dorm room as it does in your cubicle.

$6.99, H&M.

15. A tabletop fireplace by which to warm your hands.

$65.99, Wayfair.

16. A sparkling tin of chocolate chip cake for those without a full-size kitchen.

Basically a flaming pudding for one.

$8.49, Firebox.

17. And mini Christmas stockings to hang above it.

$40 for four, Loops and Lines.

Because your heart is not two sizes too small, even if your apartment is.

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