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    7 Sex Toys You Can Get For Up To 47% Off Right Now

    Get money off so you can ~get off~.

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    It's the holiday season, so why not treat *yourself* to a much-deserved little something something?


    Well you're in luck, because there are a bunch of deals on ~Wow Tech~ sex toys — from 16% off all the way up to 47% off! Don't know much about the brand? Don't worry, we've rounded up some of their best + very on-sale toys right here:

    1. The Womanizer Pro 40, a touch-free stimulator that'll keep it exciting every time you use it (they claim you'll never get too used to the sensation) to give you endless Os — even in the bath!


    Get it from Amazon for $69 (originally $129; available in two other colors, at a smaller discount)

    Promising review: "I. LOVE. THIS. TOY. I work in an adult store, and have tried just about every toy you can imagine. Im really big on direct rumbly clitoral stimulation and regularly use the hitachi/vibratex magic wand. I actually PREFER the Womanizer Pro40 over my magic wand. My womanizer not only gets me off faster than the magic wand but it also doesn't numb me out (aka overstimulate the nerves) so the toy can be used for foreplay..or during.. or even after sex and its waterproof so you can bring it in the bath. It's not a silent toy, but it's definitely quieter than my magic wand.. so I'm happy! The sensation feels what I can only describe as a blow job for the clitoris. It's not quite a suction, but it does have a very light push and pull of air inside the device. It feels amazing, and as stated doesn't numb you out (which is shocking considering how intense the orgasms it produces are). The controls are easy to use, it's rechargeable, it fits comfortably in the hand, it's small enough that it's easy to travel with, and it honestly looks like a facial cleaning brush (three cheers for discreet toys!). There is nothing I don't like about this product. Get one. NOW." —Dovahqueen

    2. The We-Vibe Touch, a mini (and waterproof) clitoral vibe that's velvety soft to the touch and has deceptively powerful, but super quiet vibrations you can put ~exactly~ where you want it.


    And it has eight different vibration modes so you can ~mix it up~ during solo play or with a partner.

    Get it from Amazon for $79.20 (originally $94.05).

    Promising review: "Me and my husband’s sex life has taken off since buying this! I find myself wanting to have sex more often, and he definitely likes that, haha. We use it daily. It holds a charge for a long time, and gives you a nice 'heads-up' when it’s about time to charge by a flashing yellow light on the bottom! No one wants their vibrator to die in right before the climax 😂 so that blinking light is a life saver. Couldn’t speak more highly about it! My previous ones pale in comparison. This gives deep vibrations, not just ticklish surface-level ones like the cheap vibrators have. Okay writing this review made me really want to use it, so gtg bye👋🏼 Enjoy!! Best purchase OF MY LIFE." —AshleyG

    3. The We-Vibe Melt, a pulsating suction toy with wave after wave of air pressure and levels of sensation from gentle to intense that'll surround your clit and get you to o-town in no time.


    Get it from Amazon for $119.20 (originally $141.55)

    4. The Womanizer Inside Out, which'll give you two-for-one thrills, thanks to the ~curved~ vibrator designed to hit your g-spot, plus a touch-free clit stimulator that truly *sucks* (but only in a good way).


    It has a "silent mode" so you can use it no matter how thin your walls are, and it's fully waterproof for a little bath or shower funtime.

    Get it from Amazon for $129 (originally $189.05)

    Promising review: "I bought this from the Womanizer website, but should have purchased from Amazon ($40 cheaper). It is THE ULTIMATE solo toy for women. I’ve used a lot of other vibrators, including The Rabbit and similar toys, but never had an experience like this. Don’t buy ten mediocre vibrators for the same price. Buy this and you’ll never need anything else. It’s AMAZING." —LK

    5. The Womanizer Premium, an air pressure toy to simulate oral sex — and whether you like it super soft or mega intense, you can customize it, thanks to its 12 intensity modes,.

    Get it from Amazon for $159.20 (originally $185.05).

    Promising review: "Use this to slay all your orgasmic demons! You won't even need to charge this often because it works QUICK! I suggest using low power to extend your playtime. Wife loved it, and she told her friends right after! Grab this baby, and never look back again!" —Buyer 36272

    6. The We-Vibe Sync, a couples' toy you can control from *anywhere* with the remote or the pairing app. Long-distance just got a lot more intimate.


    Get it from Amazon for $159.20 (originally $185.09)

    Promising review: "This product is amazing! Love the different vibes to it!" —SE

    7. Or the We-Vibe ~Anniversary Collection~, with the above We-Vibe Sync, plus the Tango, a little lipstick-shaped bullet vibe that'll surely get the job done — and you can bring it with you when traveling with ease.


    Get it from Amazon for $169 (originally $217.55).

    Promising review: "Everything in the kit works great. Partner especially loves the Tango for quickies or solo sessions. Sync is a lot of fun for a night in, or a night apart even with the app." —K&D

    A couple weeks into owning your new toy:

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