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    21 Tips And Tricks For Helping Your Makeup Last All Day Long

    No smudging, smearing, running, splotching, or fading here!

    1. Heat your eyelash curler with a quick burst from your blow dryer to set your lashes for all-day bodaciousness.

    2. Follow up with a lifting, sweat-proof mascara that'll keep the curl and *won't* flake off, even after a SoulCycle class.

    3. After moisturizing, apply a hydrating primer to help your makeup actually stick to your skin (and not end up halfway down your face).

    4. Opt for a long-wear foundation specifically designed to last for 24 hours; this Revlon Colorstay formula is oil-free and provides shine control for an all-day matte finish.

    5. Spritz your whole finished product with a cult-favorite setting spray that seems way more expensive than it actually is.

    6. Or try coating your beauty blender with setting spray and dabbing it on your face for targeted coverage that stays 👏 put 👏.

    7. Instead of ruining your face full of makeup when you need to reapply sunscreen, try Supergoops's setting spray with broad spectrum SPF 50(!).

    8. Apply translucent powder between layers of your lipstick so your pout stays perfect even through mealtime.

    9. Ditch your fading lipsticks and swap them out for 10-hour lippies with rose hip and vitamin B to condition lips, plus water-resistant polymers to make sure staying hydrated doesn't make the color fade.

    10. Or try a Beauty Bakerie liquid lipstick for an even longer-lasting commitment — but make sure you apply it the right way so it lives up to the hype. That means you have to let it dry; NO blotting.

    11. Set your under eye concealer and all your highlighted areas with the baking technique; just press on excess setting powder, let it "cook" while you do something else, and brush it off.

    12. Not sure which setting powder to try? Ben Nye's formulas outlast the toughest dance performances and controls perspiration. Plus it comes in a wide range of shades (and a true translucent neutral shade) to match your foundation.

    13. Keep your wings as sharp as ever, even at the very end of the work day with Stila's Stay All Day liquid liner.

    14. After you apply your liquid, gel, or pencil eyeliner, set it with eyeshadow in the same color; just lightly pat it in to make it last and last.

    15. And try the same trick on your cheeks: Start with a cream blush, spritz on some setting spray, and lightly dust a powder blush on top in the same color so those rosy cheeks don't turn patchy by the end of day.

    16. Cut the creasing by pregaming your eyeshadow with a primer that actually works *better* than the primers you always hear about.

    17. Don't let your sparkly eye shadow turn into Fall Out Boy — lock it in place with a glitter glue that makes the pigments POP and stay POPPING all night long.

    18. Fill in your brows with a super precise, wax-based pencil with a fine point for the most natural-looking brows that won't flake off.

    19. And lock it in place with a matte-finish eyebrow sealer so your eyebrows stay in place until you CHOOSE to take them off.

    20. Or tint the skin under your brows for fuller-looking brows that last for DAYS. Literally days.

    21. And remove excess oil and shine throughout the day ~WiThOuT~ smudging your carefully-applied face; keep a pack of these green tea-infused blotting sheets specifically for that use.

    Now if it was only this easy to remove at the end of the day.

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