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34 Amazing Ways To Make Your Kitchen Even More Kickass

Ideas for making the room with all the food even better. The products in this post were updated in February 2018.

1. Add a pop of color to the space under your cabinets with gold contact paper and bright gaffers tape.

2. Increase your storage and counter space with a rolling kitchen island cart you can stow away when you don't need it.

3. Fake a herringbone-tile backsplash on your painted walls with a ruler and a few black paint pens.

4. Set out everyday seasoning, dishes, and more on sleek stainless steel shelving that keeps the clutter at bay.

5. Update your appliances with stainless steel contact paper for a more modern look.

6. Rev up your mornings (or after-dinner hours) with a high-quality espresso maker that'll add a little luxury to your routine.

7. While you're at it, set up an entire coffee bar/nook to make your mornings seamless.

8. Emulate Julia Child and set up a pegboard organizer that keeps all your kitchen tools within an easy reach.

9. Use metallic Command hooks and your favorite tea towels to create kitchen curtains that add some coziness.

10. And customize your look with tea- and dishtowels printed with a pattern that brings you joy.

11. Organize your pantry like never before with vacuum-sealed bulk jars.

12. And label them with typographic decals that'll help you remember the difference between baking powder and baking soda.

13. Store your knives on a magnetic strip on your wall or under your cabinet.

14. Kick it up a notch with a set of iridescent knives that'll help you perfectly chop a whole ~rainbow~ of veggies.

15. Hang an infographic poster that'll actually teach you a damn thing.

16. Add some style to the most basic chores with a dish drying rack that's basically a piece of modern art.

17. Transform an unused corner or the side of your fridge into a ~family command center~, complete with calendar, dry-erase markers, to-do lists, and more.

18. Display your tablet on a mountable base so you can follow recipes, watch your favorite show, or check the weather with ease.

19. Line your windowsill with herb garden mason jars; they'll look pretty as heck and fill your kitchen with delicious smells.

20. Or for the less green thumb–inclined, try growing basil and other herbs in a self-watering pot you can keep on your counter.

21. Decorate your kitchen with functional items, like these surprisingly inexpensive farm-style cutting boards.

22. Coat your fridge in chalkboard paint to make the perfect weekly menu display or inspiration board.

23. Or punch out gold contact paper polka dots to make your favorite appliance cheerier.

24. Keep pretty lace or floral silicone trivets out to protect your counters and add a dash of flair.

25. Corral your beverages with a fridge monkey to make your guests feel at home and party-ready.

26. Declutter your cabinets with cutting board and pan organizers.

27. Swap your counter seating for transparent barstools that blend in with the surroundings, making your space seem so much bigger.

28. Make any hour happy hour with an elegant charcoal stemware rack that works as both a drying rack and an easy-to-grab display.

29. Add wooden-dowel legs to your favorite cutting board to turn it into an over-the-stove counter extension.

30. Or ditch the drill and buy this bamboo cutting board that'll fit over two burners or your sink for easy prep work.

31. Keep your favorite (or prettiest) kitchen tools on an under-the-shelf hanger — not only does it look cool, but it will also make cooking faster and easier.

32. Hang a roll of kraft paper on decorative rope for a grocery list that anyone in the house can add to.

33. Keep the vibes good with a floral canvas print that anyone can relate to.

34. Transform the kitchen into a game room with a tabletop ping pong set that'll protect the surface of your kitchen island.

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