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29 Ways To Create The Reading Nook Of Your Dreams

Make your book time a little cozier.

1. Save space with a bookcase with a cushioned reading space built right in.

2. Turn a non-working fireplace into the perfect den by adding a thick faux fur rug or pillow and some mood lighting.

3. Kick the ambiance up a notch with amped up string lights.

The rose string lighs are perfect for creating your own Secret Garden.

Get the rose ones from Amazon for $3.92 (available in nine colors), and get the star ones from Amazon for $10.99.

4. Hang a tapestry to make your wall look like the Hogwarts library.

5. Remind intruders that you're in a distraction-free zone with a no-nonsense sign.

6. Guard your tomes with lion bookends just like the ones who guard the New York Public Library.

Check out the tutorial here.

7. Or skip the DIY and try these magnificent beasts.

8. Drap your space with a dramatic canopy that's dotted with LED stars.

9. Light up the room with thematic candles to match your reading material.

With options from series like Outlander or Harry Potter, classic novels like The Great Gatsby, or simple ones that smell like books themselves.

Get the candles from Frostbeard Studio on Amazon Homemade for $18 each. Check out the full selection of Book Lovers' candles here.

10. Cuddle with a sherpa-lined blanket that takes being "wrapped up in your book" to the next level

Get it from Cassia Beck on Society 6 for $49+.

11. Make your space more ~magical~ with invisible shelves that make your books look like they're floating.

12. Bring a bit of the outdoors in with a sapling reading light with three levels of brightness.

13. Read way past your bedtime with ease by plugging in this celestial night light.

14. Create the perfect mood for classic literature by basking in the glow of these realistic, flickering electric candlesticks.

15. Lend books freely (while knowing you'll get them back) by setting up a personal library with this handy kit.

16. Stash your books in a pocket pillow so you never lose track of your current reading material.

17. Hang a print that understands how sad an empty bookshelf looks.

18. Make the most of your small space with a royalty-worthy tent that you can put up and take down in no time flat.

19. Pop a squat on a floor pillow that looks like the cross section of a tree.

20. Use a small step ladder as a two-tiered table to keep snacks, drinks, and candles away from your books.

21. Get extra comfy with a book rest pillow that makes reading while reclining so much easier.

Get it from Amazon for $37.99+. Check out all the available colors here.

22. Curl up in a mid-century rocking chair that doesn't take up much room in your small space.

23. Create a small nook out of a larger room by blocking off a section with a shelf that doubles as a room divider.

24. Keep a pretty electric kettle that blends in to your decor handy so you don't have to make a trip to the kitchen.

Riiiiiiiight when you get to the good part.

Get it from Amazon for $43.76. Available in seven patterns.

25. And brew up some ~Novel Teas~ for an immersive reading experience.

26. Be sure to sip out of themed drinkware — like this mug with famous first lines of novels printed right on it.

27. Turn a regular bookshelf into a cushioned bench that makes a perfect makeshift window seat.

Check out the tutorial here.

Check out a similar bookshelf you can use to make this here.

28. Scatter your space with extra large floor pillows filled with fluffy hypoallergenic down.

29. Change up your reading positions on an adjustable lounge sofa so you can go from book time to nap time whenever you want.

Get it from Amazon for $128.99+.

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