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23 Cheap Ways To Seem Like You're Actually Fancy

Treat yo'self.

1. Keep your three-buck Chuck in a pretty aerating decanter.

2. Dress up an end table you already have with marble contact paper.

3. Give your home that ~this is my country home~ vibe with some golden stag heads.

4. Get an instantly impressive library by ordering books by the foot.

5. And what's a library without an antique-looking globe?

6. Buy a gilded ornate frame and fill it with a quick "abstract" "painting" you do yourself.

Get one of these vintage ones from Frame Cottage on Etsy for $27.

7. Or fill the frame with a personalized portrait that looks like an old oil painting.

8. Float around the house in a floor-length silky robe.

9. And pair it with velvet smoking slippers that would look at home in any study or billiards room.

10. Hustle everyone in poker with these gold playing cards.

11. Become a booze expert with scratch & sniff board books.

Get the whiskey version from Amazon for $14.10 and the wine version (also from Amazon) for $11.89.

12. Eat with gold silverware (that's secretly from Target).

You can say you got it from Targé Boutique.

Get a five-piece set for $19.99.

13. Educate your ears with a book and CD combo that'll teach how to show off your knowledge of classical music.

14. Transform a regular mirror into a gem with a little spray paint.

15. Set out fresh blooms in a horse head vase that looks museum worthy (but is actually from H&M).

Get it for $34.99.

16. When someone asks you the time, pull out a personalized pocket watch.

17. Upgrade your audio experience with classy AF pearl earbuds.

18. Gild the edges of your business cards to give them the Midas touch.

19. Get a personalized family crest made to establish your House.

20. Pour your favorite scent into a pretty perfume atomizer to feel like a starlet when you mist it on.

21. That old butterfly chair you have from college? Upgrade it with a metallic gold cover.

22. Stack velvet pillows on every surface for the most luxurious lazing.

23. Prop your door open with a big ole gold brick.*

Basically you:

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