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29 Of The Most Useful Things To Subscribe To On Amazon

Saving you time and money! The products in this post were updated in February 2018.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

PSA: Amazon has a ~Subscribe & Save~ feature where you can order your most-loved products on a regular basis (options range from every month to every six months) — saving you up to 15% on your favorite things!

Here are some of the BEST and most useful products you can subscribe to (and save on!):

1. A variety pack of vegan and organic fruit snacks that are cute and crave-worthy, and will never leave you without a lunchtime snack.

Promising review: "I have ordered this box several times and I am very pleased. The shipping is always fast, and the value is so much better than buying a small box in a grocery store. The product is always fresh and I love that the fruit snacks are organic. Highly recommend!" —MagnoliaMama23

Price: $14.17 (for a pack of 24 pouches)


2. A tinted lip balm that provides a pop of color and hella hydration for your pout.,

Promising review: "I've bought this four times I think. It's as moisturizing as any other good lip balm. I don't like wearing makeup, but this gives me some natural lip color. Bonus: I've never had an issue with smudging or getting it off drinking glasses. I've even used it as a cheek tint/blush and it works well there too. Besides 'saving the bees,' Burt's Bees has a takeback program for the plastic lip balm containers, so it's pretty environmentally friendly as far as commercial beauty products go." —ForNarniaAndForAslan

Price: $6.63

3. Gentle yet effective wipes perfect for even the most sensitive baby butt.

Promising review: "Pampers has the best baby wipes out there. If you subscribe and save with Amazon you will get one of the best deals on the market. The nice thing about these wipes is they aren't super thick so they are less likely to dry out as fast." —Utah Ute

Price: $10.82 (for 448 wipes)

4. A sparkling antioxidant drink with natural caffeine — making it way better than La Croix.

Promising review: "This is my favorite bubbly drink! I prefer the variety pack because drinking the same thing every day gets boring. These cans also mix really well with fine spirits! If you google Bai Cocktails you'll find lots of options! As someone who wants to watch her sugar intake, but still wants the caffeine that comes from most soda, this is an excellent alternative. I don't crash after drinking these either." —Sabes

Price: $21.84 (for a 12-pack)

5. A mega box of Kleenex that won't let you get caught tissue-less during your next bout of the sniffles.

Promising review: "Nice big boxes of Kleenex and much cheaper than the store. Plus, I have saved on having to go to a store and buy it. $2.06 a box, as opposed to $2.26 at one store and $2.99 at another. I will put this on subscription to save even more money!" —Suntop Kinseeker

Price: $13.29 (for a pack of eight boxes).


6. A pack of Brita replacement filters that'll help you stay hydrated AF.

Promising review: "This is a great idea! I received two filters for one low price. Every four months I receive two more! These filters are much more expensive in the store so I found myself letting the filters go much longer than was good. Now I can change the filter every two months and have fresh ones arrive in my mail at a lower price. I can enjoy fresh filtered water and save some money. What could be better than that??!!" —SGPerry

Price: $23.74 (for a pack of six)

7. A three-pack of Diaper Genie refills that lock in the most horrifying odors.

Promising review: "This is one of the grossest stories but is a testament to how well this product works. When our kid got to the stage of really stinky diapers, we couldn't take it and bought the Diaper Genie. After our kid was done with diapers, someone stashed the Genie in our garage to use for our next kid. About two years later, the next kid arrives and we pull the Genie out of the garage to dust off and use again. We found old diapers in it — not infested with bugs, not stinking outside the bag at all, and the bag was intact. They were in there for years and nobody noticed! Of course when we cut the bag off to throw it out, we were hit with quite the stench but it was remarkably contained all that time. We were very impressed and grossed out at the same time." —CleverPenName

Price: $16.03 (for a pack of three)

8. Super smooth espresso with a velvety crema that you can make in your machine or as drip coffee!,

Promising review: "Great espresso! The crema you get is excellent. If you draw the espresso correctly, you won't even need sugar in this. Top of the line. We get a kilo a month sent through Amazon subscriptions and are drinking so much of it we're thinking of upping it to two." —Noel S.

Price: $21.22

9. A miracle bottle of Poo-Pourri that makes going #2 smell 💯.

Promising review: "I work in an establishment with 50 females and four ladies rooms so you're always going to run into somebody. This little gem is perfect. It really works. I feel so much more confident going number two now! I barely have to bother trying to 'time' my bathroom breaks. I purchased the Rose scent and the fragrance does get stuck on my hands sometimes but it's okay. I've had people compliment me for my floral aura. I just smile and say thank you and think to myself 'yah because I just took a s***' " —HappyCow

Price: $7.28


10. An extra large pack of Brawny paper towels that take care of extra large messes.

Promising review: "Who writes reviews for paper towels? I felt compelled to write something because these paper towels have been awesome! I was pleasantly surprised to find them tightly wound, and these are REALLY mega rolls. It takes our family a while to go through a roll even with a four-year-old and a dog! My husband is a tattoo artist who uses paper towels every day for his job, and now we've even converted his shop to these! Definitely worth it. The matching dash button makes it even better!" —Michelle

Price: $24.69 (for a 12-pack)

11. A super precise mascara that takes lashes up, up, and away.,

Promising review: “Phenomenal. Makes me look like I have falsies on. I’ve literally gotten questions before where people have asked which false lashes I wear.” —Larissa

Price: $8.02. Available in four colors.

12. An inexpensive pack of disposable razors that will leave your skin smooooooth and irritation free.

Promising review: "I bought these because they were not too expensive, not really paying attention to any features or anything, figuring a razor is a razor. After using this razor I am hooked. It was so incredibly easy to use. It just glides. I love this razor." —AV

Price: $9 (for a pack of eight)

13. Soft, stretchy, and non-constricting boxer briefs that'll make you finally get rid of your old underwear.

Promising review: "Very comfortable fabric with enough stretch to be comfortable and supportive. Tag-less design eliminates annoying tag itch. Guys look no further, just buy these and go back to doing something more interesting." —Preston Parrett

Price: $21.98 (for a pack of seven)


14. A mega pack of detergent pods that make laundry less of a schlep.

Promising review: "Love these pods. All throughout college, I would carry around a huge container of liquid detergent my roommate's parents got her from a wholesale store from the dorm room to the laundry room. Now that I'm an adult, I looked into some alternate options for laundry detergent and came upon this. Gone are the days of lugging around heavy detergent containers, and instead, this is so convenient. The pods smell amazing, dissolve even in cold water, and have made my clothes brighter and maintained their quality. This is definitely a purchase I will repeat time and time again." —Shivani

Price: $18.97 (for 81 pods)

15. A combo pack of high-quality ink that won't cause a jam when you're printing that Very Important Document.

Promising review: "Everytime I use generic ink in the past the printer stops working. I only use Canon in my Canon printer now. Great price and fast service. The price at Costco for the same pack is about double. And I do not have to put up with the traffic." —San Antonio Pete

Price: $56.53

16. An all-natural deodorizing spray that makes the funkiest feet and shoes smell like a breath of fresh air.

Promising review: "I have two boys (17 and 21) at home who work out at the gym five times a week, hike, rock climb, play soccer, wrestle and run. Lot of shoes. They all smell horrible. This is a product the guys are willing to use regularly, and it has made a huge difference in the atmosphere of their rooms. Smells great, not like medicine or a nursing home, but fresh, outdoorsy and clean. Does not cause any problems for sensitive skin/eczema. They spray it in shoes and directly on their feet. Highly recommended!" —Megan Nickles

Price: $12.30

17. Easy-to-take pill pockets that'll make your pupper feel like a very good boy indeed.

Promising review: "My dogs have to take medications daily and WILL not take them without the Pill Pockets. These are a great find for my dog with allergies, I use this flavor for all of my dogs and they think they are getting a treat. I have been using them for 3 years now and haven't had a problem with the dogs taking medications with them. Word of warning, these do not have a pleasant odor which especially strong when you first open the bag. It's just how they smell, I don't notice much after the initial opening of a new bag... but regardless of how I think they smell, the dogs LOVE them!" —Dani C.

Price: $16.14 (for 60 treats)


18. A bulk box of plush toilet paper that'll save you trunk space and a trip to Costco.,

Promising review: "A household of 6, with 4 bathrooms we go through a lot of toilet paper, I have found it so much easier to subscribe and save, no longer does this take up precious room in my grocery cart, nor do I need to make another special trip to BJ's or Walmart, we never run out of toilet paper, the price is comparable if not cheaper than Costco, BJ's or Walmart. The quality is high and the added bonus is that my kids play with the box that it arrives in, which when done is quickly folded up into recycling bin." —France Day

Price: $23.55 (for 24 ~supreme~ rolls)

19. A no-nonsense foot cream that'll make cracked, dry, and painful feet look and feel moisturized and sandal-worthy.

Promising review: "When you can scratch your leg with the bottoms of your feet, you know you have a rough foot problem. When your sheets are actually scratched when you get into bed, you know you have a rough foot problem. I have tried many brands of foot creams, from a lot of different companies. I decided to try this product. IT WORKS. I have used it only about four times in one week, and I was shocked at the fact that there was actually some soft feet under the craters of dry skin. I am determined to use it every day now. My sheets are saved! And I now have to use my hands to scratch my legs! I love it! Excellent product and I have tried them all! This was the only one that worked." —Rita Reader

Price: $7.87

20. A convenient pack of Amazon batteries that outperform the name-brand version.

Promising review: "Seriously, Amazon Basics may be a 'generic' brand to you guys, but I've never had a problem with anything made by them whether batteries, cables, or anything. Far from it. These batts outperform most of the much more expensive name-brand batts on the market at a fraction the cost. It doesn't make sense to pay Duracell or Energizer prices..." —Nathan

Price: $11.87. Available in AA and AAA.

21. An enamel-friendly toothpaste that gently polishes and whitens your teeth.

Promising review: "The double pack is a great value and this is my favorite toothpaste. Not only does it taste great (not too mild and not too strong) but it provides me the enamel protection I need for my teeth. It also helps whiten my teeth, or at least keep them white." —CrisMcB

Price: $11.71 (for a pack of three)


22. Gummie vitamins that'll boost your energy levels — and boost your childlike joy.

Promising review: "Who knew gummies for adults would taste so good! I actually look forward to these every day because they taste just like candy! I take them with Omega-3 gummies from the same company and love them both. These are a great way to supplement all those vitamins and minerals that my body needs that I don't get from my food intake. These are great and I will definitely repurchase!!" —Julia

Price: $8.64

23. Delicious-smelling hand soap that's plant-derived and good for your skin.

Promising review: "Came late to the party and just discovered this hand soap. I really like it and I am gradually replacing my other (standard brand – I won’t name it here, but the initials are Dial Soft Soap). The container works great and looks good all by itself. No need to buy a fancy pump, etc. It has sort of fun, functional look. The soap is better than I expected. It cleans really well, leaves a good feeling on your skin. Lots of fragrances to choose from. I like this one (Bluebell) and, being a creature of habit, will probably stick with it." —Bolo Jungle

Price: $8.95 (for a three-pack)

24. A 200-square-foot roll of aluminum foil that makes stuck-on food a thing of the past.

Promising review: "If you ever cook ANYTHING that sticks, you need this foil. I use to line the pans in my toaster oven when I am cooking anything from chicken to potatoes. Nothing sticks to it. And it makes for obvious easy clean up. I purchase on Amazon because you can usually only get the smaller 35 sq ft roll. I am into the 95 sq ft roll, delivered right to my door. Yeah Amazon." —K. Young

Price: $8.54

25. A pack of the only pens you'll ever want to use.

Promising review: "I buy these pens from time to time,

So I thought that they deserve a rhyme.

I'll tell you folks how great they are,

And why I rate them thus: 5 star!

While I prefer the .38,

I'm sure the others too are great.

They always write so smooth and clean,

A better pen, I've never seen.

I've never seen them ooze or leak,

And how's that look? Smooth and sleek.

Lots of colors, take your pick,

As kids today would say: 'They're sick!'

The rubber grip is awfully nice,

Best part is, that great low price.

At right around a buck a pen,

You might as well just try them, friend." —Odinkarr

Price: $11.39 (for a pack of 12)


26. A grain-free dog food that's perfect for any wild thing.,

Who makes your heart sing.

Promising review: "We adopted a dog from a high-kill shelter recently that had been rescued and fostered briefly, a mix of retriever and Aussie shepherd. She was a stray and we do not have any idea of the quality of her diet since she was a pup. The foster mom told us she had a sensitive stomach and she was right. We tried various brands including Merrick, Orijen, and other high quality foods. While she ate well at times, her stools were often runny and sometimes she would not eat her food for over a day. We consulted with vet but no obvious problems or allergies. We switched to TOTW Pacific after about a month of experimenting and immediately her appetite picked up; she'd eat the food we put out for her right away. Within 3-4 days, her stools firmed up and have been consistent and of the right firmness 100% of the time since the switch to TOTW. Her coat is smooth and shiny and she is very energetic. We are (and Carmen is!) very happy with this food." —Bruce Mendel

Price: $46.54

27. A multi-pack of reliable tampons at an unbeatable price — so you never accidentally run out.

Promising review: "Playtex, without a doubt, makes the BEST tampons. Something about the shape of them makes them fit better, and the plastic applicator is a must. By and large, this is the only brand I've ever really used. I've tried others, but always come right back to Playtex. The price is excellent on Amazon." —Jennifer S.

Price: $6.36 (for 36 tampons)

28. An alcohol-free hand sanitizer that keeps your hands germ-free — without stinging your nostrils.

Promising review: "Love it! Seems to be the only alcohol-free hand sanitizer I can find, and only available from Amazon so far as I can tell. I love this stuff. Works well, and doesn't leave your hands feeling dry. Doesn't have that overpowering rubbing alcohol smell either. I bought the 3-pack and have one at home and one at the office, and one for reserve. Highly recommended." —J in NYC

Price: $17.97 (for a pack of three)

29. A box of the perfect healthy, sweet and salty snack you'll go ~nuts~ over.

Promising review: "FABULOUS bars! I have probably tried every kind on the market and these are absolutely the best in my opinion! The only problem I have with them is that it's hard for me to stop at one bar!" —Lindjoy

Price: $14.49 (for a box of 12).


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