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21 Of The Best Hair Products You Can Get On Amazon

"That's why her hair is so big. It's full of secrets... and dry shampoo."

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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1. A anti-static brush with hot and cool settings that'll make your hair feel like it's fresh out of the salon.

Promising review: "Let me start off by saying I have ZERO interest in putting time and/or effort into making my hair look good. Generally I wash it, blow dry it, brush it and go. The first day I used this I got more compliments on my hair than I've gotten in the past three years combined. My hair definitely feels fuller and isn't as flat and boring at the end of the day as it was before I used this brush. I also use some sort of root lifter/volumizer before I start to dry it." β€”mur

Price: $34.99 // Rating: 3.9/5

2. A real ~miracle worker~ that destroys tangles in their tracks and leaves your hair hella shiny.

Promising review: "After washing my hair it is nearly impossible to get a brush through, but after spraying this it's as easy as slicing butter! If you have frequent tangles, this is the product for you! It's well worth the money!" β€”Stejenni

Price: $15.18 (for a two-pack) // Rating: 4.2/5

3. A colorful detangling brush that will make your (or your little one's) morning routine way less painful.

Promising review: "I have a 5 year old with long hair and she screams every morning when I brush her hair. I decided to try this brush and am amazed with the results β€” almost no complaints and no more screaming. It easily goes through tangles and I love the color selection. My hair also gets very tangled and this brush is so much better then the one I use so I am going to buy one for myself as well." β€”Mandy P.

Price: $10.77 // Rating: 4.2/5

4. A volumizing, quick-drying hairspray that stubbornly holds its ground against rough winds and humidity.

Promising review: "Great hold, keeps me looking sharp and business ready. I'm from Texas and it gets really windy, so huge gusts of wind will usually mess my hair up, but this stuff keeps its hold and surprisingly doesn't make my hair super hard. I can sweat, change clothes from work to play, go out and party, and wake up the next morning while looking pretty damn good still. Smells great too, not all toxic like most sprays." β€”Joe Rodriguez

Price: $12.88 // Rating: 4.2/5

5. A fragrance-free powder that'll put some life and volume back into your hair.

Promising review: "If you want to add texture and volume to your hair, this is the stuff. Be careful not to use too much in one spot. I don't use it everyday, but if I don't want to wash my hair on those 'lazy' mornings, this really gives my hair the pick up it needs." β€”Amazon Customer

Price: $9.49 // Rating: 4.1/5

6. A jar of men's molding creme that'll upgrade your 'do from whatever cheap gel you've been using since you were a teen.

Promising review: "I bought into the hype and I am glad I did. My hair never feels as gross as it did when I used to use gel back in middle school. Now that I'm 21, I need a more professional look that is still pliable. I can run my fingers through my hair during the day and not ruin my style, but American Crew Fiber has enough hold to keep all of my hair off of my forehead. I love it!" β€”Colton Ku

Price: $9.11 // Rating: 4.2/5

7. A lightweight dryer that'll cut down your hair's drying time so you can go about your frizz-free life.

Promising review: "I truly didn't think the type of hair dryer you used made any difference and thought it was all hype to get you to spend more money for a name brand. I have been using $20 Revlon and ConAir dryers for 20 years, but never again! My hair is so light, has so much volume, and stays straight all day after using this." β€”Jessica

Price: $79.95 // Rating: 4.3/5

8. A deep conditioner that'll turn your damaged strands of straw into strands of lustrous gold.

Promising review: "I have naturally wavy, frizzy hair and have NEVER been able to tame it with product or heating tools. I have used all kinds of household items (eggs, mayo, avocado, coconut oil, baby oil) and have left my hair super greasy for days trying to save it. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. I wasn't sure about starting from my roots but I did as the instructions said and it is absolutely amazing. My hair stayed straight and shiny for three days, even after sleeping on it and putting it in a ponytail. I got so many compliments and am using it again and having the same results. I never review products but had to share my experience. I will definitely purchase this again!" β€”Amazon Customer

Price: $11.97 // Rating: 4.3/5

9. An oil-absorbing dry shampoo that gives you instant results and lives up to its bestseller status.

Promising review: "This dry shampoo keeps my bangs and whole head looking fresh. I've been asked so many times if I style my hair, but it's just the Batiste giving my hair natural volume and shape! When you're spraying, make sure you're aiming at your roots. I use my hands to really rub in the white powder and then a brush to make sure that all the dry shampoo has been absorbed." β€”Jennie Vi

Price: $15.30 (for a pack of three) // Rating: 4.2/5

10. An inexpensive curling wand that'll give you major curls once you've watched a few YouTube tutorials and gotten the hang of it.

Promising review: "I cannot say enough wonderful things about this wand! I have very thick, coarse hair so styling tools that work on my hair are hard to come by. This tool heats up to 410 degrees F and comes with a glove to prevent you from burning your hand. I leave my hair wrapped around it for a good 10 seconds and it is curled to perfection! It usually holds all day if I give it a good coat of hairspray afterward." β€”Kyle McKinnon

Price: $23 // Rating: 4.2/5

11. A tub of organic coconut oil that'll last you for ages and has a multitude of uses that go beyond your hair.

Promising review: "I washed my hair with shampoo, and then instead of conditioner, generously spread the oil all over my hair. I have fine, wavy, colored hair that gets pretty dry and frizzy. I rinsed the oil out and left it as is (looking pretty oily) overnight and then washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner again. Unbelievable results after just one use. My hair is shinier and way less frizzy and if I had spent another five minutes on it this morning, I could have starred in a commercial." β€”LeLumiere

Price: $10.79 // Rating: 4.7/5

12. A fortifying deep conditioning masque that'll revive your totally fried hair after all the color treatments it's been through.

Promising review: "I went from dark brown hair to a blonde ombre and then back to dark brown all within 7 months, and this stuff saved my hair. My stylist suggested it and she was so right about it! I wet my hair at night, put this on, and leave it overnight. If I'm in a rush and feeling like my hair needs an extra boost of hydration, I'll apply the mask on damp hair and put on a shower cap for 20 minutes, and then rinse. I swear doing this a few times a week has brought my hair back to life!" β€”AllyRose

Price: $20.76 // Rating: 4.6/5

13. A small but mighty teasing comb that'll give you major volume in seconds.

Promising review: "The compact head of this brush delivers just the right amount of tease and if I want a lot of volume, I'll take smaller sections. It only takes two or three strokes to get the perfect amount of backcombing. I use some hairspray on the roots and then smooth the top and I'm good to go." β€”DLS Jones

Price: $6.56 // Rating: 4.5/5

14. A groovy bottle of dry shampoo that'll save your hair when you're in a rush and won't leave behind any gross, white residue.

Promising review: "I was skeptical because I've had bad luck in the past with dry shampoo, but this stuff is idiot-proof. No weird white residue, adds volume, and smells amazing. I find myself looking forward to the days I sleep through my alarm and need to skip washing my hair." β€”Kingfisher55

Price: $25 // Rating: 4.2/5

15. A nourishing leave-in treatment that's formulated with banana leaves, coconut oil, and Hawaiian black lava sea salt.

Promising review: "This product smells like your childhood summer at the beach and leaves your hair touchably soft and detangled. I have fine, dry, and curly/wavy hair; this product is lightweight enough to spray amply after showering, comb through, and leave hair to air dry without feeling weighed down or greasy. The spray applicator also dispenses the right amount of product." β€”Sofia K

Price: $12.36 // Rating: 4.4/5

16. A lifesaving gel formulated with heat-activated wheat protein for curly and wavy haired girls who need their frizz managed, stat.

Promising review: "I have curly Caucasian hair and needed a product that would help with frizz control. This product works like a charm. I use a quarter size amount along with my favorite leave-in conditioner and it leaves super soft curls and frizz control to get me through the day. Pleasant, clean smell. It's worth every penny." β€”M. Gonzalez

Price: $21.96 // Rating: 4.1/5

17. A versatile smoothing cream that may or may not make your hair smell like ~mermaid kisses~.

Promising review: "This product is a miracle on dry hair, preferably hair that has been all fixed up and then slept in β€” think bad second-day hair. This somehow melts all the first-day product out of my hair and leaves it silky and wavy, and with only one pump's worth!" β€”A. Brown

Price: $10.99 // Rating: 4.4/5

18. A lightweight styling lotion that'll enhance your natural curls and give them just the right amount of ~bounce~.

Promising review: "It provides the perfect amount of slip and moisture and doesn't leave your curls heavy or crunchyβ€”just soft, defined, and deliciously-smelling curls. I recommend this product to any curly girl struggling with frizz/lack of moisture in their hair. Work a little through your hair after a shower while it's still wet; you don't need a whole lot to get the job done. Worth the price!" β€”Amazon Customer

Price: $17.19 // Rating: 4.1/5

19. A multitasking primer that leaves your strands hydrated and silky, while also protecting them from heat and UV rays.

Promising review: "This stuff is seriously amazing! I get highlights a few times a year so my hair tends to be dry and damaged, but whenever I spray this in the morning, my hair is so soft and shiny all day! It also lasts forever. Don't let the price scare you! I've had mine for almost 3 months now and I'm only halfway through the bottle." β€”Amazon Customer

Price: $18.72 // Rating: 4.6/5

20. A gentle grapeseed oil shampoo that'll heal your damaged hair without striping away your expensive color.

Promising review: "Wish I had known about this years ago when I had highlights and a fried, frizzy, brittle mess of hair; now this is my HG for shampoo. Yes, it's expensive, but you don't need much so it lasts a while and the condition of my hair has never been better (even with the abuse I put it through)." β€”Andrea D.

Price: $19.99 // Rating: 4.6/5

21. A powerful detangler that'll help you win the war against your knots.

Promising review: "I use it on my Bichon Frise, and on me. I've tried detangler sprays, leave-in conditioners, you name it. I use just 2-3 drops of cowboy magic and it softens enough to allow my comb to go through. It's made brushing time so much easier! I've used all sorts of products on my hair. They either worked but caused other issues (like split ends, dandruff, etc) or just didn't work at all. This stuff is amazing. It makes my hair feel silky but not greasy, and even gives it some bounce! The smell is very pleasant too, very faint and not overpowering at all." β€”Barbie

Price: $11.29 // Rating: 4.6/5

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