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25 Tees Everyone Who Grew Up In The '00s Will Understand

Bring in the dancing lobsters.

1. Texting was like, way harder.

2. And Tom was in your Top 8.

3. This was the only rule that mattered.

4. And everyone wore a whole lot of this.

5. This was perfect comeback to anything.

6. And this was the ultimate quotable movie.

7. This was the fear we didn't really understand.

8. RIP.

9. Whose side were you really on?

$19.99, Cafe Press.

10. Paul Frank was the peak of fashion.

11. And this was the earworm you couldn't escape.

12. Pluto jokes, circa 2006.

13. And that one thing we all definitely did ~not~ do.

14. The glory days of the Disney Channel.

15. When we were all Lizzie McGuire.

16. Or a "Supernova Girl".

17. And the best way to play Nintendo was in a cube.

18. When the CW was still called the WB.

19. And we only wanted one thing — "Amanda please!"

20. All the cool kids wore these.

21. Miss Cleo ruled the TV set.

22. And this was the question we all asked in 2003.

23. It was peak Ashton Kutcher.

24. And '00s Britney gave us hope.

25. Wait... this was ten years ago?

Brb, feeling super old.