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25 Tees Everyone Who Grew Up In The '00s Will Understand

Bring in the dancing lobsters.

1. Texting was like, way harder.

$33.10, Zazzle.

2. And Tom was in your Top 8.

3. This was the only rule that mattered.

4. And everyone wore a whole lot of this.

5. This was perfect comeback to anything.

6. And this was the ultimate quotable movie.

$14.95, Sears.

7. This was the fear we didn't really understand.

8. RIP.

$15.99, Etsy.

9. Whose side were you really on?

$19.99, Cafe Press.

10. Paul Frank was the peak of fashion.

$24, Yoox.

11. And this was the earworm you couldn't escape.

12. Pluto jokes, circa 2006.

13. And that one thing we all definitely did ~not~ do.

$27.95, Zazzle.

14. The glory days of the Disney Channel.

15. When we were all Lizzie McGuire.

16. Or a "Supernova Girl".

17. And the best way to play Nintendo was in a cube.

18. When the CW was still called the WB.

19. And we only wanted one thing — "Amanda please!"

20. All the cool kids wore these.

21. Miss Cleo ruled the TV set.

22. And this was the question we all asked in 2003.

$20.95, Zazzle.

23. It was peak Ashton Kutcher.

24. And '00s Britney gave us hope.

25. Wait... this was ten years ago?

$13.95, Etsy.

Brb, feeling super old.