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23 Mother's Day Gifts That Last The Whole Year

The gift that keeps on giving. Literally.

1. Scentbird, for the mom who somehow always smells amazing.

2. Graze, for the mom who always had the best snacks.

3. Sephora Play, for the mom who gets lost in Sephora.

4. Raw Spice Bar, for the mom you want to spice up a li'l.

5. Wine of the Month Club, for the mom who who has aged like a fine vintage.

6. Popcorn by Mouth, for the mom who thinks she's Olivia Pope.

7. Trunk Club, for the mom who hates everything in her closet.

8. Homegrown Collective, for the mother who is v. into organics.

9. Fab Fit Fun, for the mom who likes to exercise with some lip gloss on.

10. Craft Beer Club, for the local brew-loving mom.

11. Lip Monthly, for the mom who bought you your very first lipstick.

12. Sock Panda, for the mom who still has a lot of socks appeal.

13. BarkBox, for the mom who loves her dog children more than her human ones.

14. Globe In, for the mom who likes to travel.

15. Lootcrate, for the mom you got your geekery from.

16. Treatsie, for the mom who is a total sweetheart.

What it costs: $15 per box.

What she'll get: A variety of artisanal sweet treats ranging from caramel to chocolates to cookies, with none of the healthy nonsense.

17. Studio Calico Scrapbook Kit, for the mom who hasn't organized your childhood photos yet.

18. Studio Calico Planner Kit, for the mom who friggin' loves her calendar.

19. TeaBox, for the mom who loves to spill the tea.

20. Crafted Taste, for the mom who needs a cocktail.

21. Pennie Post, for the mom who taught you to always write a thank you card.

22. Urban Organic Gardener, for the mom with a green(ish) thumb.

23. Hobby Box, for the mom looking to try new things.

What it costs: $29.99 per box.

What she'll get: The gift of a quirky and cool new hobby; past boxes include lock-picking and indoor salsa-growing kits.

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