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    If You Need More Closet Space, These Vacuum Storage Bags Are A Must

    I know, because I'm a Virgo with more sweaters than a person could ever need.

    If your closet is (like mine) slowly succumbing to Sweater Overload, you have a few too many cozy blankets, or just need somewhere to store your extra duvet, you need these Spacesaver vacuum storage bags ($25.99+ for a pack of six on Amazon).

    Hands vacuuming air out of a storage bag, plus the packaging of the jumbo bags

    I put them in many posts and scrolled through the before + after review photos a million times, thinking "man that would really help with my closet." But it wasn't until I gazed in horror at the volume of sweaters I need to somehow store in my overflowing closet before unpacking my summer clothes that I FINALLY took my own advice and hit "add to cart."

    Let me tell you a bit why I (and thousands of reviewers) think these are a game-changer:

    Using them is surprisingly effortless! Just fill the bag up to the well-marked fill line (a few inches from the zip-top), seal it with one of the included zip helpers (you can take them off after closing), and pump out the air through the valve.

    A stack of linens next to two of the bags, including one with a vacuum hose attached

    I usually don't feel like breaking out the vacuum, so I just use the included hand pump, and it takes maybe three minutes max to pump out the air and shrink the bag before replacing the cap — easy peasy! Plus it's like a handy dandy arm workout.

    Amazon reviewer showing the hand pump sticking out of a flat jumbo storage bag

    Of course using a vacuum = even easier!

    They come in four different sizes (plus a variety pack) so you can order depending on what you'd like to store, or what size space you're dealing with.

    A size chart for the bags: small is 24 x 16 inches (fits 6-8 sweaters), medium is 28 x 20 inches (fits 8-10 sweaters), large is 32x24 inches (fits 10-12 sweaters), and jumbo is 40x30 inches (fits 4 pillows or one queen bedding set)

    Initially I chose the large size (as opposed to the biggest size, called "jumbo") because it seemed easier to move and store — jumbo is perfect for bedding, duvets, etc! And just one large bag was plenty to store nine or 10 *very* bulky winter sweaters — all collapsed down to a fraction of their size.

    Then when I ordered my *second* round (I told you, I have a lot of clothes) I opted for the medium size so I could store less bulky summer clothes in more compact bags that I could fit easily under a bed or on short closet shelves.

    A reviewer image of two medium bags: one with the air sucked out, and a fraction of the size of the other

    The plastic is thick, the bags rarely re-inflate, and I feel confident that everything is safe and secure when stored inside. When you take things out, just give anything a quick steam if super wrinkled and it's ready to wear!

    Let's check out some more reviews from satisfied customers — these bbs have over 20,000 reviews, with a 4.4/5 average rating:

    I have used these for moving clothes between apartments more easily (and so have many reviewers — including college students), and you can even use the small ones for long trips (just make sure to bring the hand pump in your suitcase for your return).

    A reviewer's suitcase with clothes packed in two vacuum bags

    If you're like many of us and using this ~home time~ to get organized like never before, LOOK AT THIS LINEN CLOSET INSPIRATION. It's a beautiful thing.

    Take it from this Virgo, my closet game is forever changed!!! Seasonal closet transitions = a breeze with these. All I can say is thank you Maitland, for actually taking your own advice for once.

    Get a set of five from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in four sizes, plus a variety pack).