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29 Socks That Are Cool AF

The perfect excuse to show a little ankle.

1. Get a pair for your whole #Squad.

2. Practice your favorite deadly sin in these sloth socks.

3. Put these on when the ~big hair~ is your leg stubble.

4. "Give me all the bacon and egg (socks) you have."

5. Give other people's boring socks the side eye.

6. Rock these if you missed the state fair this year.

7. Make any walk a hike in these tree socks.

8. Subtly remind your friend that she hasn't Venmoed you back yet.

9. "Started from the bottom now we... still on the floor actually."

10. *Note* these may not actually prevent blisters.

11. Shove these into rain boots if there's a chance it may SpRiNkLe.

12. Jazz up your all black everything winter outfits.

13. "Orange Tic Tac (socks) are Bleeker's one and only vice."

14. Ankle? More like snankle.

15. #ThrowbackThursday your feet to coloring with crayons.

16. Show off your Animal side.

17. Check your ankles if you ever forget the perfect ratio of gin to tonic.

18. These socks are sew punny.

19. Sport these for a terrifying exam. Or on any Monday.

20. Write a last minute to-do list on these.

21. Dip I dip you dip I dip these socks in paint.

22. Or spray paint these beauts on.

23. If someone tries to borrow these, just say they're "nacho socks."

24. Toe socks are the perfect winter pedicure.

25. You should mix & match this mac & cheese two pack, tbh.

26. Show off your ~sheer patriotism~.

27. Say hey to this vintage-inspired ducks.

28. '90s-era Johnny Depp will keep your feet so warm.

29. Go meta. #socksonsocks