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19 Incredibly Expensive Hammacher Schlemmer Products You Should Already Be Saving Up For

For when you win the lottery and also need a submarine.

1. The Flying Fire Breathing Dragon, $60,000

So you can be Khaleesi.

2. The Amphibious Sub-Surface Watercraft, $300,000

3. The Self-Contained Hootennany, $54,000.

Seventeen instruments. One piece of furniture.

4. The Robotic Bartender, $25,000

5. The Killer Whale Submarine, $90,000

6. The Celebrity Robotic Avatar, $345,000

"The only robot admitted to the Screen Actors Guild."

7. World's Largest Scrabble Game, $12,000

8. The Life Size Tyrannosaurus Skeleton, $100,000

Tiny human for scale not included.

9. The Tranquility Pod, $30,000

10. The Mirror or Luminous Sky Portal, $4,000.

So you can watch actual clouds form from your couch.

11. The Genuine 1902 E. Joy Morris Carousel Horse, $64,000

12. The Gotham Golfcart, $28,500

For the golfer who is also a Batman enthusiast.

13. The World's Loudest Tennis Table, $15,000.

Perfect for your totally-soundproof apartment.

14. The Morse Code Signal Lamp, $1,300

15. The Personalized Whac-A-Mole Game, $35,000

Yes. You can customize the "mole" to look like an ex.

16. The Climbing Wall Treadmill, $9,000

Regular treadmills are boring.

17. The Authentic New York Hot Dog Vendor Cart, $5,500

18. The Professional Microbrewery, $45,000

To go with your authentic New York hot dogs.

19. The Superplexus, $30,000.

Just so when somewhat says "What is that?" you can say "Oh, it's my superplexus."

Whatever that means.

Or not.