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21 Products For People Who Hate Being Hot

Just chill.

1. A misting system that cools the surrounding area by up to 20 degrees.

2. A special cold-brew maker to get that iced coffee fix without going to Starbucks.

3. A lil' fan that'll plug right into your phone and provide a cooling breeze.

4. A bed fan to keep it cool under the sheets.

5. A stainless steel chilled stick so your beer will stay cold on a sweltering evening.

6. A cooling mat to keep your pupper refreshed and ready to play during even the ~dog days~ of summer.

7. Cold Shower cooling wipes so you can feel clean and refreshed after a grueling outdoor hike, an intense gym sesh, or just a really sweaty commute to the office (the struggle is real).

8. A HyperChiller that'll turn HOT coffee into perfect iced coffee in 60 seconds — WITHOUT diluting it.

9. A handheld fan that charges via USB and spritzes you with water.

10. A spray-on sunscreen that cools and refreshes your skin so you'll actually WANT to reapply that SPF.

11. And a soothing aloe spray to relieve the inevitable sunburns.

12. A water balloon–filling jug to make your very own backyard water fight so much easier. It fills the balloons with a few quick pumps AND has an easy tying stick to make knotting them a breeze.

13. A memory foam pillow with a micro-vented bamboo cover for air circulation, keeping the pillow surface cool so you don't sweat through the night, even in the hottest part of summer.

14. A futuristic cup that'll turn any soda, juice, or alcoholic drink into a delicious slushie right before your eyes.

15. A setting spray perfect for the sweatiest of days; just spritz it on and it'll cool your face, hydrate your skin, and keep your makeup from melting off.

16. A clip-on desk fan for when Linda from accounting keeps meddling with the thermostat.

17. A cooling eye stick that'll wake your face up on hot lazy mornings.

18. Two-tone PJs made of a moisture-wicking material that'll feel cool against your skin... and help you not wake up in a pool of sweat.

19. A plush sleep mask with a gel insert you can toss in the fridge or freezer for perfectly restful nights all summer long.

20. A lightweight and breathable towel you can soak with cold water to keep your cool for hours on end, no matter how high the heat index climbs.

21. A tower fan with a programmable thermostat and eight speed settings that seems w a y more like an air conditioner than a fan (without the cost of AC).

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