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    36 Pieces Of Clothing That’ll Make You Look In The Mirror And Think "I’m In Love"

    You love to see it — "it" here meaning, *your beautiful self*.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A drawstring-front sweater so you can ~customize~ your crop based on your personal taste and the height of your bottoms.

    A reviewer in the cropped sweater in cream

    2. A wool-blend coat with a whole lot of ~fringe~ benefits — a relaxed fit for comfort, recycled (and warm) fabric, and of course the chic fringe accent that wraps around the back for trendiness.

    A model in the rust colored coat with fringe on the sleeves and back

    3. An expensive-looking full midi skirt for importantly sweeping in and out of rooms in. Reviewers note the fabric helps hold the shape very well, so the skirt doesn't hang limp.

    A reviewer in the black skirt

    4. A sweatshirt mini dress for the perfect combo of lounge-all-day comfort plus the dramatic puff sleeve for Disney Princess Energy.

    Model in the light blue crewneck dress with balloon sleeve and tight cuffs

    5. A metallic red mini dress to help you stand out in any crowd with it's eye-catching color and balloon sleeves — and if you want to get really ::chef's kiss: get the matching gloves, too!

    Two models in the dress

    6. A mock neck houndstooth sweater so you can effortless mix and match prints (or even sizes of the SAME print) — did someone say ~fashion blogger~?

    A model in the light blue and white top

    7. A 90% ~cashmere~ jumpsuit with a relaxed fit, wide legs, and patch pockets made for effortlessly chic, even at home style that's perfect for layering or wearing on its own.

    8. A tulle ruffle-shoulder bodysuit that will make *any* outfit a total party, whether paired with jeans, a skirt...or just PJ pants for a lounge-on-the-bottom Zoom NYE party outfit.

    9. A hip-length faux fur coat perfectly sized to wear over chunky knits so you don't have to sacrifice your fancy-schmancy aesthetic for warmth this winter.

    A model in the coat in ivory

    10. A rhinestone-embellished mock neck sweatshirt and joggers set, because *this* is the energy we're bringing into 2021, dangit!

    A model in the heathered grey set with multi-stone embellishments scattered on the fabric

    11. A faux shearling moto jacket you'll wear for years and years to come, feeling so ~cool~ but staying so ~warm~.

    12. Gigi pants (J. Crew Factory's version of J. Crew's beloved Pixi pants) with a tuxedo stripe of velvet down the side for all the feel of leggings, but an added dose of vintage-y sophistication. Someone fetch me a martini!

    13. A mini + maxi polkadot blouse that'll effortlessly mix patterns so you don't have to! Seriously, tuck this into a skirt or layer it over black pants and you'll look OOTD-ready in a flash.

    Model in the tie-neck blouse, with one side in white with tiny black polka-dots and the other half white with large black polka-dots

    14. A cable-knit two-piece set, because loungewear feels a bit more polished when it's a stylish knit like this one. And you can mix-and-match the pieces separately, too!

    Reviewer in the white cropped sweater and leggings set

    15. A frayed-edge V-neck sweater to make figuring out what to wear in the morning a less ~distressing~ task. Messy chic, that's the name of the game with this one — you'll say "oh, this ole thing??" when receiving your 14th compliment of the day.

    Reviewer in the white cropped sweater

    16. A slinky turtleneck bodysuit you're going to want to buy in every single solid and pattern (hello leopard print!) it comes in. It'll stay tucked in neatly alllllll day, while adding a sleek but classic dose of style.

    17. A metallic pleated midi skirt so expensive-looking, people will stop you on the street and ask you where you got it.

    Reviewer in the green skirt

    18. A retro-inspired swing dress with a scoop back and bow detailing to ~tie~ together the perfect outfit.

    A reviewer in the black dress shown from the back

    19. A gorgeous velvet midi dress for anyone who wants to pull a George Costanza and drape themselves in velvet. Me, every day.

    A reviewer in the navy wrap dress

    20. A rawr-some mock-neck sweater with a leopard on each sleeve for an effortless walk on the wild side.

    21. A pleated leather midi skirt for the perfect mix of twirl-all-day with an edge.

    Model in the skirt

    22. A satin midi skirt with a (hidden!) elasticized waist for all-day comfort that might become one of the most luxurious things you've ever sat in. Get it? Because it's made of SATIN.

    A reviewer in the skirt

    23. A Mango snake-print blazer for an effortl-hiss way to let this trend ~slither~ into your closet, whether worn over leggings, jeans, or a mixed print skirt.

    A model in the blazer in creams and grey tons snake print

    24. An autumnal plaid midi skirt with a matching belt for a vintage-chic outfit straight off a Nancy Drew mystery cover — basically you've already solved The Mystery of the Stylish-But-Toasty Outfit.

    A reviewer in two photos wearing different plaid colors of the same full skirt

    25. A sleeveless bodysuit that'll encourage you to take the ~plunge~ when it comes to updating your going-out wardrobe.

    26. A velvet puffer jacket to keep you toasty warm all winter (it has a removable hood) while showing off your personal style way more than your boring old winter jacket.

    A model in the black jacket with two front pockets

    27. A mesh long sleeve with detailed studding on the front and a sheer back that'll make any outing feel like a special occasion.

    28. A balloon-sleeve pullover sweater, because even though the mercury is dropping, your personal style is just heating up.

    A reviewer in the grey sweater

    29. A lace-trim bodysuit that'll make people think you bought it at some incredibly fancy boutique.

    A reviewer in the red bodysuit with open back and lace

    30. A simple black top with mega-voluminous bell sleeves so you'll have plenty of room for tricks up them.

    Reviewer in the rust colored top

    31. A gorgeous midi dress with laser-cut sleeves and hemline to bring a little fancy to your everyday lewk.

    Model in the dress in green

    32. An oversized chunky statement-sleeve cardi in a variety of autumnal colors you'll ~fall~ in love with. ::Cue a "walking on fallen leaves" montage::

    Reviewer in the brown sweater with balloon polka-dotted textured sleeves

    33. A beyond-dreamy velvet dress with a retro-inspired twisted neckline and golden embroidered stars that'll catch the light when you get your groove on the dance floor.

    A model in the midi dress

    34. A tie-dye lounge set with henley-style buttons and cute balloon sleeves so you can lounge in comfort while feeling like a low-key TikTok star.

    Reviewer wearing the set in blue, orange, and lavender tie-dye

    35. A vintage-y sequin fit and flare that'll make you think about leaving the party early just to show off the back. Let's just hope the roaring '20s *are* coming soon.

    36. A cheerfully striped fuzzy sweater dress so you can take a break from fall and winter neutrals. The days are getting shorter, so we'll take the brightness where we can get it!

    A model in the cream, red, light blue, tan, and pink striped mini dress

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