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    23 Natural Cleaning Products People Actually Swear By

    Because "Toxic" should be part of your karaoke repertoire, not your cleaning products.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A J.R. Watkins all-purpose cleaner that'll seriously cut down on your scrubbing time, removing dirt and grease with a simple 1. spritz, and 2. wipe away with a cloth.

    2. A Seventh Generation disinfectant spray made with thyme oil (a botanical disinfectant) to kill 99.9% of germs, including cold and flu viruses β€” and even mold, too!

    3. A lemongrass-lime stainless steel polish to keep your appliances completely streak free. Brb, using my fridge to check whether I have lipstick on my teeth.

    4. A biodegradable Method antibacterial toilet cleaner that'll get the grossest job in your bathroom done, thanks to powerful (but natural) ingredients like citric acid.

    5. Dishwasher detergent pods with a blend of powder and gel to clean, degrease, and remove stubbornly stuck-on foods without leaving any residue behind. And hard water dullness on your glassware? Gone for good.

    6. A multi-surface cleaner you can use on everything from stainless steel to painted wood to unsealed stone to toys and even electronics. No streaks, grease, or fingerprints? No sweat!

    7. A Babyganics non-toxic spray specifically designed for cleaning everything your baby loves to touch (and also put in their mouth) without irritating their sensitive skin.

    8. A Puracy carpet and rug shampoo you can spray + blot as a spot treatment or dilute and use in your favorite carpet cleaning machine. Either way, stains and odors won't know what magic hit 'em.

    9. A baking-soda based Mrs. Meyers Clean Day cream cleanser so you don't have to DIY your own. Just let it sit, and it'll scrub away any cooked-on messes on your cooktop, pots and pans, or in your bathroom. No bleach, no scratching, and only a little bit of elbow work.

    10. Compostable Green Works cleaning wipes perfect for lazy cleaners who don't want to feel guilty about the environment.

    11. Foaming garbage disposal tablets to clean that part of that kitchen you usually forget about β€” until it starts to get that nasty smell. Just pop one in and the bubbling magic will scrub away gunk while their proprietary ~FunkGard~ formula prevents odors from coming back.

    12. A daily Method shower cleaner that'll fight soap scum, mold and mildew β€” just spray on after showering, no scrubbing OR rinsing required!

    13. An almond-scented Method hardwood floor cleaner to make your floors look shiny and smell fantastic β€” just squirt and mop, no rinsing needed!

    14. Bleach-alternative laundry pods that'll boost your detergent to make your whites and colors brighter with its blend of plant- and mineral-derived ingredients β€” and all without killing the bacteria in your septic tank.

    15. And to blast away super tough spot, a Puracy enzyme-powered stain remover reviewers swear by to rid their favorite items of blood, sweat, grass, tomato, and pet stains. Spill-prone? You definitely need this.

    16. An all natural ~smelly towel cleaner~ laundry cleaner that'll rid those funky mildew odors that just won't go away from your machine AND your clothes/linens β€” both at once! Just add a capful in with your load.

    17. A Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day concentrated cleaner for an earth- (and wallet-) friendly option you can dilute and use on any non-porous surface. The plant-based ingredients and essential oils will leave your home fresh and smelling ahh-mazing.

    18. A scent-free Better Life glass cleaner that'll ~clearly~ banish smudges and smears from mirrors, windows, chrome surfaces, acrylic, and more β€” without leaving streaks or overpowering scents.

    19. A citrus-based degreasing cleaner you'll discover is even *better* than Goo Gone when it comes to banishing almost any type of grease or grime. Looking at you, sticker residue.

    20. A sulfate-, paraben-, SLS-free, baby-safe Puracy dish soap to cut through caked-on messes but stay soft on your hands β€” thanks to the coconut oil–infused formula.

    21. A Better Life lavender and cinnamon furniture polish that'll protect and clean all your wooden pieces, removing dust, smudges, and dirt *while* conditioning and bringing out mega shine.

    22. A plant-based, paraben-free makeup brush shampoo so you can feel good about *finally* washing caked-on foundation out of your favorite tools without irritating sensitive skin or leaving behind residue. The formula'll even leave the bristles soft and conditioned.

    23. A biodegradable kitchen and bath cleaner formulated with ~microabrasives~ that'll scrub hard so you don't have to β€” whether it's in your oven, on your grout, or even on your glass cooktops.

    Now if only you could wrangle some songbirds to help you clean...

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