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21 Makeup Gadgets That Will Actually Make Your Life Easier

Products that will ~makeup~ your day.

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4. Cult-status makeup brushes that make blending incredibly easy.

Superb reviews include: "Each day I am blessed with visions of heaven as this brush glides across my skin, spreading a satin sheet of BB cream over my face with incomparable evenness and coverage. Gone are the days of streaky brushes, maximized pores, and overall inferiority. I have seen the light, and ne'er shall I return to the darkness." —Amazonite

Get it from Amazon for $14.96.

6. A solid cleanser that gets your Beautyblender and makeup brushes just like new.

Just wet your brush or sponge, swirl it around the cleaner, and rinse.

Get it from Amazon for $16.

17. An app that scans your skin and custom blends a foundation to perfectly match your skin tone.

The lightweight formula has buildable coverage, and the bottles are even printed with your name!

Download it for free for iOS.

19. A brush sponge that lets you switch between eyeshadow colors without accidentally blending them.

Sweep the brush across the sponge to get every bit of pigment off. Because you don't want to get your glittery black eyeshadow mixed in to your neutral taupe.

Get it from Sephora for $18.

21. A miracle liquid that turns eyeshadow into eyeliner.

Add a drop to eyeshadow to make it last all day, or add a little more to create a liquid eye liner. Just apply with your favorite eyeliner brush.

Get it from Amazon for Nordstrom for $25.

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