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    23 Confidence Boosters You Should Actually Try

    Tips and tricks to getting 'er done, 2015 style.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best little confidence boosters. Here are the #winning results.

    1. Submitted by Allison Phillips (Facebook).

    "Heels. They make me feel like a badass CEO ready to take on the world."

    2. Submitted by abbis4c5088fcd.

    "My confidence booster is my grandfather's dog tag [from] the Vietman War. I wear it to important thing{s} when I need a boost to help me get through the day."

    3. Submitted by @corinna_andrews.

    @BuzzFeeders @BuzzFeed @maitertot wearing anything leather makes me feel like a rockstar!!

    4. Submitted by Sarah Jowett (Facebook).

    5. Submitted by alyssaz1127.

    "I always wear my momma's pearls that she handed down to me whenever I have a big interview of presentation. They make me feel super confident and remind me that I am never alone!

    Or I don't wear underwear. Sometimes I do that too."

    6. Submitted by AnimatorLife.

    "When I was in high school I was really nervous [on the] opening night of the first play I had ever been in and it was a big role. My mom gave me some money and told me to go buy some super sexy, lacy and silky underwear and bra. She said it was the secret to making you feel you could take on the world and [it gives] you that confidence boost and it makes it more fun because no one would ever know. I did that for every first date, every job interview, audition, big test, and any other occasion that made mer nervous. Still do. It works like a charm."

    7. Submitted by Caito Frederickson (Facebook).

    8. Submitted By Heather Rachael (Facebook).

    "When I'm going through a bad phase, I look at myself in the mirror just before I brush my teeth and tell myself aloud, 'I am beautiful, I am fantastic, and I can do this.' "

    9. Submitted by NimrodRomance.

    10. Submitted by claraa43f830d13.

    "Over the past year I've started writing down cute little quotes and reasons as to why not to give up. I usually look at that and then look myself in the mirror and just smile. Smiling is the best look on someone."

    11. Submitted by phantosmia.

    "Staring at myself naked and doing the Fonzie thumbs and [telling] myself, 'Ayye.' "

    12. Submitted by daisyl4766aca23.

    13. Submitted by claudine19.

    "Honestly? I bring my dog with me. She's adorable and friendly and funny, and since she's a pit bull, I also get to feel like I've done something to reduce bias against the breed."

    14. Submitted by Sharese Hardaway (Facebook).

    "Prayer and gospel music!"

    15. Submitted by FluorescentAdolescent.

    16. Submitted by LibertyGirl.

    "I remind myself to let go of any perfectionist tendencies and concentrate more on the experience of any situation I'm in. It gets my mind off of myself and is a real confidence boost!"

    17. Submitted by megl401a5987.

    18. Submitted by sjbrennan1.

    "[Whenever] I'm about to do something nerve-racking (or, really, whenever I remember to), I set my shoulders back and keep my chin up (both literally and metaphorically). I instantly feel like strutting. Like, HARD CORE strutting. Works every time."

    19. Submitted by Syed Fraz Ali (Facebook).

    20. Submitted by c10v3r.

    "Lean forward, chin up, shoulders back, and arms relaxed, then walk with a purpose. Walk like you're about to take over the world and nothing else is in your way. By the time you get to your destination, you'll feel pretty good."

    21. Submitted by Sam Groves (Facebook).

    "Play a game of rugby."

    22. Submitted by antian.

    23. When in doubt just do as this little girl does:

    View this video on YouTube

    "I can do anything good. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah."

    Now go forth and do all the things!

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