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23 Products Everyone Who Loves To Wine Should Own

Putting the win in wine.

1. A pirate corkscrew for any wino with a hollow leg.

2. A glass that won't go topsy when you get tipsy.

3. A coffee blend that proves it's 5 a.m. somewhere.

4. A pillow that gives you this look 20 minutes into Netflix and chill.

5. A flask that packs a "POW!"

6. Or this foldable flask that holds a ~full bottle~.

7. A tee that speaks your truth, in vino veritas style.

8. A wine-osaur that holds your next bottle.

9. A musical glass to drown out the haterz.

10. A combination stopper to put your Merlot on Merlock.

11. Li'l baby wine bottle earrings.

12. A cork stool to sit on when the bubbly goes to your head.

13. A candelabra attachment that gives your empty bottle collection some damn class.

14. Stemmed beakers that will help you get inebriated with Sherlock-like accuracy.

15. A unicorkscrew.

16. A case to make your iPhone ~rosé gold~.

17. Wipes that make wine mouth disappear.

18. The bath toy of choice for any self-respecting adult.

19. A glass that chills a beverage in 2.5 minutes for when you just can't wait.

20. A streamer bottle-topper that makes any champagne uncorking 10x fancier.

21. The only glass you need for cooking.

22. A plate topper so you don't forget your nibbles.

23. Wine condoms that pRoTeCt your leftovers.