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24 Awesome Products For Anyone Who Is Obsessed With Lions

You're gonna hear me roar.

1. A ring any self-respecting Gryffindor would love to wear.

2. A set of bookends that'll basically turn your shelves into the New York Public Library.

3. Gold studs that'll make you feel fierce AF.

4. A mane that'll turn your pet into the king of the jungle, er, king of your house.

5. A set of 3D cookie cutters that are a serious step up from animal crackers.

6. A dainty constellation necklace to represent your Leo pride.

7. A geometric temporary tat that's basically practice for the real thing.

8. Or a delicately floral watercolor version.

9. A tee that'll remind you to represent the qualities of your House.

10. A set of balloons that'll ~roar~ approval of whatever you're celebrating.

11. An imposing golden head to hang on your wall.

Get it from Amazon for $89.99.

12. Or a precut kit to DIY your own.

13. An etched mug to fill with the finest ale the gold in Casterly Rock can buy.

14. A towel holder that'll add some antique-y charm to your bathroom.

15. A 3D ice mold so a lion can prowl on your glass of scotch.

16. A neon planter that'll be the mane attraction on your table.

17. A cookie stamp that'll keep your sweet treats on brand.

18. A regally crowned jar that'll intimidate any potential cookie thieves.

19. A foil print that'll remind you to do you.

20. A pastel tote that's cute for cubs of any age.

21. A set of nail decals that'll amp up your claws.

22. A roar button to keep on your work desk at all times.

23. A meme-y sweatshirt for anyone who takes ~pride~ in their puns.

24. A print that epitomizes #manegoals.

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