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23 Funny Tees You Can Pretend To Work Out In

::Does a sit-up to hit the "next episode" button::

1. When you're more interested in mental exercise:

2. When working out is just something you donut want to do:

3. When you're just too good at getting comfortable:

4. When you need to ice(e) an injury:

5. When the wax buildup in your ears becomes the perfect excuse for a snack:

6. When you want to turn on Titanic and sweat from the eyes:

7. When you're building the perfect summer bod:

8. When you want to show you have your priorities in order:

9. When someone asks you for a slice of action:

10. When someone finds your workout routine a little shocking:

11. When you're feeling a little peckish:

12. When yoga turns into an hour-long corpse pose:

13. When you're just exercising your freedoms:

14. When your thumbs are getting a helluva workout:

15. When your to-do list is getting a little intense:

16. When your excuses are starting to get a little out there:

17. When you really just need to hold down the fort:

18. When you need to get a lot of reps in:

19. When your deadliest sin is sloth:

20. When you need to accurately represent your #brand:

21. When you're getting ready for the summer games in Rio this year:

22. When you need to turn breaking a sweat into breaking your fast:

23. When you blame it on the alcohol:

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