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23 Ways To Improve Your Lazy Night In

::cancels all plans::

1. Lock your phone away so you have a perfect excuse when your friends text you trying to make plans.

2. Harness the laziness and eat your Seamless-ed fried rice with hinged chopsticks.

$16 for set of four, Kikkerland.

3. Turn streaming video on your phone into an ~immersive cinematic experience~ with a cardboard personal movie theater.

$36.19, Firebox.

4. Cuddle up inside a fleece-y mermaid tail blanket.

You'll feel like you're swimming in sun-warmed Caribbean waters.

$50 for child, $65 for adult, Lovebug Handmade.

5. Take a chill your bathtub.

$7 for set of four, Wizard at Work.

6. Suction a wine glass holder to your bathroom wall so you don't spill wine in your bubble bath.


$12.50, Wave Hooks.

7. Signify your participation in the not-going-out-tonight club with a trio of adorable pins.

For cool kids only, tbh.

$15, Fair Goods.

8. Unwind with a sloth who totally supports your antisocial plans.

9. Cuddle up to a fuzzy hot water bottle you can use three ways.

$50.69, Firebox.

10. Rest your weary head on a wedge pillow that happens to look like cheese.

"Sleeping on my night cheese."

$29, Firebox.

11. Leave what you watch to the fates with Netflix Roulette.

12. Get busy building the ideal blanket or pillow fort habitat.

Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed

13. Take off your pants and throw on this tee for the perfect lazy uniform.

$19.99, Tee Tuna.

14. Pour your popcorn into a bucket that separates the unpopped kernels for you.

$29.99, Amazon.

15. Set this six-can fridge on your coffee table so you don't have to make any taxing trips to the fridge.

$44.99, Amazon.

16. Whip together some cake batter puppy chow to snack RIGHT.

Get the recipe here.

17. Kick off a re-reading of Harry Potter, starting with a super cuddly page one.

18. Scoop a normal sized amount of ice cream.

By normal serving size, of course, I'm referring to a full pint.

$29.95, Hammacher Schlemmer.

19. Use an automatic bookmark so you don't lose your spot in the inevitable transition from reading to napping.

$6.73, Amazon.

20. Step back to a simpler time and play over 100 games on this classic Atari game console.

21. Keep the essentials handy in this sofa pocket.

Essentials like the remote and All The Snacks.

$29, Urban Outfitters.

22. Wrap yourself in a blanket that MaSsAGeS YoU.

Look how happy this guy is.

$129.99, Brookstone.

23. Be sure to check off everything on your important weekend to-do list.

Like: "Eat cookies, nap, make it through at least two full seasons of television..."

$6.99, Knock Knock.

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