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21 Inexpensive Gifts To Get At The Last Minute

Gorgeous gifts you still have time to get!

1. Double-walled champagne flutes that look cool AF — and will keep your beverage colder, too.

2. An extra-long Lightning cable that will let them charge their phone in the lap of luxury.

That is, while in bed — even though it's v far away from the outlet.

Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

Eligible for two-day Prime shipping.

3. A sleek water bottle for anyone who wants to stay both stylish and properly hydrated.

4. An in-flight kit that'll make any middle seat in coach feel like a spacious private jet.

5. A velvet and rhinestone Art Deco choker that wouldn't look out of place in a glamorous speakeasy.

Get it from Asos for $23.

Last day to order: Dec. 21 (by 7 p.m. ET).

6. 18-karat white gold–plated cufflinks stamped with personalized initials.

7. A classic poker set housed in an elegant wooden box they'll want to keep out on a table.

8. A futuristic (and portable) robot speaker that wants to play their favorite tunes.

9. An old-fashioned perfume atomizer that'll class up any vanity.

10. Agate coasters that look uniquely gorgeous — and will protect their antique coffee table.

11. A traveling kit that'll turn the nip of booze the flight attendant provides into a classy cocktail.

12. Gem-shaped crayons that will inspire any fancy-pants future artiste.

13. A gold-tipped quill pen perfect for writing the most scandalous of diary entries.

14. A champagne-scented candle that gleams in rose gold.

15. A contoured sleep mask that'll help anyone sleep like a queen.

16. Hand-sculpted soaps that look like blue agate, black onyx, jade, and more.

For anyone who wants to ~rock on~ with their bad self.

Get them from Bloomingdale's for $13.

Last day to shop: Dec. 22 (by noon ET).

17. A coconut sugar hand and foot scrub that's basically a spa treatment in a jar.

18. A pineapple candle holder for any candle mom who wants to take it to the next level.

Get them from H&M — the small size (left) for $6.99 and the large size (right) for $17.99.

Last day to order: Dec. 22.

19. An array of dainty studs that'll add just the right sparkle to their ears.

Get the set of 40 studs from Free People for $20. Available in five assortments.

Last day to order: Dec. 22 (by midnight ET).

20. A sampler set of six cult favorite lipsticks for any beauty addict.

21. A geometric jewelry holder that'll make anyone's baubles look extra pretty.

Get it from Amazon for $22.01 (left) and $15 (right).

Eligible for two-day Prime shipping.

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